Keep you in my arms

Chapter 36 How Did I Cheat You

On the 18th floor of the DC Hotel, as the host of the anniversary ceremony, employees of the DC
Capital Group were all busy.

More than ten minutes before the opening, guests had gathered.

In the rest room, Charles told Edward the condition outside the room and then he said to Angela, "Mr.
Edward will surely drink much later. You should go and buy some antidotes."

After receiving the order, Angela was about to go out. When Lucas took a glance at Mr. Edward, he
happened to see that Edward was glancing at Angela askance. Then, Lucas added, "Ask Assistant Leo
to drive you there."

"Okay. Thank you, Mr. Lucas."

When Angela just walked out of the rest room, she was stopped by a sound coming from behind.

"Unexpectedly, I underestimated you before."

The familiar voice was full of sarcasm.

Angela had worked in the DC Capital Group for half a month. They hadn't seen each other since that
register day she met Christa. Although they worked on different floors, but as they were in the same
company, Christa had heard a lot of rumors about the president and secretary.

It was three months ago when Christa set her up. She hadn't given Angela an explanation or made any
apology from the beginning to the end. It reminded Angela of all the things happened in the past, such
as blaming for Christa, scolding the bad guy for her.

Angela turned around and sneered, "What do you want to say?"

"You dumped Greg in order to join the DC Capital Group. I didn't know how long would I have been
deceived by you if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes!"

"Deceive?" Angela sneered, "How can I deceive you? Don't you know why I resigned from my
hometown and came to S City? "

After rebutting very excitedly, Angela realized that she didn't have to explain to her at all. However, she
couldn't help but stare at Christa angrily and sneered, "Speaking of cheating, I must have been blind to
make friends with people like you!"

After saying that, she turned around, intending to leave.

"Are you feeling great?" Christa behind her provoked, "Are you regretting that you haven't had anything
with Greg for so many years? Now, don't you regret for having any excuse to do something with him? "

Christa's words cut Angela's heart by a knife, and more than that, scattered a touch of salt on it.

Angela stopped because of anger. But out of her expectation, Christa said more maliciously, "No
enough, I heard... Mr. Edward is handsome and has a good figure. He is such a golden bachelors here.
I'm afraid you have forgotten Greg already, right? "

"Enough!" Angela turned around and sneered, with both mocking at her and herself, "Christa! How did
you end up like this? Besides, even though I don't say anything, it doesn't mean that I'm afraid of you! I
haven't called the police, which has left you a way out. You'd better be polite to me! "

"Really? Call the police? Do you dare to call the police? " Christa sneered, "If you call the police, how
could Mr. Edward not know what happened between you and that kind of man? How could you even
threaten me before you become the president's wife? "

How incorrigible she was!

All of a sudden, Angela felt she was so boring that she was wasting her time to argue with such a
shameless woman. Thinking of that, she turned around and left.

Her cold and sneering eyes hurt Christa hard.

He thought that as soon as she lost her first night and her son, she would suffer unspeakable pain.
However, Angela was out of the exception and lived a better life. Why? Why? Why was Angela always
luckier than her?

Christa shouted behind with a hideous face, in a fit of rage, "Angela! You've ruined my life. I won't let
you live well! Now that I can make you lose your virginity, I can also ask Mr. Edward to kick you out of
the DC Capital Group! "

Christa was simply unreasonable!

Angela thought it was really blind of her to make friends with such kind of people! However, she was
reasonable and did not intend to argue with Christa. This time she did not stop and walk forward.

Finding that she didn't irritate Angela, Christa clenched his fists angrily and then walked into the hall in
his high heels.

In the corner, Edward who kept silent before asked, "Is she also an employee of the DC Capital

"Yes! She is Christa Yang from the Personnel Department, brought in by Carl. " Lucas recalled their
conversation and felt surprised. "But Angela doesn't seem to work for Carl."

Christa was working for Carl. Although she knew Angela, there seemed to be some conflicts between
them. Angela was brought in by Mr. Edward, so she was not supposed to be the side of Carl. But it was
also possible that she was a spy and Mr. Edward kept her on purpose.

But judging from Mr. Edward's facial expressions, he didn't know that they had known each other

Lucas felt his brain cells were burned half, simply stopped to think of it.

Edward was lost in thought. He didn't expect Angela to be drugged by a woman who was also her good

After buying the medicine, Angela didn't go back right away. Instead, she walked along the street and
looked a little lost.

If it had been someone else, she would have reported the case to the police and put Christa in jail. But
she did not know what went wrong on earth and why both Christa and Greg became like this.

While walking, she was knocked down by someone and fell to the ground. After the man apologized to
her, Angela replied, "It doesn't matter." Then she stood up and was about to leave.

After walking a few steps, she heard someone calling her from behind, "Miss Angela!"

She walked ahead numbly, so Aaron had to catch up with her and patted her on the shoulder. Taken
aback, Angela immediately came to her sense.

She turned around and saw a man in white shirt, looking gentle. Wearing a white shirt, he was tall and

"You dropped your bag." Aaron smiled.

His hair was disheveled as a breeze blew.

Suddenly, she saw him as if he was a gentle scholar from ancient noble.

"Okay? You dropped your bag. " Then Aaron handed the bag to her.

Angela realized that the man bumped into her just now and she forgot to pick up the medicine.

How could she be so fascinated!

Angela blushed, lowered her head and stammered, "Thank... Thank you."

"The anniversary ceremony is about to start, right? Why are you here alone? "

What? Anniversary ceremony? How did he know about the anniversary?

She looked him up and down for a few seconds, and it suddenly occurred to her that she had seen this
man on that night of Hilda's birthday!

"Ah! So are you also an employee of the DC Capital Group? " She remembered that he was with
Edward at that time.

"No, I'm not. I'm not an employee of the DC Capital Group. I just know Moo moo. "

"Moo moo? Are you Mr. Edward's friend? " It was rare to see a man so good-looking and gentle! And
what did he call Mr. Edward Moo moo? Were they old friends?

"Well, sort of! Are you going to the hotel? Or did he ask you to buy something? "

What do the mean by 'sort of'?

"I've bought it! I am about to go back. Are you going to the hotel, Sir? "

"Oh!" He suddenly remembered something and smiled, "Let me introduce myself. My name is Aaron."

"Hello! I'm Angela, Mr. Aaron. " Then she wondered if she was too active.

They were chatting while walking.

"Did Moo moo tell you to buy it? Is it antidotes? "

"Mr. Aaron, how do you know?" asked Angela in surprise.

"Despite the guy's usual cool demeanor, he acts badly after drinking!"

It couldn't be seen at all.

"It seems that Mr. Aaron is very familiar with our boss." If he was a very familiar person, would he often
come to the DC Capital Group?

Aaron was definitely Angela's type. Although she didn't have such a dirty idea, she would be in a good
mood if meeting such a charming man!

"We have known each other since childhood."

Edward became very interesting after Angela appeared. Besides, her name was mentioned a lot by
Hilda. He knew she was an honest and forthright woman, so he had a good impression of her! Besides,
he was expecting that something interesting would happen between her and Edward!

They have known each other since childhood! Angela didn't expect that Mr. Edward had such a
handsome and graceful friend!

When they arrived at the hotel, the ending of Edward's speech was drawing near. At the end of the
speech, the press swarmed up.

The press scrambled to ask questions and the funs downstairs all praised Mr. Edward.

"Handsome, rich, and talent! Mr. Edward can do business well and also can write elegantly. He is
impeccable! "

"Exactly! He could have lived on his handsome face, but he became a wealthy businessman and he
even wrote such an outstanding speech! "

When Angela heard people praise her paper so much, she blushed and felt very happy!

At this time, a reporter that no one didn't know where he was suddenly asked, "Mr. Edward, it's said
that you organized the news about a concubine to make the DC Capital Group famous. What do you
think about it?"

All of a sudden, the reporters swarmed up and spoke in an aggressive manner, "Yes! In the face of
such rumors, is the DC Capital Group going to explain? "