Keep you in my arms

Chapter 53 Is The Salary Wrong

If Angela and her son's eight characters were on match, she didn't mind Angela's family background
and ability. In this way, Moo moo would finally get married and she would soon be able to have her
grandson! And the Yan Family would not face having no descendants anymore!

Anna was so nervous that her heart almost jumped out of her throat, "How is it?"

"The master said that Angela has the fate to make her husband more successful. She and Moo moo
were meant for each other. If Moo moo married her, he would be richer! And they even will have an
excellent son! "

Hearing what Cassie said, Anna couldn't help laughing, "That's great! I will have my grandson soon.
Sister, let's have dinner together to celebrate! "

"Celebrate? Isn't it a little early? "

"Sooner or later! And I also have something to discuss with you. I'm coming now. See you in the same
place! "

At eight o'clock that night, Anna returned home and asked Kay, "Kay, is Jonson back?"

"Mr. Jonson has not back yet." Seeing the disappointment in her eyes, Kay said quickly, "But Moo moo
has come back."

Hearing that her son was back, Anna felt less disappointed, "Have he had dinner?"

"Not yet. He said he wanted to take a shower first."

Without knowing the reason why Edward went to the temple, Anna went upstairs after thinking for a
while and sneaked into Edward's room.

The sound of running water came from the bathroom. Anna walked to the bedside to see if she could
get the message from his cellphone. She tried to unlock it, but she failed, so she had to give up.

When she put his phone back on the bedside table, she caught a glimpse of the necklace on one side.

Platinum necklace, decorated with diamond filled Swan Pendant, was elegant and generous. The only
reason why a man bought a woman's necklace was that he wanted to give it to his girlfriend!

Anna's pupils dilated in shock at the thought.

She picked up the necklace and looked at it curiously. The necklace was covered with a layer of
incense ash and a faint sandalwood.

Suddenly, she remembered that last time she bought a piece of jade for her daughter, Hilda, to
consecrate. One of the steps was to put the jade into the incense ashes, so... Did her son use this
necklace to consecrate?

Anna couldn't believe that her son who was so disgusted with these things could even go to temple to
consecrate with this necklace. This really seemed that the sun was rising from the West!

After thinking for a while, Anna decided to go to the temple tomorrow and ask the master there for

The S City in June was bathed in the sunshine, making the whole city golden.

At three o'clock in the afternoon, the members of the DC Capital Group were receiving their wages and
payroll one after another.

This was the first time that Angela had gotten her salary since she came to the DC Capital Group.
When she saw the payroll, her eyes were wide open, and she was stunned for a while.

After thinking for a while, she stood up and secretly glanced at Yvonne's payroll. It was 8000 dollars in
total. This made Angela even more panic. Yvonne was a senior employee, whose work was similar with
hers, and her salary was only 8000 a month. Angela was a new employee and had only worked for half
a month last month. And she was still in the probation period, how could her salary be nine thousand?

Angela thought for a while and still felt worried. She went to the general manager's office and handed
her payroll to Lucas. "Mr. Lucas, is my salary wrong?" She asked.

Looking at her payroll, Lucas was confused, too. Actually, Angela had just graduated from university
and was still in a probation period. Although her ability was good, she could only earn six thousand at
most. She came to the DC Capital Group in the middle of last month. That meant that she had only
worked for half a month. How could she get so much money?

Corrine was serious about her work. How could she be wrong? And even if she made a mistake, it
couldn't be so wrong! Did Mr. Edward deliberately give Angela so much money? However, Mr. Edward
had always been scrupulous in separating public from private interests. It was not something he would

After thinking for a while, Lucas said, "Wait a moment. I'll ask Miss Corrine."

"Shall I go out now?"

"Don't have to." Lucas said while calling.

Soon, Corrine answered the phone.

Lucas asked, "Miss Corrine, can you help me check Miss Angela's salary? Is it wrong?"

Although Corrine knew what he was confused about, she did a good job on it. She checked the
information in the computer before she said, "Nothing wrong. Her salary is from Mr. Edward."

In fact, the salary offered by the company financial was six thousand. This extra bonus was given by
Mr. Edward himself, but Corrine couldn't explain it to others.

Only she and the Financial Department director knew this.

Listening it, Lucas roughly guessed what had happened. After he hung up the phone, he said to Angela
with a smile, "Miss Corrine has helped you confirm it and it is correct. Your salary is from Mr. Edward.
You can ask Mr. Edward about it if you have doubts."

From Edward? What was going on? He paid her so much money on purpose. What did he want to do?

"Can you help me ask Mr. Edward whether he is available now? I want to ask him." Angela asked.

In the CEO Office, Edward said over the phone while looking at the Swan Necklace in his hand.

Cassie's voice came from the other end of the line, "Do you want to know the real result of the eight
characters between you and Angela?"

"Don't have to. You just need to tell my mother that we are congenial to each other."

"Okay, your mother has known it. Moo moo, please don't blame your mother. She was just worried
about you. " Just because Edward hadn't marry for the past years, Cassie had been always worrying
about Edward and his mother, Anna.

"Okay! Thank you, Aunt Cassie."

"I heard that the bidding of projects in H City will be started. You will be very busy during the bidding, so
you have to take care of yourself. I will not interrupt your work anymore."

After Edward just hung up the phone, his phone rang again. It was from Lucas.

Hearing that it was Angela who wanted to talk to him, he probably knew that it was about her salary, so
he said, "I'm busy now. I'll talk to her later."

Lucas opened the loudspeaker, so Angela also heard it.

"Mr. Edward has been busy with work recently. Please wait a little longer." Said Lucas.

"Then I won't disturb your work." Angela had to put this thing aside first.

At the same time, the Personnel Department on the 22nd floor was very busy with the school

Christa went to Corrine's office with the document which needed an official stamp, and knocked on the
door. Without hearing response, she gently pushed the door open. Corrine was not in. Christa thought
for a while and intended to put the file on the table and then take another one in.

When she walked to the desk and saw the payroll on the screen of the computer, she looked curiously
at it. At this glance, she found Angela's salary. She worked just half a month, but how could her
internship salary is 9000? If so, wasn't her monthly salary horribly high of 16000?

"What are you doing here?"

The sudden question startled Christa. When she looked up at Corrine, she quickly put down the
document in her hand, and suppressed the inner excitement, said, "Miss Corrine, this is the document
you want, and there is another one, I'm going to take it right now."

Christa left as soon as she put it down. When Corrine saw the payroll on the screen, she couldn't help
but frown.

At the 27th floor, Angela received a message, saying that there was a thousand dollars transferred to
bank accounts. She took out her phone, opened the mobile banking service and found that it was the
account of the YR Media Limited Company. That was to say, Baron deducted her salary again!

Angela was not only a person who never took advantage of others, but also a person who would not let
herself suffer losses! She could not believe that Baron also deducted her more than 1000 wages even
if she had left the company. She couldn't stand it!

In the stairwell, she made a phone call to Baron.

It was her principle to be polite before resorting to force. Angela endured her anger and asked kindly,
"Mr. Baron, is my salary wrong?"

"You should ask the Personnel Department about this." Baron shirked responsibility and