Keep you in my arms

Chapter 47 I Will Kill You, Edward!

In a good mood, Hilda replied, giving Angela a reassuring look, "I know! Don't worry, I know it all! My
brother obscured you in the video, because you don't want to make your relationship public, do you?!
But how smart I am! I even guessed that it was you! So, is that bad man Greg?' My brother has a quite
good taste! He's so handsome! "

It would be perfect if Angela became her sister-in-law!

"Your brother?" This was all Angela could think of.

"Yes! He is my brother! We have the same parents! So you are my sister-in-law from now on! " Hilda
held her arm and said happily.

So, Moore is not her boyfriend, but her brother? 'So, she has been lying to me from the very beginning,
lying to me that she doesn't know Edward?'

"Hilda! ! ! Don't you say that you don't know who Edward is? !"

Angela trusted Hilda so much, but unexpectedly she was once set up by Hilda!

Last night, Angela didn't know what happened between her and Edward again! She was crazy!

Angela took Hilda by the neck and Hilda tried to escape from her grip. Hilda didn't expect Angela's

Seeing Angela's rare gloomy expression and angry eyes, Hilda finally realized the seriousness of the
matter. She stepped back in fear and said, "Don't be so impulsive! Angela! It's not good to be angry!
Wrinkles will show on your face! "

The flames of fury were burning in Angela's heart, and how could she take any notice of it?

Then, they ran around the sofa. Angela chased after Hilda while Hilda asked her to calm down.

Suddenly, Angela bumped into someone. "Brother, my sister-in-law is going to kill me." Hilda felt

In fact, Angela respected Edward. But last night, she slept in the hall. If he didn't get her into the room,
how could her innocence be lost again? Edward was so despicable!

Angela didn't want to see him anymore. At the worst, she would lose work for the DC Capital Group but
she wasn't afraid of it!

"Fuck off! Edward, you are such a despicable and shameless man! I cooked noodles for you last night
because of guilty. You don't deserve it!" Then, Angela was about to stretch out her hands to catch
Hilda, because she was the one to blame. They were clearly brother and sister! How could she lie to
Angela! Angela even suspected that they had planned the whole thing last night!

Be my girlfriend and the time limit and the price are up to you! ——

I don't either visit prostitutes or gamble and I have a strict lifestyle. The price I offered to you is at least
several times higher than your current salary. So, you won't lose anything if you agree to be my
girlfriend. ——

Angela felt herself so stupid that she was always deceived by the person she trusted most. Greg
deceived her, Christa deceived her, and even Hilda was the same...

Noticing her emotion too excited, Edward held her in his arms suddenly and Hilda was surely shocked.
In the past few months, Hilda had never seen Angela so angry. But now, with red and teary eyes,
Angela was angry and aggrieved

She was angry in despair. Hilda didn't understand. Wasn't that supposed to be a good thing? How
could Angela have such a deep resentment?

"Let me go!" Angela roared at Edward.

How could Edward let go of her when she was so emotional? Therefore, he held her even tighter.
Unable to get rid of him, Angela took a bite on his shoulder to vent all her anger.

Edward didn't expect that she would do that. It so painful that he groaned. His heart was also filled with
anger while Hilda was stunned.

Before he lost his temper, Edward picked her up and walked to the bedroom. All of a sudden, Angela's
feet left the ground and she was carried away by him. She was so afraid that she beat him and said,
"Edward! You bastard! God damn it! Let me go! "

Hilda looked at her brother taking Angela into the room without hesitation and then closing the door.

"Awesome! So handsome! But unfortunately, I can't see how my brother tame his woman! " While
saying, Hilda shook her head regretfully.

In the room, Angela was thrown to the bed. Her hair and clothes were in a mess. Because she had
been roaring hysterically just now, and now she was panting heavily.

Seeing that she on the bed was just glaring at him and gasping for breath, Edward asked, "Are you
able to talk calmly now?"

"Calm down?" Angela jumped up and yelled, "You colluded with Hilda to lie to me! How can I calm
down? !"

She trusted Hilda so much. She never thought that Hilda would use such a method to satisfy Edward's

"You are a good looking man. How can you be so contemptible? You are not the one who can't find a
girlfriend. Why are you following me? Do you feel a sense of accomplishment that you lied to me in
collusion with Hilda? You pervert!" Angela grabbed a pillow randomly and threw it at Edward. Edward
caught the pillow with his hand. Although he wanted to say that she was a total idiot, given that her
mood now was not suitable for conversation, he didn't say anything, just staring at her coldly.

It would be quite awkward if one had a quarrel with a man liking Edward, who was as cold as an
iceberg. Edward just stared at Angela, without saying anything and any obvious emotion. The point
was, if he did not speak back, how could she continue to scold him?

At this moment, Angela caught a glimpse of herself through the mirror in the wardrobe. Her hair was in
a mess, like a lunatic. Instantly, she blushed and sat down silently. She smoothed her hair and
straightened her clothes.

Seeing her sitting down quietly, Edward opened his mouth, "You misunderstood Hilda. I asked her to
conceal the fact that I am her brother."

Angela didn't believe him. She rolled her eyes with her head lowering.

"Last night..." Edward took a glance at her with a faint smile. Just as Angela was about to speak, he
said abruptly, "Well I'd like something happened, but it's a pity that we didn't."

This was the direct humiliation. It took Angela a long time to calm down, but now her anger was lit up.
She stood up and rushed over, "Edward! I'll kill you! "

What a silly girl Angela was! Did she have the strength of Edward? As Angela reached out her hands,
her wrist was grabbed by Edward, and then she was knocked down on the bed by him.

Seeing that she was under him, Angela struggled even more angrily.

"Don't you understand what I mean? Nothing happened last night! " He said lightly and looked at her

As soon as she struggled, she rubbed against his body. She could feel the heat even through her
clothes. The action was so big that the buttons of the pajama were loosed, revealing a large part of her

Edward was a normal man! He was also the man who had slept with her and knew her wonderful body
clearly. There was no doubt that it lit up his desire.

She was aware of danger when she saw a hint of desire in his eyes So she didn't dare to move. "Aren't
we supposed to have a good talk? Let go of me first! "

Angela knew she couldn't be against him now. The only person who could save her was Hilda. But they
had conspired with each other to cheat her. How could Hilda help her? Thinking about it, she decided
not to use violence against violence. After all, she was not strong enough.