Keep you in my arms

Chapter 40 Where Are You Going

When he was about to pull Angela back and argue with her, Mary appeared. She held his arm excitedly
and called him "honey." Having no other choice, he held her waist and asked gently, "what do you want
to eat? I'll take you to eat."

While saying this, he intentionally or unintentionally glanced at Angela's back. He had a kind of
inexplicable expectations in his heart, hoping that she could turn around and take him away from Mary,
but she did not. She did not even stop walking.

Tears welled up in Angela's eyes, but she kept telling herself not to stop Don't make a fool of yourself

Until she turned around and was sure that they couldn't see her and then she slumped onto the
ground. Tears welled up in her eyes.

It turned out that she was really overconfident. In the past few days, she had been thinking that maybe
it was because he cared too much about her that he had done so many excessive things. But now, it
seemed that she just flattered herself!

Pregnant Honey

How ironic!

The sun in July was very bright. Angela, who stayed up all night, stared out of the window and didn't
wake up until a while later. She walked outside out of her mind and picked up her bag to go out in a
state of distraction.

"Angela? Where are you going? " "What's wrong?". Hilda clasped her hands and asked.

"I'm going to work!" She was a little confused.

"Work? Are you sure you want to go to work wear like this? "

She looked down at her worried face and found that she was still wearing a cartoon pajamas.

After that, she walked towards her bedroom numbly. Suddenly, she felt dizzy and then went blank.

"Hey! Wait! Angela"

She fainted on the floor, which made Hilda quiver with fear. Fortunately, Hilda was still calm and called
an ambulance.

Yesterday at the anniversary party of the DC Capital Group, Angela was too busy to eat only a little.
She encountered that kind of sad thing again before she went back home. When she got home she just
took a shower and didn't eat anything sat there and cried all day long until the sun rose. Of course, her
body couldn't stand it anymore.

Only Hilda knew that Angela attended the anniversary, but she didn't know anything about Greg. So
she picked up her phone and called Edward.

On the other side, there was ten minutes left before boarding, Edward was sitting at the airport waiting
area. He looked at the dialog box with Angela and deleted the entered words.

He couldn't figure out of any reason to send her the message. So he turned off the phone screen and
leaned back in the chair, quite vexed. Just then, his phone rang. It was Hilda.

"Thank God you haven't boarded the plane yet." Exclaimed Hilda.

"What's wrong?"

"What happened yesterday? When Angela came back from the hotel, she barely ate nothing. Today
when I woke up, I saw her eyes swollen like two walnuts and her mind absent. Dressed in pajamas,
she said that she had to go to work. What's more, she fainted! "

Edward sprang to his feet and asked anxiously, "where are you now?"

"Hospital! I called an ambulance and we are in hospital now! Brother, what happened? "

She didn't dare to attend yesterday's anniversary ceremony in case of exposing her and Edward's
sibling relationship. When she saw that Edward admitted that the girl in the video was his girlfriend,
Hilda got very excited! She even made a detailed plan of their weekend date. She wanted to spend
more time with this future sister-in-law.

Then she realized that she didn't know what this woman looked like, so she watched the video a few
more times. She felt that the figure of the woman in the video was the same as Angela! So she thought
it was her brother who made Angela cry.

"Room number!" He could no longer suppress his fear, stood up and strode out.

Lucas couldn't even make a sound.

The announcement has also informed the boarding of the plane. What am I supposed to do, Mr.
Edward? As Lucas watched him leaving, he couldn't help but cry in his heart! Their boss, Mr. Edward,
always acted as planned. He remained insist in a meeting when his mother had been sent to the
hospital for an appendicitis operation a few months ago. But recently, his boss seemed to be more and
more indiscreet. They had made an appointment with the reception in H city. But Mr. Edward canceled
on them. Was there really something serious happened?

When Lucas was hesitating whether he should to go to H city first, Edward called him, "Lucas, change
the ticket to this afternoon."

As a result, he had to change the air ticket, to inform the people in H city and to arrange some work in
the company, he'd got a house on fire at that moment.

In the hospital, when Edward pushed the door open and entered the ward, Hilda came up to him in a
hurry and asked, "it seems to be true. When were you two together?"

"What did the doctor say?" He looked at the woman on the bed who has a pale face and swollen eyes.

Before she could say the result, the doctor came in and asked, "who is the patient's family member?"

"I'm her sister-in-law!" Hilda said immediately.

Sister-in-law...... Isn't the role change too fast?

Edward was stunned by her words, but he didn't reject her, so he said nothing.

"She has hypoglycemia and overthought. She will be fine after resting for a few days." The doctor left
after a few simple arrangements.

Edward looked at her and tried to think about what happened yesterday. He thought, 'is it because of
what Christa said?

Angela didn't sleep all night, so she was in deep sleep at the moment. Edward had waited for three
hours by her side, but she didn't wake up. He handed her over to Hilda when Lucas called to remind
him that it's time to leave.

It wasn't until four o'clock in the afternoon that she woke up from her dream and went back home.
"What's wrong with you?" asked Angela, amused by Hilda's hesitation

If she asked about them, she would expose her relationship with her brother. Hilda thought for a while
and finally did not ask. She only said: "nothing, I just feel uncomfortable when you return the medical
fees to me."

Angela glanced at her and was touched by her words. She smiled and said, "you have been delayed
for a whole day work because of me. How can I let you pay for the medical fees?"

"Are you hungry? I saw you didn't eat much porridge just now. "

"Um. It's not tasty. I'll make some for myself. What do you want to eat tonight? " Angela was used to
asking her what she would like to eat.

"I'll do it!" "I also want to have some porridge! Hilda said excitedly Just cook a bowl of lean meat
congee with pickled cabbage! "

Since Angela was mentally and physically exhausted, and thought that Hilda could deal with making it,
so she didn't reject.

"Have a rest first and wait for me to wake you up for porridge!" She was pushed into the room by Hilda

After being pushed into the room, Angela compromised when she looked at this confident girl who
winked at her. After she closed the door, Angela sat at the desk and began to read.

About an hour later, she was interrupted by Hilda's scream.

"Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! She cried......"

Although Hilda was girly but actually a strong woman. Hearing her scream, Angela believed that
something had happened!

Upon hearing this, Angela rushed out of the room. A thick smoke came out of the kitchen and there
was a slight flame. Hilda was choked and withdrew. She kept coughing.

At the sight of her, Hilda grabbed her hand and cried incoherently, "in the kitchen! kitchen! I want to fry
the eggs and then the fire spread to the pan! And it was getting worse and worse...... My eggs... "