Keep you in my arms

Chapter 43 Protect Angela For Me

For a moment, Edward felt uncomfortable in heart. He even didn't have Angela's we-chat number, how
had Lucas already chatted with her so familiarly? But he had no right to care about whom Angela was
in good touch with, so he thought he had no reason to blame Lucas.

"What do you think about this matter?" Edward raised his head and asked.

Not sure whether he looked wrong, Lucas unexpectedly felt Mr. Edward's eyes was a little murderous.

Before he could answer, Lucas's phone rang, and it was a call from Corrine. Noticing that it was
Corrine, Edward guessed that it must have something to do with Angela, so he asked Lucas, "Can I
have a word with Miss Corrine?"

"Of course you can, Mr. Edward." Even though they had worked together for so many years, Edward
would still show respect to Lucas as he deserved, while Lucas also still respected Edward and didn't
dare to cross the line.

After dinner with Angela, Corrine drove her home. When Angela said that she lived in Glory City
International Garden, Corrine was stunned. Because she heard that their CEO also lived there. All
these coincidences made Corrine have no doubt about her own judgment anymore!

After Angela got out of the car, Corrine didn't drive away immediately. Instead, she called Lucas.

The call was soon answered. Corrine and Lucas were not only colleagues, but also good friends. They
were so close to each other that Corrine said excitedly before the other party spoke, "Lucas, I think I
was right before! Angela seems to be Mr. Edward's girlfriend! "

After saying that, she couldn't help but chirp, "I just had dinner with Angela and I sent her home after
dinner. Guess where does she live? In the Glory City International Garden! I heard that Mr. Edward
also live in this community! "

Normally, Lucas wouldn't be gossipy, but he would also be a little surprised. However, there was no
reply from the other end of the phone. Corrine thought the signal was bad, so she asked, "Hello?
Lucas? Can you hear me? "

"I can hear you. Miss Corrine is a good analysis."

A cold voice came from the other end of the line, which sounded familiar, but definitely not Lucas's.
Corrine was confused, but soon, she analyzed and figured out who the man was.

How awkward she was!

The only thing Corrine wanted to do now was to dig a hole in the ground and bury herself.

In fact, she did not like gossiping. But for that kind of a man like Edward who had a pure heart and few
desires and who was not as a normal man would be, even she was curious about what kind of girlfriend
he would have! So it was rare for her to gossip once. Sure enough, it was right that really don't casually
gossip about others...

"Mr.... Mr. Edward..." Corrine felt like weeping but had no tears. It was difficult to explain.

"Why did Angela go to the Personnel Department to get some documents?"

In fact, when Edward heard that Corrine misunderstood the relationship between him and Angela, he
felt very delighted. But he had to get to the point first.

Corrine toughened her scalp and told him the whole thing.

On the other side, Edward listened to her patiently with murderous look in his eyes at first, which then
mitigated a little. Lucas trembled with fear when he saw the expression on Edward's face. Until end,
Edward nodded and said, "Miss Corrine, you have done a good job. Protect Angela for me, and I'll pay
you back another day."

On the other side of the line, Corrine was startled to hear that. Silent as Mr. Edward was, was he
praising her? What did he mean by saying "protect Angela for me"?

As for this side, Lucas also found it incredible after he took the phone back.

"Protect Angela for me"? This was the first time that Mr. Edward admitted his relationship with a woman
so directly! This was like a thousand year old iron tree blossoming!

After coming back home, Angela sat on the sofa and recalled the conversation she had with Corrine
this night.

"Angela, from now on, don't trust other colleagues unless Lucas or Mr. Edward ask you in person."

"What?" After getting in touch with Lucas, Angela knew that Carl and Christa had lied to her, but why
did they do that?

"Carl is not a good guy. Christa is the one who he brought here under some hidden rules. If not
because he is the elder cousin of Mr. Edward, how could they survive in the DC Capital Group?"

Angela couldn't believe it, "Miss Corrine, did you make any mistake? Christa is not that kind of person!

"Why not? Everyone in our company knows what kind person Carl is. "

"But I don't understand why they lied to me? Will it do them any good? "

"This is because your relationship with Mr. Edward, and this reason is enough for Carl to think about
doing something. As for Christa, she must have been bewitched by Carl."

Angela didn't tell Corrine the relationship between her and Christa before. Angela didn't want to say
anything more. When she thought of the help of Corrine, she said with gratitude, "Miss Corrine, thank

you very much. I couldn't imagine what would have happened if it weren't for you. "

If what Corrine said is true, then why did Christa become like this? And why did she always want to
play tricks on me? Even if Angela misjudged Christa these years, why did Christa do such behaviors
which harmed others without benefiting herself?

The next noon after lunch, Angela asked out her date with Christa.

"So, what do you want from me?" Christa crossed her arms and said lazily because of disdain.

"Christa, I don't understand. What happened between you and me? You drugged me and slandered me
in front of Greg. What benefit would it have to you? "

"Huh! Angela, you are so good at pretending to be innocent. Nobody can beat you in this aspect! The
so-called green tea bitch, I think that's exactly what you are!"

Green tea bitch? Angela was a forthright person all the time. How could Christa see her like this?

"Christa! Now that you say I am a green tea bitch, then tell me, what did I do? It's not fair to give me
such a title without reasons. "

Christa only told Angela what happened between her and Kerr Yuan. If Angela hadn't told Bryson Li
about it, how could he break up with her? She regarded Angela as her best friend. But how about her?
It was Angela who made her lose the one she loved!

When Christa saw Angela, she restrained her anger all the time. But now Angela had not admitted it
and she also never apologized because of her mistakes. Christa was furious with tears in her eyes,
"Why do you have to let me expose it face to face? Don't you know why Bryson Li broke up with me?
You know clearly how much I love him... "

When Christa got excited, she cried, squatting because of her weakness.

"So did you break up with him?" Asked Angela in shock.

She knew that Christa liked Bryson Li so much that she drew sketch for him secretly till midnight, and
always waited in his path to create romantic encounters. They were always good, aren't they? When
did they break up?

But Christa only felt that Angela was still pretending not to know anything and escaped replying her.
After a long while, Christa stopped crying, but the resentment in her eyes did not decrease. She stood
up, wiped the tears on her face and took a breath. "You know clearly that if the matter between me and
Kerr was exposed, Bryson would no longer be able to be with me. Did you still tell Bryson that, right?
Angela, you have destroyed me, I won't let you off! "

Angela looked at Christa unbelievably. After a long pause, she still couldn't speak out a word. Christa
left in anger. Angela stared at her back with red eyes.