Keep you in my arms

Chapter 52 Where Are You Going

Since Hilda's house was still being decorated, Edward gave his flat to them. He had intended to stay at
home for a few days. But since Anna knew he had a girlfriend, she had devoted herself to it. Edward
had been terribly bothered by her question. He had no choice but to live in a hotel.

Angela felt really sorry for that. But Hilda said that it was fine.

Hilda was his sister, so she could live here without guilty. But Angela was an outsider, she felt bad to
trouble him.

Recently, she had been topic after dinner because of Edward, which upset her a lot. But in general, he
behaved like a gentleman. Angela was not a narrow-minded person, and the matter which was talked
about by company's public was originally based on his good intentions, so it was wrong to vent her
anger on him.

Thinking of it, Angela's anger to Edward disappeared in a flash. On the contrary, she was grateful to
him for giving her a place to live.

This weekend, Anna got up and was supposed to be bored. After she took her seat at the table of the
dining room, she saw Edward coming downstairs.

Of course she was excited about her son living with them! Anna, as Cassie said, had entered her old
age. Every day she was expecting the children to greet with her.

"Why didn't you tell me that you were back? Mum can cook for you! " She smiled.

Seeing Edward back, Kay was also very happy and hurried to get him a bowl of porridge. Edward said
in a hurry, "Kay, I can do it myself."

When Edward served him a bowl of porridge and took a few sips, he asked, "Mom, where did you go to
pray for a protective talisman?"

"I have gone to several places, including LY Temple, JY Temple, LG Temper..." Anna suddenly felt
something wrong and stopped.

Her son was always averse to superstation, so why did he ask about the temple?

She had been investigating the woman in the video these days. A spy she had arranged in the DC
Capital Group told her that her son was close to a secretary recently. After getting the photo of Angela,
she analyzed it with her sister Cassie and they both agreed with that the woman in the video was
exactly Angela. She just got the date of birth and the eight characters of Angela yesterday and was
about to go to seek divination.

At this juncture, her son asked such a question. Did it mean that he had found her crime and he wanted
to tear down the temple?

"Why did you ask temple?" she asked, sweating in fright.

"Just ask." Edward said faintly, having porridge with his head down, which was hard to tell from his

Generally speaking, ordinary people wouldn't dare to destroy a temple. However, her son was so
stubborn that he couldn't change anything! He was not superstitious, and he was not afraid of
damaging the good and evil. The imaginary picture of him standing coldly in the temple and letting the
miners destroy it freaked Anna out!

"Son! Calm down! I won't be superstitious anymore! Don't ever go to the temple and destroy it. As for
things like it, better believe it than not! " Anna suddenly stood up in a panic.

Seeing that she misunderstood him, Edward laughed and said, "Who told you that I was going to
demolish the temple?"

His lips curled into a smile, and the look in his eyes was also in good mood. It didn't seem like that he
was in a bad mood and wanted to demolish the temple!

"Then why did you ask about the temple?"

After eating the porridge, Edward didn't talk about the topic anymore. He stood up and said, "In short, I
am not going to demolish the temple."

Seeing Edward towards the door, Anna followed him and asked, "It's weekend now. Where are you

"To see a client." Then Edward walked out of the door and went to the garage.

With doubts, Anna looked at her son's back, then took her bag and said to Kay, "Kay, I'll go out first."

In the car, Edward first checked online. It was said on the Internet that the JY Temple was very
effective. So he had input "JY Temple" in the navigation and then drove away.

Edward seldom went to worship Buddha with Anna since he was a child. He didn't know that the JY
Temple was on the mountain until he arrived at the foot of the mountain. He should have taken the off-
road car.

It's obvious that the sports car couldn't go up the mountain. He stood beside the car, trying to figure out
a way. At this time, a group of aunts came over with bags. It seemed that they were also going to
worship Buddha.

Perhaps it was because he was handsome and well-dressed. One of the aunts was very curious. She
smiled and asked, "Are you going to pray to Buddha?"

Edward dazed for a second and nodded.

It seemed that few young people came to worship Buddha. She smiled and said, "Have you fasted this

"Fasted?" Edward was confused.

"Did you eat meat after getting up this morning?"

He only had a bowl of pumpkin porridge this morning, so he shook his head.

"Okay, it's Okay as long as you don't eat any meat! The incense in the mountain is very expensive. You
can go to the store there and buy it at a half cheap price! " The aunt pointed at a small house nearby.

Edward looked at the house and then asked politely, "Is there any cable car up the mountain?"

"There are trucks. But I heard they can't get up the mountain because currently the road is under

In other words, he could only walk on foot.

Edward frowned, while the warm-hearted aunt's friends were urging her to hurry up. The aunt followed
her friends and didn't forget to say, "Go up. There are two roads. You need to go to the right!"

"All right, all right! Young people nowadays are unwilling to go up now. " Another aunt shouted.

An hour later, at the door of the JY Temple, Edward drank three bottles of water.

The temple was dignified and quiet. Above the eaves were twists of incense smoke. The light odour of
sandalwood greeted him. Edward looked at the green mountains and felt very comfortable when a
breeze blew.

How long had he never enjoyed the peace like this? For a moment, it was like back to the college time.
He carried his travel bag and visited the mountains and the lakes.

It was a long time before he came back to his senses and remembered the purpose of his trip.

According to the suggestion of the shop owner, Edward bought some incense and went into the temple
to ask for divination. "Hello, I want good luck to pass the exams."

"There are prayer beads. Choose one first." The diviner said, pointing at a place to sell the beads.

Edward took out the platinum necklace from his pocket and asked, "Can I use this?"

"Of course!"

At the foot of the mountain, Anna was sitting in a car. The weather was too hot for her to go out as the
sun was shining brightly.

This morning, she followed her son quietly in case that he would do something to tear down the temple.
When she came to the foot of the mountain, she saw Edward's car parked there. So she guessed that
he must have gone up the mountain.

He couldn't destroy the temple without an excavator!

Anna waited anxiously and it was one hour later. "Madam, the road up to the mountain is under repair
now. We can't get up with the car." Said the driver, Bowen Zhao, who came back in a hurry.

So, did her son go up on foot?

Anna didn't expect to see her son down from the mountain only when the night fell. She didn't want her
son to know that she was following, so she asked Bowen to drive away.

Just then, her phone rang. It was from Cassie.

"Anna, the date of birth and the eight characters of that Angela and Moo moo had finish divining."