Keep you in my arms

Chapter 48 Be My Girlfriend!


He suddenly whispered her name, which was a low and gentle voice.

"What... What are you doing?" She got a little panic when she found that Edward didn't let go of her but
looked at her with his soft and seductive eyes.

"Be my girlfriend!" He looked deeply into her eyes, seeing her pupils open wide with an expression of
surprise, and added softly, "the noodles you made...... Was very delicious. "

Being stared at by him for such a long time made Angela feel uncomfortable, so she totally ignored his
tenderness and care.

girl friend? Be his girlfriend? Did she hear it right?

And what did "the noodles tasted good" mean?

Was it just because the noodles tasted good? Hilda rented the side bedroom to her because she could
cook delicious meals; and Edward asked her to be his girlfriend because she cooked delicious
noodles? How about the servant in their family? Is she so bad at cooking?

Why couldn't this pair of brother and sister be normal? Or, delicious noodles is just an excuse. His real
purpose is to cheat her to have sex with him, and when he get me, He'll dump me!

Gradually, the shock in her eyes faded away, and she asked speechlessly, "is the servant of your family
not good at cooking?"

Edward was speechless, "..."

In the past more than ten years, he was very vigilant about the relationship between men and women.
He finally found that he could accept a girl, and who was nine years younger than him, but had a crush
on her ex-boyfriend. He summoned up his courage to try to accept it and express his love for her. He
didn't expect to get such a reply.

Edward was very upset!

He was so indifferent that his rare feelings were ruined by Angela's words. He let go of her, stood up,
glanced at her, and went out.

What was he looking at?

Angela was confused and wondered what he meant? But she was still worried. She went into the
bathroom and took off her clothes. Looking at herself in the mirror, her skin was very smooth. When
she remembered that she had sex with him last time, the bruises all over her body were really

'It seems that I have thought too much?' If so, why did he get her into the room?

Embarrassment was the only word that could describe her current mood at the moment.

She changed her pajamas before walking out of the bathroom. When she opened the door, she saw
that Edward leaned against the wall with his arms crossed in front of his chest. He seemed to be
waiting for her to come out.

"Ah!" Startled by him, Angela looked back at the frosted glass door, which meant he just watched her
change her clothes?

"You! ——How shameless you are! Don't you know that you should avert your eyes from others when
you do something improper? "

'As expected, never judge a book by its cover. 'he looks handsome, but he peeped at me from

Edward felt both funny and helpless. "I just want to come in and ask if you finished using the

"Bullshit!" She couldn't help swearing, "you brought me into the room last night. Can you swear that
you didn't have any bad intentions?"

"I just want to do something indescribable. If I had known that you would treat me like this today, I
would have regretted not doing it." He smiled gently.

"Edward!" When she was about to angrily wave her fist, Edward grabbed her wrist and said, "if
something happened last night, wouldn't you know?"

"How do I know if you have drugged me?" She became sensitive and suspicious ever since she was
framed by Greg and Christa.

At this point, Edward remembered what Christa had said in the hotel. The idea of playing tricks on her
disappeared in an instant. Instead, he felt sorry for her.

With a gleam shining in his eyes, he said seriously, "you fell to the ground last night, got in the way of
my rest."

He slept in the living room while she slept in the living room. If she fell on the ground, it wouldn't hinder

"How did I get in your way?"

"It's probably because you're overweight, so it's very loud." He frowned.

So... Did he mean that the sound of her falling to the ground was too loud? She knew that she would
flipped around while sleeping, so it was possible for her to fall down. She felt guilty immediately, but...

"Then you just let me sleep on the ground. Why do you carry me into the room?"

"The quilt is expensive." He still looked serious.


So... Knowing that iceberg don't want to make his silk quilt dirty, Angela didn't know what to say.

"Well, even if you feel sorry for the quilt, then why do you hold me, hug me and sleep..." At the mention
of this, Angela's face turned red, and she wasn't confident enough to say it.

"Are you sure that you are not the one who are hugging me?" He said coldly.

She knew what was she like when she was sleeping. It was her bad luck to meet a weirdo like Edward!
If nothing really happened, then... Forget it

She peeped at him with a guilty look. From her reaction, he knew that she had believed what he said.
His eyes gleamed, and the corners of his mouth lifted slightly. However, she didn't notice his expression
which had been inadvertently fast.

He was expressionless as usual, and his eyes were unfathomable. She didn't realize that he was... He
was teasing her.

When Angela went out for breakfast, Edward went to the bathroom to wash up.

Then, Hilda explained to Angela again of her concealment before. Actually, Angela didn't care about
Hilda's concealment of her relationship with her brother. She would be satisfied if she hadn't been
tricked by Hilda last night.

"What are you talking about?" "How can I sent you to sleep with my brother? Hilda couldn't help
laughing. Unless I am tired of living! "

"Your brother hates women?" Angela remembered the first time she had met Edward. Not to mention
care her, he just had a strong aversion to her!

"Well... Shouldn't you know it better? " She looked at Angela vaguely. All of a sudden, Hilda seemed to
think of something and whispered to her, "my brother... "What do you think? "

"Your brother? You should know better than me! " After saying that, she picked up her cup and drank
the milk.

"No! My parents are worried that my brother can't perform well, and I am also worried that I don't have
a nephew. In this case, I am afraid that my parents will ask my husband to marry into the Yan Family
and take over the family business. You - "

"Ha-ha..." Angela spewed out the milk. She was choked and her face turned red...

Impotent? Why would they think he was impotent? Edward was so... She couldn't describe what he
had done to her.

After a long time, she stopped coughing and asked with a guilty conscience, "why do you think so?
Besides, how could I know? "

She couldn't let anyone know what had happened between them.

"You are my brother's only woman, of course only you know!"

"I have nothing to do with him!"

Indeed, Angela was a terrible liar. She glanced at her from time to time while saying this, so it was easy
for Hilda to guess what she was hiding. Then she took out her phone and showed Angela a