Keep you in my arms

Chapter 37 His Bad Wine Personality

Under the stage, Elsa suddenly got nervous. When she was about to approach the stage, she was
pulled back by Aaron. "Don't worry!" he said.

As expected, Edward smiled and said, "well, I should thank the person in the video for saving a large
sum of promotion fee for the DC Capital Group. Maybe God wants to warn us that good is rewarded."

Edward replied calmly and jokingly, eased the awkward atmosphere.

These newsmen also knew it was wise to stop asking more questions. But there were always some
people who wanted to dig out some information. "In the video, you are very angry. Is it because your
girlfriend is in danger? "

Ever since the previous video about Edward's innocence was posted on the Internet, he became as hot
as the hot star. The love story of the National Husband must be able to get high attention when writing
out. The reporters also kicked up a fuss to ask.

Angela's heart beat even more harder when she saw that Edward frowned.

"Okay......" He said lightly, "I don't want her life to be disturbed because of me."

The audience started to murmur to each other, the newsmen fell over each other and asked:

"Do you mean to admit that she is your girlfriend?"

"May I know how long have you been dating?"

Edward didn't want to say anything more. Lucas led the security guards to keep the order. Seeing this,
the reporters didn't ask questions any more. They wanted to be the first to finish the report so as to
gain more attention.

Edward went back to his seat and began to socialize with his partners.

Angela was confused, what was he talking about? Did he tell anyone that the woman in the video was
his girlfriend? When did she promise him? And they hadn't signed a contract. How could Edward say

She wanted to figure it out, but she couldn't go away now, so she had to wait patiently.

Yvonne was gossiping aside, "Secretary Angela, Mr. Edward has a girlfriend! Is that woman his
girlfriend? I didn't expect Mr. Edward to hide the secret so deeply! "

"Well......" Angela didn't know what to say.

Then they started to make comments:

"It turns out that he is bisexual! I remember he hugged Manager Lucas before! "

"Yes! I saw that Mr. Edward hugged Manager Lu tightly and even rubbed his neck! Ha-ha...... "

These rotten girls talked about it excitedly. 'Edward hugged Manager Lucas? Angela was a little
stunned when hearing this. It was too......

At the same time, in a corner of the venue.

Anna almost shouted out. Fortunately, Cassie refrain her.

"Cassie! I have told you, my Moo moo must have hidden a woman! "

"Well...... Moo moo is so serious about love. I don't think he is lying. "

"That woman! I want to know who she is now! "

"Calm down! I don't know if she is fit to be the daughter-in-law of the Yan Family.'! Don't hold too much
hope, or it will be all in vain! "

"What do you mean 'fit'! As long as she is a woman!" Anna was extremely happy! As if it was her son's
wedding ceremony! Tears welled up in her eyes. She was moved and gratified.

Cassie: "......."

Cassie still remembered that seven years ago, when she helped Moo moo to seek a blind date. Here
was the requirement of her: being 1.6 meters high, having delicate facial features without plastic
surgery, graduated from a decent university or an overseas returnee was the best, at least not lower
than a university degree. She ought to be the girl that graceful in the drawing room and skillful in the

Edward was not a heavy drinker. He used to clink glasses with guests as a formality. If he really wanted
to drink, he would take one before ended.

When he admitted on stage that the woman in the video was his girlfriend, he vividly saw the nervous
and rejective expression on Angela's face. The look in her eyes indicated that she didn't want to be his

Thinking of this, he drank it all.

Sitting next to Edward, Lucas's heart almost jumped out of his throat when he saw how much alcohol
Edward had drunk.

He was afraid that Mr. Edward might get carried away and did something inappropriate.

He whispered in Edward's ear, "Mr. Edward, you've drunk a lot."

It was then that Edward realized the fact that he was a wimpy drinker. As he felt that his head was a
little heavy, he found an excuse to leave.

Seeing him walking towards the rest room, Angela quickly told her colleagues that she needed to go to
the washroom. Then, she followed him and wanted to know what he meant.

In the lounge, Edward loosened his tie and a few buttons. He had a rosy face.

The moment she knocked on the door, she heard the conversation between Aaron and Lucas.

"How many cups had he drunk?"

"Six glasses," Said Lucas in a worried tone.

With a smile on his face, Aaron said. "He had made some progress by breaking the magic spell of
drunk after drinking three glasses of wine"

Angela was speechless. Will three glasses of liquor definitely make him drunk? 'didn't they drink wine?

Speaking of this, they must think of another thing. There had been a rumor that Mr. Edward was
impotent. At that time, his capacity for liquor was once ridiculed by the employees, so they directly
associated this with the case of his impotent. In general, Edward was not manly enough!

The scene in front of Edward was a little blurred. When he saw the overlapped faces of Angela, he was
in a bad mood.

Seeing that Edward was in a bad mood, Angela knew it was not the proper time to ask him.

"Oh! Is Secretary Angela here? Help me take the antidote! " Lucas said casually while pouring water.

"Okay." She thought about it while taking the medicine that she could ask him later.

The water and the tea set were put on the table in front of Edward, who just took a glance and did not

"Maybe......" Lucas took a looked at Edward, with fear in his eyes. 'it's weird, but she don't know what's
wrong with it.'

At the same time, Aaron suddenly stood up and said with a strange voice, "I'll go out and make a call."

"Secretary Angela, there's some work outside. Mr. Edward is left to you to take care of." Then he went
out as if there was something horrible inside.

There were only two people left in the lounge. Edward stared at her without saying a word.

He was staring at her with a gloomy face, which made her feel uncomfortable.

In order not to be so embarrassed, she handed him the water and said, "drink some water. It should be

He suddenly grabbed her wrist.

The scalding hand frightened her. "Ah! Mr. Edward? "

Her heart was racing.

On the other hand, Edward's indifferent face was filled with tears. He looked at her and cried.

It was rare to see a man as cold as him crying in front of her. Getting used to his indifference, Angela
was taken aback when she saw his sad face and tears, "Mr......., Mr. Edward......"

To her surprise, Edward threw his arms vigorously around her and cried like a child.

It happened so suddenly that she was stunned. When she came to herself, she wanted to push him
away. But he hugged her tightly. Although he didn't cry out, he was very sad.

Soon, Angela felt his soft and wet lips wiped from her neck, and the faint aroma of alcohol rubbed the
tip of her nose. She trembled with fear.

"Edward!" She called his name nervously and then tried to push him away. He held her tight and
rubbed his head against her neck. He was so obsessed with the warmth and aroma in her body.