Keep you in my arms

Chapter 50 Let's Have Lunch Together

When she came back to her desk, she looked like a balloon which was empty all over the place. It took
her a long time to recover from the shock.

After letting out a deep sigh, she told herself to let it be!

She kept up her spirit and went to the president's office.

She thought he was going to make things difficult for her, but he didn't. He just asked her about the

In her eyes, he would make her more relax with such a serious look.

After briefing the work she had done in the past half month, she added, "I'll work harder."

She said this because she felt that the workload that Manager Lucas gave her was too little. She was
familiar with her work in a week. She wondered if Manager Lucas still distrusted her and failed to hand
over the important work to her.

Although it was a good thing for Angela that she could have more time to read, she still felt uneasy
after she got others' salary and didn't get the corresponding amount of work.

Just then, Edward's phone rang. Angela glanced unconsciously at the screen, she saw a handsome
photo of Aaron it.

When he answered the phone, Angela was stunned. He didn't allow her to go out, and it was also not
appropriate for her to go out! But when she heard him talking on the phone, she felt embarrassed.

On the other side of the line, Aaron said, "is Mr. Edward available for lunch?"

"Give me the address."

Perhaps having guessed that he would hang up, Aaron said, "wait! Is little pepper also in the

Edward looked up at Angela as he was suddenly asked about her. But when she met his cold glance,
she didn't know why and felt a panic.

"Yes." Replied Edward lightly.

"Bring her here, too! She lost something last time." The bracelet was holding in Aaron's hand looked
pretty in the sunshine.

"You should ask her." Then he handed the phone to Angela. Seeing her surprised face, he motioned
her to answer the phone.

After a short while, Angela picked up the phone and answered it carefully, "hello?"

"I'm Aaron, do you remember?"

"Of course I do. What does Mr. Aaron want to see me about?" As she spoke, she glanced at Edward,
who was gazing at her expressionlessly. She couldn't guess what he was thinking about.

"Do you have an appointment at noon?"

What kind of appointment could she have? She was eating Bento with her colleagues in the tea room.
Since she didn't bring any Bento today, it must be some take out.

She frowned and said, "I don't know why Mr. Aaron wants to see me."

She was wary. Aaron could figure out. He thought that it must be because of Moo moo's jealousy that
made little pepper scared. He smiled, "you lost your bracelet last night. I'm about to have lunch with
Moo moo. Come with him together!"


She checked her wrist immediately. Sure enough, the bracelet was lost! That was a gift from her
mother for bringing a good luck to her! She was so careless to lose it! Luckily, it was picked up by him.

From panic to relief, she had made up her mind.

Now the company had pushed her against the media, and she was still eating with the big iceberg?
Was she so stupid?

"I... i I was a little late today, so I didn't finish my work. Let's eat it next time. The bracelet... " Originally,
she wanted to ask Edward to take the bracelet. But she suddenly thought that would it be more
miserable if he gave the bracelet back to her later? She thought for a while and said, "could you keep it
for me, Mr. Aaron? Can I withdraw it when I'm free?"

"Well... It's not that there is no other way. It's just that I have to go back to school this afternoon.
Besides, your bracelet is also very expensive. I'm afraid that it might be lost if I sent you by express."

"Don't send me by express!" She couldn't lose it!

After thinking for a while, she was a little disappointed, "I'll go get it. Let's have lunch together."

"Okay! That's a deal! See you at noon! " With a smile on his face, Aaron hung up the phone. "Moo
moo! Moo moo, I've tried my best to help you! If the school knows that I stole someone's bracelet, won't
they punish me severely? !"

Edward had been single for ten years. It was not easy to find someone he liked. And she was a woman
of good character. Even Aaron didn't really know if Edward want to date with little pepper, he had to try
to make a match between them in the first place!

Angela hung up the phone and sent it back to him respectfully. Edward asked, "is the bracelet very

He had been observing her expression all the time. He could tell that she cared about the bracelet very

"Yes! It's very important."

In the new year, she had accompanied her mother to pray and draw divination sticks at a temple. The
results showed that she had bad luck both in marriage and test. Worried that she might not get along
well with Greg, her mother specially bought her a set of golden jewelry which were blessed by eminent
monks. However, Angela told the eminent monk secretly that she only needed luck in the test. So she
wore the bracelet which only represented the test of luck.

Angela thought to herself, 'having bracelet keep me company could at least give me some
psychological comfort.' You can't lose it!

"Oh! You said you haven't finished your work yet?"

"Nothing! I'll work overtime tonight!" She just found an excuse to refuse, but she did not expect, it had
led to an increase work of Manager Lucas.

"No, let Lucas do it." While saying that, he dialed a number and arranged, "you help Angela with her
work today."

Angela was speechless, "..."

Lucas sighed deeply on the other line of the phone.

It was past 11:40 after they finished talking. Edward looked at his watch and said, "there will be a lot of
people after work. Let's go now."

Now? 'didn't she tell everyone in the company that she is going to have lunch with him by following him
in front of everyone?'

She thought for a while and smiled, "okay! I'm going to the rest room. See you on the 2nd floor later!"


After ten minutes in the bathroom, she thought that Edward should already go downstairs. When she
came out of the bathroom, she tried to be quiet. She quietly returned to her position, took her bag and
quietly walked to the door.

"Shall we go now?"

The sudden voice at the back startled her. Since it was time for everyone to get off work, the office was
very quiet. Although Edward's voice was not loud, it was very clear. Everyone could not help but look
up at them.

"Mr. Edward? Why are you still here?" She forced a smile in embarrassment.

"Assistant Leo parked my car on the negative floor, not the place where it was parked this morning. I
was afraid that you might not be able to find, so I waited for a while." He said lightly, but he felt her
expression was a little strange.

Edward had always been concentrating on his own business, and he never thought that his identity
was in full attention! Especially, he was going to have dinner with a woman!

Angela wanted to cry, but he had passed her, walked out and pressed the elevator button. Pretending
not to see her colleagues, she braced herself to walk out.

When they entered the elevator, everyone in the office couldn't keep silent!

"Oh my God! Is Mr. Edward really in a relationship with Secretary Angela?"

"It's obvious! They already ate together! We've been working with Mr. Edward for so many years, but
he has never invited any of us to a meal alone!"

"Manager Lucas hasn't had dinner with him alone, not to mention us!"

"What did Mr. Edward just say? 'my car stopped at the underground parking lot on the negative floor,
which is not the place to park this morning. I was afraid that you might not be able to find, so I waited
for a while. '? Does that mean that Mr. Edward drove Angela here?"

"Is it not obvious? They were two hours late and came to the company together. Now they are having
lunch together again!"

Then... A colleague said, "it seems that the result of the gambling five years ago has come out! I'll go
and check. Who bet Mr. Edward is going to marry a woman?"