Keep you in my arms

Chapter 42 Is There An Emergency

Although Angela felt a little strange, she followed him. When she was about to enter the office, there
was a voice behind her.

"Secretary Angela? Why are you here? "

Corrine worked overtime, and when she walked out of the office door, she saw her.

Angela had heard Lucas talk about Corrine as the Vice General Manager of the Personnel Department,
and she could tell that Lucas really appreciated her. But she had been here less than a month, so she
didn't know much about the internal strife of the company, let alone had any idea that the real charger
in the Personnel Department Although was not Carl who was the general manager, but was Corrine.

"What?! Miss Corrine, are you still at work? " Angela adored such a capable woman like Corrine, and
she showed a look of adoration unconsciously.

"Yes! Why haven't you come home yet? " When seeing Angela, Corrine is like seeing herself many
years ago, with a strong strength, just waiting for the outbreak. In Corrine's mind, at least Angela was
not an ordinary woman.

"Oh! Christa just told me that Mr. Edward asked me to take some papers. "

While she was speaking, Corrine glanced at Carl unconsciously, with a strange look in the eyes of him,
Corrine keenly felt that something was wrong.

Carl was outwardly strong and inwardly weak. After heard what Corrine said, he felt a shiver down his
spine. He thought that this old woman came again to ruin his good plan!

However, he managed to hold on and did not show a panicked expression.

How could Mr. Edward ask Carl to do such a thing? She was afraid that this Carl would do some dirty
things to the female employees!

"Really? File! Mr. Edward has already told me. Come with me! " After saying that, although Angela felt
something wrong, but she didn't know whom she should believe in.

Carl was about to successfully tricked Angela into his office, so he would not let Corrine take her away.
He said, "Mr. Edward is always very cautious in doing things. How could he arranged same work to
both of us?"

If it had been someone else, Corrine wouldn't have cared so much. Angela was too special. The
reason why she said so was that her salary was at most six thousand according to the assessment of
Human Resources. But Mr. Edward secretly asked her to transfer ten thousand Yuan from his salary to
Angela. And this thing must be kept a secret!

As a result, even the fool knew that she was in a special status. Moreover, according to the information
of her, she couldn't be a relative of Mr. Edward. In addition, if she was a relative of him, it was
impossible that she didn't know Carl!

According to such judgment, it is most likely that Angela is the woman of Mr. Edward. Recently, she
had also heard a lot of rumors about Mr. Edward and Secretary Angela. And now she was even more
certain about her conclusion!

"Of course Mr. Edward will not ask us to do the same thing at the same time, but my phone was muted
just now, so I didn't receive Manager Luca's call. This was an emergency, so Manager Lucas called
you. But when I called him back, he immediately asked me to do that. I just came here to explain you
the situation. " Corrine smiled and said, as if she really believed in it. Then she took out the phone and
said, "how about I call Manager Lucas again and confirm it with Mr. Edward?"

"No, thanks. Since that Mr. Edward has arranged you to take the responsibility, I can get off work.
What's more, how can I don't believe you, Deputy Manager Corrine? " Carl was clearly got angry, but
he forced a smile.

Angela didn't know whether she misheard him or not, and she felt that he deliberately stressed the
words "Deputy Manager Corrine"!

But soon she felt that something was wrong with them. After Corrine appeared, Carl felt very
uncomfortable. At first, Corrine also asked why she was still at work, and then said that Mr. Edward
asked her to give her the document. It was a conflict before and after.

Carl left in a short time, Corrine breathed a sigh of relief, and said to her, "it's just time for dinner. Would
you like to have dinner with me?" Corrine invited her with a smile. Although Angela was planned to go
back to study, but she was afraid to offend people in the workplace, so she didn't refuse, and said,

Angela answered in a proper manner. But Corrine was too clever, she noticed her hesitation and said
with ease, "what's wrong? If you have other plans, we can make an appointment next time! "

"Nothing! I'm just flattered. " She said sincerely, because she really did not expect that Corrine would
invite her to dinner.

Felt the sincerity of Angela, Corrine didn't think too much. She smiled and said, "it's my honor to have
dinner with you! Maybe I want to ask you out for dinner in the future, but you don't even have time to
make an appointment with me! "

Her tone was not that sarcastic, but with fun. It seemed that she had some implication. Besides, she
was observing Angela from time to time when she said this. It seemed that she was expecting to get
certain reaction from Angela.

Angela was sensitive, but she couldn't figure out why she said that, so she just smiled blankly and said,
"Miss Corrine, you are kidding me, right? You should be the busier! "

Corrine liked clever people, so she liked Angela very much!

Although Angela liked Corrine very much, she was also remained on the alert. So she texted Lucas to
ask about the files when she was in Corrine's car. To her great surprise, Lucas said he didn't ask
anyone to give her any files, but he said he will asked Mr. Edward instead.

In the presidential suite of the DC Hotel in H City, Edward threw his coat on the sofa and loosened his

With a stack of documents in his hands, Lucas said, "the tickets have been booked. We'll leave at two
o'clock at noon the day after tomorrow."

"The day after tomorrow?" He frowned, unbuttoned his cuffs and said, "I've decided to leave tomorrow."

There was a meeting tomorrow and it would be ended at 9 o'clock in the evening. As usual, he would
wake up naturally and leave at noon!

H city was a famous tourist attraction, and Lucas wanted to buy some gifts for his loved ones, but it
seems that now he couldn't make it. He then took out his phone and checked the flight, "there's a flight
at 10 tomorrow night."

"Okay, then it's ten o'clock tomorrow night."

"But Can the meeting be finished at 9 o'clock tomorrow night? " If they have disagreements in the
discussion, won't they continue?

While listening to Lucas, he poured a glass of water and took a sip. "Why not?"

Lucas: "...."

'well, he is the boss. He has the final say.' Even if it could not finished, if he says "the meeting is over",
no one dared to say a word


"Is there anything urgent?" It was rare for Lucas to gossip about his CEO, but he was really curious
about it. He was a serious man, who was always serious about his work. Why did he suddenly rush
back home regardless of the results of the meeting?

"I want to go back to the company as soon as possible."

If he didn't go back until the next noon, he wouldn't be able to go to the company until the day after
tomorrow. He hadn't seen her for nearly ten days. Suddenly he was curious about how she was doing

Thinking of Angela, he suddenly had a smile on his face.

Lucas was still immersed in his thoughts when his boss said, "I want to go back to the company as
soon as possible." Is it because something has happened in the company while I don't know? But when
he saw that smile on Edward's face, which was so unnatural, Lucas finally understood what he meant!

Mr. Edward missed Secretary Angela!

Suddenly, he thought of the message from Angela just now, and asked, "by the way, Secretary Angela
just asked me if you asked her to go to the Personnel Department to get the documents?"

When it came to Angela, he suddenly frowned and said, "No."

"Why do you ask that?"

Then, Lucas showed him the WeChat message.

At first, Edward found it strange for her to ask such a question. Then he pulled it up subconsciously and
found there were many chatting records between them and she sent many lovely expressions.