Keep you in my arms

Chapter 54 A Man Who Stood Up For Her

"Mr. Baron, I'll be frank with you. I've asked the Personnel Department and they said that you didn't
pass the test. Huh... Mr. Baron, please be honest with me. When did I be late for work in the first few
months? When did I complain about working overtime? My proposal is not perfect, but you can also
calculate how much profit I can bring to the company. I always think that Mr. Baron is a person who can
tell right from wrong. But you're disappointed me."

Though Angela was very angry, but what she said were reasonable. Baron knew that she was glib
tongued and couldn't be reasoned with her, so he directly cheated. "You leave the company without the
permission of higher authorities. You didn't do well in handing over work, which brought a great loss to
the company. The company pay you back as you have worked hard in the early hours..."

So, did he mean that she was extravagant for the extra 1000?

"You are wrong! According to the labor law, I only signed an entry contract with the company, which
said that I would be transferred to a regular worker for three months. But the company didn't give me a
full-time job. I can apply three days earlier if I resign before I become a full member!"

She left on the day of resignation. Even so, he would not deduct her salary for several months? And
she was not transferred to the full term according to the contract, which could be regarded as the basis
for the application of jury.

'damn it! He bullied me, a weak girl.

"Really? Why don't you remind me if you didn't become a full member?"

"Didn't I remind you?" Didn't she remind him? Moreover, do I need to remind you?

Angela sneered, "Mr. Baron, there is an old saying, 'we should leave room for things, don't overdo it.' If
you really go too far, I can only apply for lawyer!"

When he was fighting for life in the S City, she was a primary school student! Now she was just a fresh
graduate, what she can do to him? Besides, he had been working in this city for so many years, how
would he not know people with authority. Why would he be afraid that she would apply for lawsuit?

"What I did were based on the labor law. How can you blame the company for you leaving without
permission? My dear! You are new here and there are lots of things you don't know. I don't blame you
for being rude. Let's put this matter aside for now. If you have to go to the court for the negotiation, we
won't worry about that. After all, we are going through the labor law with you. You should think about it

After finishing his words, Baron hung up the phone.

Angela was furious. How could there be such a disgusting and lewd scoundrel in the world? She
worked so hard. Was it just because she didn't want to do the disgusting thing that she should be
treated like this? She didn't believe that he would get everything covered?

She asked for leave from Lucas and was going to file for an lawsuit.

As soon as she left, Edward asked her for help. "Oh," said Lucas! Secretary Angela said that she had
something urgent to deal with so she asked for leave."

Urgent business?

Edward frowned, "what's the matter?"

"She Only said that because there was something in the original company that she didn't finished
handle with."

Yvonne, who was standing next to them, said, "the original company only gave her half of the salary.
She said that she wanted to apply for a lawsuit."

Twenty minutes ago, when Yvonne was passing through the gate of the building, she heard what
Angela said on the phone. When she came out from the bathroom, Yvonne asked her what had

"It doesn't matter. I don't believe that he can look down upon law," replied Angela.

"Is Shirley's Baron? Although he works in a small company, I know the company and him. Because I
have a friend who worked in his company. The company is in a mess now and the salary is deducted
according to his rules... But thanks to his father and the marketing method of low prices and high
quality, their business was so good! I heard that he has a powerful background. Is it useful to apply for
a lawsuit?"

Angela didn't expect that she was not the only victim. Baron was the scum of the society. He shouldn't
have existed. How could he enjoy his life in peace!

"Even if it won't work, I have to have a try! I don't believe that he is born to be noble." If everyone is
holding back their anger, even they know that there is clearly a way to fight for their own rights, but they
sit still and choose to do nothing, what's the difference between them and persimmons?

At the thought of this, Yvonne spoke out. Edward frowned. He didn't think that she was too reckless.
On the contrary, he thought she was right. If everyone could allow Baron to bully them, it would be
tolerance of a repeat offender. But he was afraid that she couldn't solve it.

In the office of the YR Media Limited Company, Baron hung up the phone and leisurely drank the tea
for half an hour. The receptionist called and said a lawyer with the surname Hu was looking for him. He
wondered why there would be a lawyer for him? But as he has nothing else to do at the moment, so he
let him in.

Half an hour later, Angela returned home to get some materials. When she was about to go out, she
received a call from Baron.

"Well, Angela! How about this? I'll give you all the salary you have lost in the past few months. By the
way, you can also have overtime payment and commission. Is that okay?"

Baron had always been holding his head high. Why did he suddenly act like a lackey? Angela was
confused, but after hearing his words, she asked, "are you giving me the money now?"

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" A shrill voice came from the other line of the phone that Angela never heard form
Baron before. Obviously, he was frightened. He even trembled and said, "I'm just kidding. Besides, we
worked together before. I know you're a good girl. I've already sent the money to you. Please don't
bother yourself to file a lawsuit over the case!"

Before he finished his words, she heard a message in her mobile phone. She checked it and found that
Baron had added ten thousand salary to her.

It was unbelievable. She didn't believe that Baron would suddenly be so kind and give her the money

She had worked for nearly five months. Putting aside her overtime pay, she received 1500 salary less
every month.

"Ten thousand?"

"Yes! Yes!" The man, who seemed to expect her to be satisfied as soon as possible, asked again: "your
overtime fee should also be included. Please do not apply for a lawsuit!"

Although she didn't know what had happened, as long as the matter was solved, everything would be
fine. She said: "Mr. Baron, since you paid, there is no need for me to apply for a lawsuit."

"Yes! Yes! Yes! I'm sorry. From now on, I'll definitely abide by the labor law! "

"Well, it's done. Then I won't bother you anymore."

After hanging up the phone, she was still puzzled. It was impossible for Baron to find out his
conscience in such a short time, and judging from his tone, he seemed to be frightened by someone.

Nobody would help her. Till now, only she, Yvonne and Manager Lucas knew this thing, but Manager
Lucas didn't know the details. So it was Yvonne who helped her? incorrect! If she could help her, she
wouldn't let her friend suffer from injustice. So, it's most likely that...

Yvonne had told someone else about it, someone who would stand up for her.