Keep you in my arms

Chapter 51 Is It Important

When Edward and Angela came in and sat down in front of the table, Aaron had been waiting for them
for a long time. He smiled at her and asked, "Miss pepper, is it true that Moo moo bullied you?"

Bully me? It was not he bullied her, but because of his careless behavior that caused her a lot of

She didn't respond immediately, which made Edward glance at her.

Even if she was bullied, she would never speak it out in front of Edward! She shook her head
immediately, "no, no!"

Because he had seen her throw the money in Edward's chest with his own eyes, so Aaron pick her the
nickname "little pepper". But why did she suddenly become so timid? Looking at Edward who looked as
calm as usual, Aaron said with a smile, "you are right. Moo moo is never going to bully a woman."

But she disagreed again. She was thrown out of the room the night they knew each other. Thinking of
his rudeness, she smiled awkwardly, "yes, yes. I just didn't sleep well last night."

"You didn't have a good rest?" Edward suddenly frowned and looked at her.

He told her this morning that he was woken up by her, and she often hugged him at night. Being afraid
that he would say something he shouldn't, Angela replied quickly, "It's not because I didn't have a good
rest. I just slept too late and I drank some wine, didn't I?"

Seeing the nervous look on her face, Edward just about to say something. Angela looked over her
shoulder and asked hurriedly, "aren't you hungry, Mr. Edward? You should order first even you are not
hungry! The waiter seems to have waited for you for a long time."

"Hello, I want spaghetti -"

"The noodles here are not as good as yours." Edward said seriously.

'What's wrong with him today, Angela muttered in her heart? Why does he always want to make fun of

She couldn't help pinching his thigh under the table. No matter how hard she tried, Edward was sure to
stand still. The waiter next to them wanted to laugh, but he dared not. Aaron couldn't see what they
were doing under the table, but he had sensed the strange expression on their faces.

"Cook noodles?" He looked at them and said with a smile, "Moo moo is more active than I expected.
He even tasted the noodles cooked by Miss. Pepper."

He had no intention of what he had done this morning. He must have done it on purpose at this

Although Angela was annoying, but she didn't want to let it out. Without answering, she let go of her
hand and smiled back at him, because she was afraid that Edward would say something more

It seemed that Aaron and Edward didn't regard her as an outsider. They talked with each other without
scruple at lunch.

"My return to the school this time will take a long time. I will probably come back in the middle of
August. I can't go to the birthday party that Hilda is planning for our elderly sister. Please help me to tell
her." Said Aaron to Edward.


Angela didn't expect that he was so familiar with Hilda. They must be good friends from the beginning
to the end. And they seemed to be old family friends? Otherwise, how could they even know their


She didn't notice that she was always listening carefully to everything about Aaron.

She kept silent during the lunch, and she just to take back the bracelet. Until the waiter cleaned up the
dishes with dessert, Aaron took out the bracelet and returned to her. "Miss. Pepper, here's your

"Oh! Thank you, Mr. Aaron!" She quickly took it gratefully.

Then she tried to take the bracelet back to her hand, but she failed. Seeing this, Edward said, "let me
help you."

Before she could say no, he had reached out his hand. So she had to let him put the bracelet on her.

Sitting opposite to them, Aaron wore a bigger smile. 'I hope that this boy can get married as soon as
possible, so that he can be the uncle of their child as soon as possible!

Edward's character was indifferent, but he was serious in doing everything. Even when he was helping
her wear the bracelet, his eyes were deep and serious. Angela looked up, she saw his thin and
beautiful lips. When she saw her slightly closed eyes with long eyelashes, she suddenly felt her heart
beat faster.

How could a man have such beautiful eyelashes?

Although it was only for a moment, Aaron still took the opportunity to take a picture of them.

Hearing the sound of shutter, Angela suddenly remembered that Aaron was sitting opposite and looked
towards them, and Edward had helped her wear the bracelet and also looked opposite.

"Mr. Aaron..." Thinking of what they had done just now, Angela felt a little nervous as if it was not
proper for them to do that.

Edward didn't care about it at all. He ate a few fruit salad and then left the table for the excuse of going
to the bathroom.

Although he didn't talk much and was always serious. At the beginning, he deliberately embarrassed
her. But he had been in a bad mood since Aaron said that he was going back to school. She faintly felt
that he was in a bad mood.

"Don't worry. Moo moo will adjust his mood soon." Aaron comforted as he saw Angela frown at
Edward's back.

Adjusting his mood? Did he mean that Edward was in a bad mood?

"But... Why?" Was it because he had taken pictures?

"Probably because you feel sorry for me!" After saying that, he lowered his head and took a bite of the

Although he deliberately lowered his head to hide the emotions in his eyes, she could still feel his

Sad? How could she feel that he was sad?

It seemed that Mr. Aaron didn't want to leave the school.

"Mr. Aaron, you can stay here if you don't want to leave, right?"

The gentle look in Aaron's eyes returned to normal. He looked into Angela's serious eyes, smiled and
said, "yes! I don't have to leave because we have a better prospect."

She didn't know if it was her illusion or not. Although he said it in a relaxed and comfortable way, she
could feel his duplicity. Although he was a friend to her, he was not that close to her in her eyes. Now
that he said so, she didn't ask about it.

When she went back to the company, she sat in the car and happily looked at the bracelet on her hand.

Maybe she was comforting herself. As long as she stayed with the bracelet, she felt extremely at ease.

"A gift from someone else?"


While driving, Edward asked Angela suddenly and she answered with a smile without thinking.

But in the next moment, she found that Mr. Edward frowned and stopped talking. Then she stopped
looking at her baby bracelet carefully.

After a while, he asked again, "is it very important?"

Her mother didn't agree with her from the very beginning. She hoped that she could get married and
have children as soon as possible. She insisted on going to attend the postgraduate entrance
examination and said that she had broken up with Greg. She was about to get married but now
everything's ruined, her family members were all angry with her, especially her mother. Before coming
to S City, they had a quarrel. Her mother was so angry that she shouted, "don't ever come back if you
dare step out of this house!"

She remembered that last month, they had even gone to the temple to draw for divination...

Since then, she hadn't come back. And she hadn't even called her family. However, she was still
longing for their forgiveness...

And for the past half a year, she regarded this bracelet as the encouragement from her mother.

At the thought of this, the light in her eyes dimmed, but she replied with a smile, "yes, it's very
important. It stands for my luck!"

And it was a gift from someone else. But when she thought of it, her eyes became gloomy all of a
sudden Was it from Greg?

Edward guessed, but he didn't show any expression on his face. "Okay."

Angela couldn't figure out what he was thinking, and she suddenly regretted telling him that this
bracelet represented her good luck. Because she heard from Hilda that he was against superstition.
His mother introduced him many blind dates before, she always have to calculate the date of their
births to judge if them are the perfect couple. Edward was very disgusted with that. But as his mother,
he respected her more and allowed her to do whatever she wanted.