Keep you in my arms

Chapter 49 Impotent Are You Sure

When Hilda came back, she saw such a scene.

Edward hugged Angela, and she embraced him. They had a sound sleep. The sunshine gently
penetrated through the curtain, making the whole picture become warm, just as if the warm picture of
the newlyweds next day.

Hilda had thought that she would never see her brother in such a scene. She even had thought that her
brother would hold a good-looking man. So she couldn't help taking the picture.

"Hilda! How can you do this! " Angela would be cursed by the netizens if the photo was spread to the

"Over the past ten years, when my brother saw a woman, he always tried to stay away from her, but
now he slept with you in his arms. Also it is still no dirty scene, only warm hug and sleep. I really can't
imagine, in addition to your love, what other reasons can make a man sleep with a woman in his arms,
not because of physiological needs but pure spiritual enjoyment. "

If it was because of sex, Hilda must had seen the mess in the room, let alone the couple in bed were
both in clothes!

Angela was so angry that she snatched Hilda's cellphone and retorted, "Your brother is impotent! So he
was not interested in women! Even if we sleep in the same bed, he won't touch me! Hilda! Delete it for
me now! "

Hilda escaped her snatch, "No, I don't want to! What a beautiful picture! When you get married in the
future, I'll develop it and give it to you as the wedding gift! "

They quarreled so loudly that they didn't notice the darkened face of Edward who had already stood

It was not until Hilda bumped into Edward that they saw him. The tall man took away the phone
immediately. He had a look at the photo and then looked at Angela, "Impotent? Are you sure? "

Angela was so shocked that she sweated all over. She was afraid that Edward would expose their affair
if she kept on talking. So she immediately pretended to look at the clock and then said less confidently,
"It's very late now! We've been late for an hour! "

Then she went to the door, grabbed her bag and almost ran out without even putting on her shoes

Ten minutes later, she stood at the bus station. A black car stopped in front of her and the window was
rolled down. Edward looked at her expressionlessly and said, "Get in the car."

"I can take the bus!" Angela didn't want others to see them together.

"There's a meeting at half past eleven. You're in charge." Edward could easily read her mind, so he

According to Edward's character, he would park there if she didn't get in the car! She saw him park at
the private lane of the bus and was afraid that he would be fined. In fact, it didn't matter whether he
would be fined or not. The most important thing was that she was afraid that he would take advantage
of her and deduct some money from her salary. Plus, she was never careless about her work. So she
could only grit her teeth and get into the car.

Through the rearview mirror, Edward could see that she was very nervous, with the corners of his
mouth slightly raised.

Edward had a strong aura. When she followed him into the company, everyone nodded to him
respectfully. Angela could even feel an unusual suspicious look from their eyes.

It should be blamed on the weirdo Edward. It didn't matter that he didn't show any interest in women,
but he still knew nothing about his charm. It was estimated that she would become the talk after dinner
of the whole company.

Angela lowered her head as deeply as possible.

They finally got to their department.

Although Angela pretended to walk to her position calmly, she still found that colleagues were peeking
at her.

What made her even more uncomfortable was the exciting sound of people typing. The speed they
tapped on the keyboard was not because working, but excited chatting. She subconsciously looked at
the screen of the colleague in front of her, and it turned out to be a chat group. Although she could not
see the specific information in the chat group, she could see messages popped out one by one quickly.

The weird atmosphere in the office made her sit on the chair, very annoyed.

At this moment, Lucas came out and said, "There is a meeting."

Then everyone stopped typing and walked into the meeting room with their notebook.

Angela took the file and followed in. Colleagues all greeted her with smiles. She walked to a seat,
absent-minded, where Anne just wanted to sit. When she saw it was Angela, she quickly picked up her
belongings and respectfully smiled, "Miss Angela, please sit down."

"It doesn't matter. I can take other seats." Angela really didn't want to scramble for position.

"Just take a seat!" Then Anne went to the other side.

Angela was speechless, "..."

During the whole meeting, she tried her best to concentrate on the meeting and to forget about that she
was discussed by colleagues. Then, she carefully handed Lucas documents and responded properly to
him. Lucas said "Thank you" to her several times as a habit, and Angela responded with a smile.

Seeing it, Edward couldn't help frown.

The whole meeting was in a weird atmosphere, which made Angela want to dig a hole in the ground to
hide herself.

As for Edward, in addition to glancing at her from time to time, he was as indifferent and calm as usual.

Angela was lack of balance in her heart, 'How could he be so strong in mind?'

She braced herself to the end of the meeting and thought she could finally get some fresh air. But
Edward suddenly said, "Miss Angela, come to my office."

Edward was always concise in both words and deeds. Then he strode out of the conference room
without looking back at her. A commotion started in the conference room as soon as Lucas and Edward

"Isn't Mr. Edward a gay? Though I thought it was a pity, Angela was also a good choose! At least our
CEO's wife will be a good person! "

Well... Did all the women in this office wish Edward to marry a man? And since when did she become
the wife of the president?

When Angela was about to say something, another colleague added, "Angela, you have to work
harder. You can't always let Mr. Edward come to the office so early! He always came before we finished
our tea. At least let us finish our tea like today! "

Angela tried to explain, "No --"

"I heard that Mr. Edward came back last night. It seems that reunion after a brief parting is as sweet as
a honeymoon!"

"You are right. I remember that I booked the air ticket for noon today originally. But Mr. Lucas changed
its time to yesterday. I asked him why changing the air ticket. He said that Mr. Edward wanted to come
back soon. It must be lovesickness."

"No, it's not like what you think..." It was hard for Angela to justify herself.

She wanted to explain, but her colleagues left after they had a pleasant talk about her. Before Yvonne
left, she patted on Angela's shoulder and said, "Angela, keep going on. Continue to be a femme fatale.
I hope that Mr. Edward will not come too early every day."

"No! It has nothing to do with me I just... Hello... "

Everyone was busy with their work and they were going to work after the meeting. Maybe they even
had to work overtime!

Sparing Angela alone, she sighed, "It's really not like what you think."