Keep you in my arms

Chapter 41 Move To His Home

This fire was going to burn the kitchen, why did Hilda still care about the eggs?

Angela thought what an absurd focus Hilda had! Seeing that Hilda didn't realize the danger at the
moment, Angela grasped her wrist and said, "Get out first!"

After they went out of the door, Angela walked to the fire extinguisher and pressed the alarm button.
Then she took out the fire extinguisher to put it out.

She was so skilled!

Before Hilda could react, Angela went into the room again, extinguished the fire with the fire
extinguisher, and turned off the gas valve.

Looking at that there was no fire in the kitchen which was totally in a mess, Angela heaved a sigh of

Fortunately, she had regular fire practicing in the university.

"So awesome..." Hilda looked at Angela who was still neat and decent and made her feel reliable.
There was admiration in her eyes.

Actually, Angela was still suffering from the shock. Her hands were even trembling, but she had hidden
it well. But why was Hilda's main focus always off line? How could she be attracted by her at this

Angela shook her head. Sure enough, she couldn't let Hilda get into the kitchen anymore.

Because Angela had pressed the alarm bell, property management and firefighters came up to fix the
fire soon. They made relevant prevention and advice after making sure that the fire was completely
extinguished, and then they left.

The kitchen was burned, but Angela was the one who felt heart broken, because Hilda looked around
the kitchen and rubbed her jaw, "This kitchen is not well decorated, or else it won't be burnt so easily
just because of frying an egg. It's not a bad thing to burn it. I may be able to fry an egg successfully
after redecoration!"

Angela was speechless, "..."

What did it have to do with the kitchen? It was obviously that it was because Hilda who was a bad

The decoration company was so efficient that they came on the second day. When Angela came back
from work, the house was in a total mess. Hilda was waiting for her and said, "The decoration may take
some time. Let's move to somewhere else!"

Hilda took her come to 1703 of Building A5. Surprisingly, Angela asked, "Is this another house of

"Of course not! It is my friend's. It happens that he doesn't need to live here recently. I told him about
my condition and he said we could live here first. "

The room 1703 is locked with a password, and Hilda expertly opened the door.

It was furnished in the simple Japanese style, mainly in color of flaxen and rough wood. The door of the
lobby and balcony was pulled open, and the low sofa and tea table were covered with a light colored
blanket. Rachel was completely attracted by the low sofa.

She could imagine that she held a book, sat on the sofa and took a sip of coffee occasionally, feeling a
breeze from the balcony.

What an agreeable summer it would be!

"My friend likes to read books and pretends to be elegant, so he changed the side bedroom to the
study. We can only sleep in the master bedroom together! I'm really sorry for sleeping in this way these
two days. We will go back when the decoration is done. " Angela's thoughts were interrupted by Hilda's

"If I live in such a house of taste and sleep with a beauty, how can I say I'm wronged?" Angela hugged
Hilda and started to grope her body.

"You scoundrel!" Although Hilda said that, she took concerted action and also groped Angela.

After playing and joking around for a while, they took the luggage to the master bedroom.

The decorations of the master bedroom were also simple and elegant. There were wooden closet and
tatami bed, and even the balcony curtains were flaxen. The two bedside tables were also neat and
adorable. The whole room was so tidy that she thought no one had lived in it.

Hilda uncovered the wardrobe and set part of it empty to let them put the clothes.

Angela found that since the wardrobe was full of men's clothes, so should this be a man's room? She
felt a little uncomfortable. Luckily, Hilda took out another set of bedclothes. "Is this your boyfriend's
house?" Asked Angela, because she felt Hilda was very familiar with this place.

"What? I don't have a boyfriend! " Since her last love relationship ended, Hilda had been busy starting
her own business, and had never thought of falling in love.

'It seems that I am too direct!' Angela suddenly realized that she was being rude. Although she was
curious why Hilda was so familiar with this place, she didn't ask any more.

After tidying up her clothes, Angela asked, "Can I go to the study?"

She read and studied late at night. She didn't want to disturb Hilda's rest, so she decided to go back
the room after reading.

"Of course!" Something occurred Hilda suddenly and she said, "But you'd better not touch his books.
My friend is good in everything, but he is addicted to books. Once I accidentally tore his books and he
put a long face on me for three days. I was not forgiven until he had bought the original version!"

Her brother was cold enough when not speaking in usual. Hilda was still frightened by his angry face.

"Is it a rare edition?" Angela also liked reading, so she could understand the feeling of a favorite book
being destroyed.

"How do you know?" Hilda was surprised.

"Your friend can afford this house. He must be rich. He would just buy another one if it was just an
ordinary book. But some of the books were limited editions and were difficult to obtain. So it's normal
for him to be angry. "

What a clever girl Angela was!

"Well... Right! Just like if someone broke my treasured lipstick, I might strangle him! "

"Hahaha Cherish life and stay away from your lipstick! " Angela said in a teasing tone.

Outside the study, the S City was as bright as day. The city was brightly lit, hiding the light of the stars,
only the high hanging moonlight. Angela remembered that ancient Chinese poem sentence, "Who is
the first to see the moon by the river".

Time flies like the river, running and never returning. Passing the past more than twenty years, she
could never go back to any seasons which had gone through. Perhaps it exactly was time. It could be

sadness, or be happiness. Even if one wanted to stay at a certain moment, it was impossible to
achieve it.

In the face of time, Angela chose to avoid those unhappy things deliberately. Staring at the piles of
review materials, she didn't want to waste every drop of time at the moment. Although she couldn't
concentrate at the thought of Greg, she was finally able to free herself from the sadness.

A week later, 27th floor in the DC Building, 6:10 p.m.

Colleagues went back home one after another after work, but only Angela stayed in the office reading a
book. She was so concentrated that she didn't notice someone had come in.

Seeing that Angela was absorbed in reading, a hint of sneer appeared in Christa's eyes.

In the year of internship, Angela had tried to be admitted as a graduate, but she failed in the exams.
Christa didn't think she would success this time. Christa did not want to talk to Angela, but she hoped
that her plan could be carried out, so she said, "Mr. Edward called just now and asked you to go to the
general manager of the Personnel Department to get the documents."

The sudden voice startled Angela. She frowned when she saw Christa, "Now?"

It was already half an hour after work. How could he ask her to get that document?

"Yes! Now, there was nothing to be surprised. How can all of you on the 27th floor understand the
emotions of working overtime everyday downstairs? " Christa said ironically, then she turned around
and left.

She had been far away before Angela wanted to ask more. So Angela had to go to the 22nd floor
following her.

People on the 22nd floor had almost gone. Angela didn't even find Christa. Just as she looked around
delusively, someone behind her asked, "Are you Secretary Angela who come to fetch some materials?"

Angela looked back and saw a clean and white man who was similar to Edward, but far less graceful
than him! On his neck, there was a work permit, on which was "General Manager of the Personnel
Department, Carl Yan".

Carl Yan? Edward Yan... Were they relatives?

Angela quickly replied, "Oh! Yes, I am! "

"The contract of the H City needs to be revised. Mr. Edward asked me to give you the new documents
with an official stamp." Carl walked towards his office while saying.