Keep you in my arms

Chapter 46 Sleep Together

'go to bed? He gave the room to her specially, but how could she give it to him again?

Seeing that he frowned, she smiled and said, "I can sleep on the sofa in the living room!"

Since she became his secretary, she has become gentle. But it was not interesting that she was so
respectful to him.

Not responding to her, he suddenly asked, "I heard that you are good at cooking. I'm hungry. Can you
make something for me?"

Edward has a kind of irresistible verve even when he said something with respectful, because he was a
cold temper. What's more, she had been living in his house for several days. How could she reject it?

She thought for a while and asked, "is it okay to cook noodles?"

Cooking noodles will not produce lampblack.

"Of course."

She tied her hair up then went to the kitchen.

He sat in the open kitchen and could see her figure. Edward took a book but couldn't read it. He felt a
little strange feeling when he occasionally glanced at the kitchen.

Ten minutes later, she came out and put the noodles in front of him gently.

Edward was really hungry. And the noodle with tomato and egg happened to be his favorite. He ate it in
a gentle way, but after a little while, there was not any leftover at all.

He stared at the bottom of the bowl, feeling unprecedented satisfaction. He didn't know how long he
hadn't tried such a great desire in reality and a sense of satisfaction after starving.

After she served noodles to him, Angela went into the bedroom and found another quilt. She tucked the
quilt in coverlet and then carried out. Staring at the bottom of the bowl, she had put the quilt on the sofa
while Edward was in a trance staring at the bottom of the bowl.

"Yummy!" said Edward.

He praised her from the bottom of his heart. Without looking at her reaction, he stood up and took the
bowl into the kitchen.

What? 'is this iceberg praising her?'

Glancing at his back, Angela chose to ignore him because she was really tired. She lay down on the
sofa, tucked herself in and went to sleep.

It was already two o'clock in the morning. She was so tired that she fell asleep as soon as she lay

Edward washed the dishes and then went to the bathroom to wash himself. When he came out, he saw
her sleeping on the sofa.

He gave the room to her, but he didn't expect her to sleep in the hall and soon fall asleep. Staring at
her sleeping face, he remembered a lot of things. When they first met, she broke into his room and they
had sex. Later, he wanted to spend money to let her be with him, in order to compensate her for giving
her a job, and then the conflict between her and Greg

In his mind, flashed many different her. She had been angry; she had left in despair; she had been
broken down; she had been working hard...... All the faces looked so familiar, but so strange. He gazed
at her quietly, but through her, he seemed to see himself as he had been a long time ago. Well...... the
person long time ago.......

The seed of guilt placed in his heart seemed to sprout and arouse another feeling. He had a totally
different feeling towards Angela all of a sudden. He wanted to give her not only compensation, but
also...... "Cherish......

He always thought of the things happened between them during his business trip. He was clear what
kind of feeling it was. But he knew who was in her heart. He knew clearly that when a man she didn't
like treated her well, it was not love but burden. He couldn't bear to make her feel burdened.

At the thought of this, he looked at her soft eyes with a layer of unknown emotion. It was not until he
sighed deeply that he came to his senses.

The sofa was very small. Curling up in it, how could she sleep comfortably? Seeing her frown, he also
frowned. He thought for a while and then bent over to pick her up. He carried her back to the bedroom
and carefully put her on the bed.

He turned all the lights off and went to bed.

The bed was about two meters wide, and there was a good distance between them as they lied one
side each. He turned his back to her and closed his eyes to rest.

In fact, Angela always flipped around during her sleep, and she liked to sleep with quit in her arms or
dolls. She slept with Hilda these days and was complained about by her every time. Hilda complained
that she always put her arm around her waist at midnight.

The night when they first met and had sex with each other was totally under his control. How could he
know what does she look like during sleep?

Less than ten minutes after she lay down, she turned over, clung to his back and wrapped her arms
around his waist. She muttered and moved towards him in a comfortable way.

It was true that Edward always kept his integrity, but he was a normal man! When he was touched by
her soft body, he stiffened and was wide awake.

He knew better than anyone else that Angela slept so soundly and it was impossible for her to seduce
him. However, she just wanted to irritate him!

He opened his eyes and gently moved the hand on his body away. Then he gently pushed her away
and tucked her in.

After doing all these, he lay down, and the person behind him came up again. He sighed, turned
around and held her in his arms. He resisted the impulse of body and held her in his arms. However,
Angela was completely immersed in the sweet dream and nestled comfortably in his arms.

Although he just held her, all he could think about were the intimate moments between them which
really made him suffer. But gradually, when the warmth of her body melted in his skin, he felt a sense of
warmth, and a faint smile appeared on the corner of his mouth unconsciously

It was a wonderful night. Angela heard some noise before she woke up. Was it the sound of the door
being opened, and the sound of the photos taken by the mobile phone? Then...... With surprise, Hilda
greeted him, "brother! Are you awake? "

Suddenly, she struggled out of her dream.

"Stop!" There was a man's voice, and......

How come I could clearly feel the tremble of his body when he was talking?

It seemed that...... She was in his arms?

She opened her eyes suddenly and saw that she really held Edward in her arms. But at this moment,
he pulled back the quilt with a cold face. And the other hand was holding her shoulders.


No exaggeration, Angela was frightened into cold sweat and rolled out of the bed. The action was so
quick and abrupt that Edward was too late to catch her.

After falling to the ground, she felt a daze and rubbed her head, sitting on the floor. Seeing that she fell
down, Hilda hastily walked up to her and helped her up. "Are you all right? Sister-in-law? "

sister-in-law? What the hell is that?

"So you are really with my brother now. Then I shouldn't have kept it from you our relationship."

Angela was confused, 'what?

Edward ignored her and went to the bathroom to wash himself. 'did they sleep in the same bed again?'
she wondered, still suffering from the shock. With a blushing face, she was surprised. "I slept in the
living room last night!"

Hilda stood aside and smiled in an ambiguous way.

"I......" She touched her clothes and bra which were still wore on her. However...... Did anything happen
last night? "

In order not to embarrass her, Hilda quickly said, "I'm so hungry! I called take out and it's the breakfast
bag from the bakery. If I knew you two were at home, I would have called more! Last night...... You
must be very tired, right? "

She whispered the last sentence in Angela's ear.

"It's not like that...... 'Hilda...... It's not like what you think...... " She went out with Hilda. She wanted to
explain that her relationship with Edward was pure, but she did not know where to start.