Keep you in my arms

Chapter 45 It Was Him!

"Well...... You know what? I met Christa today, but she didn't believe me, neither did Greg. Am I not
worth being trusted? Did I...... " She sobbed, "really so bad?"

She closed her eyes, but tears fell down from the corners of her eyes.

After a long while, she finally loosed her grip on the arm. But she felt something was wrong. She
touched her body again and opened her eyes, "Hilda, why are you so fat?"

Hilda's arm was thin, but the arm she was holding was really thick! And with some hard muscles.

When she was confused, the light was turned on.

Under the dazzling light, Edward showed up with an expressionless face, which scared Angela to
scream and drew back. But she forgot, she was in bed! The suddenly step back made buttocks fell into
the air, and she was leaning backward.

The moment she was about to get out of bed, her waist was clasped and then her back hit the quilt.
Edward was falling on top of her.

Still suffering from the shock, she stared at him in disbelief.

Edward was wearing a pure gray T-shirt Nightgown which was without any decorations but beautifully!
It was proved again, anybody who was good-looking could look good in anything!

When Angela was in a daze, he also stared at her.

When he arrived home, it was already over twelve o'clock. He went directly into the room, took his
clothes out of his suitcase and took a bath. After that, he went to bed. Unexpectedly, he heard a noise
in less than ten minutes after he lay down.

He thought it was a thief at first, but soon a person came in with a strong smell of alcohol.

He was startled by the sudden hug.

When he was about to push the person away, he heard that it was Angela's voice, which sounded a
little drunk and sad. Suddenly, he found it interesting. He wondered why she was here? When she said
that she was unhappy because of Christa and Greg, he frowned. But when she said "Hilda, why are
you so fat?" He was amused.

He was looking forward to seeing her expression when she finally figure out it was him.

As he expected, her cheeks were red, and her panicked look pleased him. However......

"Are you drunk?" He frowned as he smelled the alcohol from her.

As he spoke, his warm breath swept across the tip of her nose, which made her heart beat faster.

Feeling suffocated, Angela came to herself, pushed him away, got out of bed and asked, "Why are you

She was wide awake now.

With a faint smile on his face, he said, "I'm supposed to ask you this. After all...... This is my house. "

His, his home?!

How could it be his home?

"How could it be your......"

She remembered that Hilda had told her that she didn't know Edward at all. What the hell was going

"Achoo!" The room was so cold that she couldn't help sneezing.

Seeing this, Edward picked up the remote control randomly and turned off the air conditioner. After
staring at each other for a few seconds, Edward proposed, "let's talk in the hall."

Angela setting on the sofa, and Edward went to the kitchen to prepare a cup of honey water for her.
She awkwardly said "thank you" and didn't dare to look up at him.

Edward could guess that it must have something to do with his sister Hilda. Besides him, only Hilda
knew the password of the gate.

Edward called her, but she was powered off. He had to sit down and said, "she should be sleeping now.
Tell me what happened."

Although when they were in H City, he did want to come back to see her. But once he came back, she
went directly to his bed. It was indeed a big surprise for him.

That girl? Were he and Hilda familiar with each other? Maybe...... Did they have an underground

"Hilda burned the kitchen. Her house is being decorated now, so she moved in." All of a sudden, she
thought of something and hastily explained, "but I really didn't know this is your house. I'm really sorry!"

Only Hilda didn't afraid of him and moved in without his consent.

But he felt quite comfortable to see her after just coming back.

However, as soon as he thought of her aggrieved complaint in bed just now, he wondered whether she
was bullied by Greg and Christa. Besides, who was she drinking with as she came back so late?

He couldn't help frowning at the thought.

Noticing that he was just staring at her, Angela frowned. She thought that he might be annoyed by her
living here without permission, so she immediately said, "it's not good to disturb you. I'm going back

Although it was being decorated with mud and messy, it should not be...... a problem to sleep for one

When she was about to get up, he asked, "who did you drink with?"

"What?" She paused for a second and replied subconsciously, "Yvonne, it's her birthday. I went to the
bar with my colleagues."

Hearing this, his knitted brows smoothed a little. It was fine to have a drink with colleagues. She was a
little drunk just now and he wondered if she had been taken advantage by a male colleague.

"Who sent you back?" He stared at her and asked.

Perhaps it was because his aura was too strong that she answered without thinking, "Mr. Chen."

"Mr. Chen?" A man? But was there a person whose surname was Chen in the office?

"Yes! Mr. Chen, your friend, I ran into him at the bar. He asked me if I could drink with him. "

"So you drank with him?" He sounded a little angry all of a sudden.

Aaron and she don't know each other very well. She just drank with him as he asked her? What if other
men, what if they were taken advantage of you?

"What?" 'who did I drink with? Why did I have to report this to him?' she wondered? However, because
of the fact that she was in his house now, she felt a little guilty and nodded honestly. "Yes! I drank a
little and he said he was worried about me, so he sent me back... "

All of a sudden, she remembered that she said she could go back on her own in the car. But Aaron
insisted on driving her, she vaguely heard him said that, "if I lose you, I'm afraid that Moo moo will kill
me. I'm worried about you to go back home alone. "

Still half asleep, she smiled and said, "of course not. Mr. Edward will recruit another secretary right
away! Sexy HMM no...... He will recruit a cute cream boy! Haha... "

Now that she was sober, she felt what Aaron said was strange.

But it didn't seem to have anything to do with him that whom she drank with and when she went home?
If insist on saying that......

"I won't interrupt your work! Please rest assured! "

He cared about it so obviously, how could she not understand? She was very clever in normal times.
Why didn't her IQ drop the line when she talked to him?

Edward was a little upset. He turned his head and didn't ask any more questions. Seeing him in a bad
mood. She thought that she must be the one disturbing him. She got up in a hurry, "it's late. I won't
disturb you."

She was about to turn around to leave when someone grabbed her arm. He stood up, grabbed her arm
and said, "stay here tonight."

"What?" Live here? Wasn't he upset that she was here? She really couldn't figure out what the man
was thinking about!

"Isn't it being decorated? Stay here tonight and we'll make another plan tomorrow. " Although he looked
indifferent, there was always an irresistible tone.

Wasn't it strange to live in the same room with him? But when she was about to refuse him, he had
already went over to the study room.

Although Angela felt impotence, but thinking of Edward's innocent eyes, she believed that he was not a
bad guy. Moreover, she really didn't know where to go if she left here.

Now, Hilda's family must be filthy and messy

"Well......" She sighed and went into the room to pick up the clothes she wanted to wear. In case
Edward saw it, she put the underwear into the suitcase.

Half an hour later, she came out of the bathroom, dried her hair and then did a series of skin care
steps. Then she took out all her stuff in the bedroom. Then she walked to the study and knocked on the

In the study room, Edward leaned against the back of his chair. He was already asleep, but he was
awakened by a knock on the door. He answered, "come in", seeing her in pajamas and said in a timid
way, "Mr. Edward, I had taken out my things, so you can go to your room to have a