Keep you in my arms

Chapter 39 I'm Pregnant

"She is not five years younger than me." How could Edward not know his mother's intention? Anna had
already let a fortune-teller divine it and she was told that a girlfriend who was five years younger than
her son would be good for his marriage. The reason why she asked these questions was that she
wanted to know when the girl was born and then looked for a fortune-teller to divine.

With a guilty look, Anna responded stiffly, "What are you talking about? I just want to get close to my
future daughter-in-law! For the sake of the harmony of the Yan Family! "

Edward drank the last mouthful of soup and said, "She's not 165 cm tall. She doesn't know any kind of
musical instruments or painting. She doesn't graduate from a famous or the top university, and she has
never studied abroad. Are you sure you want to see her?"

Anna thought that her son graduated from a prestigious school and came back after studying abroad,
also he was the essence of MBA. He was an excellent young man, and she believed that his girlfriend
should be well enough.

Hearing this, she was a little annoyed and wanted to ask him why he liked her. But all these years, she
lived in fear. She was afraid that her son would stay single and die alone. After she passed away, no
one would take care of her son and he would be so pitiful to be alone. Although that woman is not
excellent, it is better than her son alone all his life and better than the Yan family without offspring.

"As long as she is a woman, mom will like her." Anna was unhappy in heart, but she was afraid that
Edward didn't want to get married, so she said with a smile.

Edward didn't expect that his mother would compromise, but he didn't have a girlfriend in fact, so he
refused, "It's not the time yet."

What his son said meant that he had a girlfriend, and it also meant that he would bring her back sooner
or later.

Anna was as happy as if her grandson had been born. She clapped her hands happily and said, "Then
I'll go downstairs to see if the soup is ready!"

After Anna left and went downstairs, Edward supported his forehead in frustration.

If she was someone else, he could just ignore her feelings and say such words to fool her. However,
his heart was soft, and he couldn't bear to see his mother cry. He had thought that she would reject the
girl who could not meet her requirements, but he didn't expect that she wanted to have a grandson so
much that she had already lowered the standard to just a girl, which would be enough for her.

But where could he get a girlfriend?

In the DC Hotel.

When the activity was about to end, Angela returned to the rest room and found that Edward had
already left. Lucas came in and said, "Angela, thank you for your hard work today. The next step is to
hand it over to the partner. You can go home now!"

"Okay!" When Angela heard this, she had already forgotten whereabouts Edward went on earth.

When she walked out of the hall and passed by the corridor, she saw a couple kissing passionately.
That woman was wearing a red dress, the most popular velvet style this year. She took the initiative to
press the man against the wall, hold his neck and kiss him passionately.

Angela's face turned red while seeing it. When she was about to turn around and leave, the woman
loosened the man and said in a spoiled tone, "Greg, I'm so hungry. I'm starving and tired. "

The good-looking man was none other than Greg. Angela was dumbfounded.

The woman's arm was still around his neck, and he wrapped his arms around her waist intimately. He
asked gently, "What do you want to eat?"

Many images of him gently asking her "what do you want to eat" flashed through Angela's mind.

She felt a pain in her heart, and she sneered, 'Huh, it turns out that his tenderness is not only for her.'

At this time, from the corner of his eye, Greg saw a familiar figure and turned his head subconsciously.
Then he let go of woman in his embrace nervously.

Such a gesture made Mary Wei very unhappy. She looked at the direction of his gaze, and her face fell
when she saw Angela.

Angela didn't want to see the hurtful scene of her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend for any moment.
Angela turned around and left. When she walked to the door of the toilet, Mary had already caught up
with her.

After washing her hands, Angela looked at herself in the mirror, lost in thought. Suddenly, Mary came in
and stood behind her. In the mirror, Mary looked like a beautiful rose, with a delicate make-up and a
curvaceous figure. No wonder that Greg would fall in love with her.

"You are Angela, right?" Said Mary in an arrogant and harsh tone.

Angela frowned, but she didn't say anything. She took a tissue to dry her hands and was about to leave
before she was stopped by Mary Wei. Mary said, "We should have found a good place to talk, but it's
also okay here. I know you are Greg's ex-girlfriend. "

"So what?" Angela could tell from Mary's eyes that she was going to teach her a lesson. So Angela
must be tough as well.

"I'm pregnant, and the child is Greg's. We're going to get married. I hope you can stop pestering him."
Mary warned in a showing off tone.

Pregnant... A few days ago, Greg still didn't let her go. But after less than five days, the woman claimed
that she was pregnant for him!

The picture of them kissing passionately made Angela suffocate, let alone pregnant.

Angela's face turned pale and nearly lost her balance like a kite with a broken string, but she tried her
best to support herself.

Seeing her pale face, Mary Wei knew that Greg must still keep in touch with Angela and she felt a
sense of chagrin. She then said arrogantly, "If Greg chooses you, I won't say anything. Since he has
chosen me, please behave yourself, Miss Angela. "

'Behave myself? When did I not behave myself?'

"Huh!" Angela asked, with a sardonic smile on her face, "Are you worrying too much? Didn't Greg tell
you the reason why I broke up with him? "

"No matter why, now that he is going to marry me, if you still keeps badgering with him, you will be
regarded as the mistress who destroys other people's marriage, won't you? "

'Mistress? How could she insult me like this?'

Angela didn't intend to meddle in this matter, but she was not a person who could be bullied. Enduring
the pain in her heart, she smiled and said, "You haven't seen his mother, have you?"

Why did she mention Greg's mother all of a sudden?

As expected, there was a question mark on Mary's face.

Not to mention the woman with such a character in front of her, even Angela couldn't stand the rules of
the Fang Family. It seemed that Mary had never met Greg's mother.

Angela didn't want to lose face in front of her enemy, so she smiled and said, "May you live happily!"

Looking at her relaxed face, Mary Wei was a little anxious. She quickly pulled her and said, "Wait! What
do you mean? "

Since Angela had a clean break with Greg, of course she didn't need to talk more with her. Angela said,
"Miss Mary, not everyone is willing to be the daughter-in-law of the Fang Family, so please don't disturb
me for no reason. What's more, not everyone is so shameless to seduce other's husband. Maybe she
is just the one who is entangled? You'd better take care of your own husband rather than warn innocent
people, shouldn't you? "

After saying that, she motioned Mary to let her go. The latter was stunned and then loosened her grip.
It was not until Angela went out of the toilet that Mary came back to her senses. She thought to himself,
'It's impossible. Greg should slavishly dependent on the Wei family for the sake of his career and he
doesn't dare to cheat on with other women!' It seemed that this woman called Angela was not to be
trifled with. Just a few words of hers had made her doubt about Greg. She had almost been fooled.

At the door of the toilet, Angela happened to meet with Greg who wanted to explain but couldn't say

After giving him a disdainful look and sneering, Angela left.

Greg couldn't stand her expression anymore. It was she cheated on him first what made him not refuse
Mary! He flirted with Mary as his punishment to Angela, just because she was with Edward. He thought
he had misunderstood her, but just now, hadn't Edward already admitted their relationship? So how
could she sneer at him like that?