Keep you in my arms

Chapter 44 The Person On The Bed

The story started from the high school, when Christa was as innocent as a piece of white paper. She
fell in love with Kerr Yuan under his ardent pursuit. In fact, from Angela's point of view, Christa didn't
date with Kerr Yuan for love.

Maybe because Angela had a sweet boyfriend, and Christa was envious of it, wanting to be treat
warmly. At that time, Kerr Yuan appeared and showed his hundred percent affection to her. But it was a
pity that Kerr Yuan was not serious with Christa. He dumped her after he cheated her virginity away.

At that time, Christa washed his face with tears. Angela was also sad, one time she hid from Christa
and beat up Kerr angrily.

Until they went to the university, Christa got to know Bryson Li. How Christa behaved was full of love
for Bryson Li. Angela felt the same way. She knew that Christa loved Bryson Li so much and Bryson's
personality deserved her love. Under Christa's sincere and fierce pursuit, Bryson Li finally agreed to be
with her. Angela was the happiest person for them to be together!

But it was not like what Christa said that Angela told the matter about Kerr Yuan to Bryson Li.

If it was just because of misunderstanding, Angela could forgive those excessive things Christa had
done. They had been friends for nearly ten years, Angela didn't want to lose Christa. So she sent
Christa a text message immediately to clarify, on which it said, "Christa, I assure you by my character
that I have said nothing about the matter between you and Kerr."

Not long after, she received a reply from Christa, "Do you think I will believe you again?"

What troubled Christa was that she only told Angela this matter, so there was only one possibility that it
was Angela who exposed the fact to Bryson Li. Angela didn't understand why their trust was so fragile.

In the afternoon, today was Yvonne's birthday and all department colleagues were going to have a
dinner party. Since Angela was upset by that thing about Christa, she simply agreed to give a birthday
party to Yvonne.

After dinner, the colleagues proposed to drink in a bar. Angela didn't go to the bar and she also didn't
want to, but five colleagues insisted her going.

Anne suggested, "How about we go to that newly opened bar called Mu Shadow? It is said that it is
different from other bars. There are smoke area and non-smoke area. In this way, we can avoid
second-hand smoke!"


"Don't care me, I can go anywhere!"

Angela's colleagues were very excited. She couldn't turn down their warm-hearted offer, so she had to
go to Mu Shadow Bar together with them.

The atmosphere in the bar was heated with colorful lights, strong smell of alcohol and enchanting
dance of women on the dancing floor.

After drinking a glass of wine, all her colleagues went to dance, leaving Angela alone there. At this
moment, a man came over to accost, "Hey, beauty, would you like to dance with me?"

As the loud music went on, the man twisted his body and stretched out his hand to invite Angela.

Although she shook her head, smiled and refused, the man insisted on pulling her. Angela wanted to
struggle, but the man directly held her, which scared her to scream.

But the music was so loud and her colleagues were dancing in the crowd. How could they notice her?

Just as she was scared to death, the man was pushed away.

Aaron appeared suddenly. He pulled frightened Angela into his arms and warned, "She's my girlfriend."

That man took a look at Angela unhappily. When he saw that she was staring at Aaron, with her eyes
full of the sense of security, he said cowardly, "Sorry, I don't know that this beauty has a boyfriend!"

As soon as he finished, he disappeared into the crowd quickly.

Both her first love and Greg brought Angela great harm, so that she became doubtful of love. But every
time she saw Aaron, she would look forward to the possibility of his being her next boyfriend.

However, as long as she thought of what she had given all her heart in that two loves, and what she
had got in the end was only great harm, she no longer had the courage to fall in love with him.

"I'm sorry. It was an emergency just now, so I said that." Although Aaron held her in his arms just now,
Angela could feel that he was very personable, and once the man left, he took two steps backward to
keep a proper distance with her.

He showed great respect for women, which was an evident sign of his high upbringing. No matter in
appearance or temperament, Angela always associated Aaron with the elegant scholar in the ancient.

"It doesn't matter! I am the one who should say thank you! "

It was obvious that Angela didn't come to such place very often.

Aaron said to her, "Let's go to the private room. It's less messy there."

Perhaps it was because of his upright look that Angela believed it was much safer to stay with him than
stay here alone!

When they entered the private room and closed the door, they could finally talk in a normal voice.

Angela finally relaxed.

Aaron asked, "Are you here alone?"

"A colleague's birthday. They agreed with coming to celebrate." Angela was restrained and said with a

"Oh! Can you drink? How about ordering some for you? " Aaron had already sat down and picked up
the wine bottle.

Unlike Edward, he liked drinking and had once been drinking excessively.

"I can drink some." Somehow, Angela thought of Edward's ambiguous behavior after drinking that day.
She was lost in thought for a long time until Aaron asked, "Oh! Can you drink with me? "

"What?" Although she could drink, she didn't drink much, and it could be said that she almost didn't
drink. Her parents had told her not to drink when she was out alone. As she was preparing for her
exam, drinking would have a bad influence on her state.

She was about to refuse him, but when she looked into Aaron's melancholy eyes, she didn't have the
heart to refuse him.

Aaron's eyes was clearly with a smile, but in deep eyes, it seemed to be hiding a story.

Without waiting for her answer, Aaron opened the wine and poured himself a glass. He took a sip first
and then looked at her, waiting for her answer.

Seeing her hesitation, he knew that she didn't want to drink it. He stood up and asked, "Do you want to
go back? Let me take you to a taxi. "

"Nothing! I happen to want to drink some wine. " Maybe she was influenced by her feelings, so she
wanted to indulge herself.

Aaron was stunned and said with a smile, "That's good. It's more interesting than having it alone!"

As he spoke, he poured her a glass. Angela had a drink the hot and spicy wine, which made her
somewhat uncomfortable but excited. She smiled and asked, "Mr. Aaron, do you often drink on your

"Moo moo looked at me drinking. Can it be seen as alone?" He then smiled and added, "Moo moo
drank juice, and I drank wine. Ha-ha... "

At the thought of the Edward's behaviors after drinking, Angela couldn't help laughing. "Mr. Edward's
behaviors after drinking is really the worst I have ever seen! No one can surpass him! "

"Exactly! I even don't know how much he have taken advantage of me! "

Angela could imagine the scene that Edward held Aaron in tears and kisses while he was drunk. Both
of they were handsome, what a beautiful picture! Because of the smile, they began to chat warmly.
They talked about the university they graduated to their major, work at present, and the books they
liked most. They had a good chat!

An hour later, Aaron had drank several bottles of wine but he was still sober. Angela had already felt a
little uncomfortable, so she stopped, "No, I can't drink it anymore."

With a bright red face but a clear eyes, Aaron glanced at his watch and then stood up, "It's almost 12
o'clock. It's too late. You have to go to work tomorrow. Let's go home!"

Aaron companied Angela to take a taxi and he didn't feel at ease until she arrived at downstairs her
home. In fact, Angela was a little unconscious. But out of the sense of safety, she kept on keeping a

tense nerves. She didn't let her guard down until she returned home and closed the door.

She was too tired to take a shower. She went to bed without turning on the light.

The air conditioner was so cool that she didn't feel warm until she covered herself with the quilt. Then
she felt a warm breath under the quilt. She held the person and murmured, "Didn't you say that you
wouldn't come back?"

Hilda said that she was in the next city for business and wouldn't be back until tomorrow. Angela
embraced the person's arm and said drunkenly, "I don't want to take a shower today. Please forgive me
for being so sloppy. Tomorrow I will wash the sheet, okay?"