Keep you in my arms

Chapter 38 Her Little Body

Just when she was afraid that he would acted some excessive movement, he suddenly became as
docile as a cat, quietly lying in her neck, and laughing gently.

Angela was stiff and heart breakdown. After a while, she came to her senses and tried to push him
away, but with all her strength, she couldn't. While she was helpless, his hand which was holding her
tightly loosened. Then, she felt that all the gravity on him was inclined to her.

How could her little body withstand it?

"Ah!" She screamed and fell on the ground with Edward on top of her. Meanwhile, she accidentally
knocked over a glass on the table. As a result, the glass fell to the ground and broke into pieces.
Angela felt a sharp pain in her hand.

How could Edward be so heavy? She was almost out of breath!

"Hey! Hello! Mr. Edward? Edward! Hello! "

But she couldn't push him away and wake him up.

At this moment, the two outside the door heard the noise and glanced at each other tacitly.

Edward has a bad wine personality. He would get drunk in just three glasses. What's worse, he cried in
others' arms when he was drunk and rubbed his head against other people's neck. That kind of
trembling feeling brought by the warm breaths was the last thing they wanted to experience.

The more they thought about it, the more they felt scared.

But when they heard Angela's scream and worried about the situation there, so they opened the door
and went in.

When she heard someone open the door, she was very moved. She quickly casted a look of help and
said, "Manager Lucas, the president fainted!"

The person on top of her was moved away. When Angela wanted to explain, Lucas moved Edward to
the sofa and smiled, "don't be afraid, Secretary Angela. He is just drunk."

Was he drunk? So they knew it from the very beginning?

Before the activity started, she felt strange that Lucas asked her to buy the antidote. He just took a few
sips. Why would he need the antidote? That was exaggerate. Aaron also said that Edward's wine
personality was bad, but she didn't expect it to be so bad. As for the two people in front of her, and just
now, they knew that Edward would be like this after drinking, so they hid outside the door!

Why are these two people could acted in this way......

When Aaron saw that her hand was cut, he immediately pressed her hand to stop the bleeding. He
then asked Lucas, "do you have any medicine to clean the wound and stop the bleeding?"

The glass broke, and the fragments had a very shallow cut on the skin, which hurt a bit, and the fresh
blood oozed out, which looked very terrible.

After Lucas helped Edward sit on the sofa, he called Assistant Leo and asked him to get some
medicine from the medical staff.

Ten minutes later, when the medicine was delivered, she was bandaged her wound by Aaron. The
moment she saw Aaron's side face, her anger was gone.

The afternoon sunshine came in through the glass window and outlined him. His eyes were as gentle
as the sunlight.

She gazed fondly at the man in front of her as if she could see the man's heart was closed through the
gloomy brows.

At this moment, the face she appreciated was suddenly punched by a fist.

Not only her, Aaron was also stunned.

They both looked at the man. And there was none other than Edward. Though filled with bewilderment,
his cold eyes were full of murderous will.

Edward was dizzy and saw that "Greg" was beaten stood up. Thinking that he had fooled around with
Angela several times, Edward threw a punch on him again.

Beaten by tow punches, Aaron was in a trance. Seeing this, Angela hastily helped him up and asked,
"are you all right?"

"This guy...... He hasn't yet...... " But before he could finish his sentence, Edward's fist came again.
Aaron retreated in a hurry and shouted, "Edward! Open your eyes and look who am I? !"

Edward just saw that after he beat "Greg", Angela glared at him angrily and seemed to care about
"Greg". This woman looked smart, but why did she make a fool in front of Greg? He bullied her that
much. How could she protect him?

It was so annoying!

Aaron has not fear for him. He guessed that Edward took him as others for a lesson. Hence, he ran

Angela wanted to get out of the room either, but Edward pulled her back. She ran into his arms and fell
on him.

This time, Angela was on the top.

At about six o'clock in the afternoon, Edward was awakened by a call from the mobile phone. He felt
his head heavy. When he opened his eyes, he couldn't remember anything.

After a few seconds, he suddenly remembered his speech, explain the content of the video, and drank
a lot He forgot what happened next.

He looked at his phone and there were more than ten calls from his mother, Anna. He didn't answer the
phone, so there were also text messages.

Anna: "son, are you coming back for dinner?"

Anna: "are you still busy?" Today, I made your favorite tomato and egg soup!

Anna: what are you doing! Son, why don't you answer the phone?

Because he had to go on a business trip to T country tomorrow and happened to go back to get his
clothes, so he replied, "yes.".

Upon reading this reply, Anna sprang up from the sofa excitedly and said to Kay, "Kay, cook more
dishes. Moo moo will be back for dinner!"

Kay replied with a smile, "okay!"

One hour later, in the No. 23 villa of LH Garden.

The moment Edward pushed the door open, his mother came up to him and asked, "is everything
going well today?"

"Well Everything went well. "

"That woman..." Anna couldn't wait to ask him about that woman, but when she saw his indifferent face,
she stopped.

A table that could hold ten people was filled with a variety of dishes, but only there were his mother,
Kay and other servants. He knew that his father, Jonson, hadn't come back home again.

There came out a trace of pity for his mother from his heart.

"How's Hilda's company going?"

"She is talented in business, besides the emerging industry performance wouldn't be bad."

When she heard that her daughter's career was getting better and better, instead of feeling happy,
Anna worried about it. If it went on like this, her daughter's marriage would be affected by her career!

While they were eating, Anna couldn't help but ask, "when are you going to take her home for dinner?"

Since he had a girlfriend, they wouldn't force him to go on a blind date. But he missed one thing, that
was, he was be forced by them to take her home!

He paused, put the soup down, and said, "it's not the time yet."

"Why not? You are almost 35! When your father at your age, you were about ten years old! "

Ten years old......

How did he survive his ten year old childhood?

Heavy homework and all sorts of crammed studies. Even when he came back at night, he rarely saw
that man called "father". Sometimes, her mother would lock herself in the room and cried secretly.
Occasionally, he heard her talking with Kay, called others "Bitch" with a ferocious face.

"Yes." Therefore, he didn't want his children to have a dark childhood like him.

"How old is she? When is her birthday? If it happens to be this month, I can prepare a backup gift! "
Anna said excitedly.