Keep you in my arms

Chapter 55 Prepare For The First Date

After that, Angela picked up the phone and called Yvonne, "Are you Yvonne? Are you available now? "

As Yvonne might be busy with her work, Angela asked politely.

"Not busy! Just ask! "

"As for what I told you in the staircase just now, did you tell anyone?"

"Oh! Mr. Edward asked why you asked for leave and I mentioned it by the way. What's up? Did I cause
you any trouble? " Yvonne asked worriedly.

It was surely Edward!

"No! No, I'm just asking. Ha-ha-ha... "

Yvonne heard that Angela's tone was also full of joy. She didn't think too much and asked, "How about
your salary?"

"Baron has made up the money for me. It's solved now." Angela smiled.

How could it so fast?

Yvonne was a little surprised, but soon she thought of a possibility that this might be with the help of Mr.

It seemed that Mr. Edward was really nice to Angela!

Yvonne smiled and asked, "It seems that Mr. Edward is really concerned about you! He helped you out
so quickly."

Angela called just to make sure that if it was Edward who helped her. Now, what Yvonne said proved it
to be true. However, she couldn't admit it, otherwise there would be another gossip in the company
about them.

"Since you are so busy, I won't bother you! Let's have dinner together next time! See you in the
company tomorrow!" Before Yvonne could reply, Angela hung up the phone in a hurry.

If she didn't do so, she was afraid that Yvonne would say the nonsense again.

Although the issue of YR Media had been settled, Angela were owe more and more debt of gratitude.

Because Hilda's apartment hadn't been cleaned up yet, she was still living in Edward's apartment. At
first, Angela comforted herself that Edward just let her live in his house temporarily by the way because
he cared about his sister.

But the other day, Hilda said to her in this way: "I think my brother treats you better than me!"

After all, Angela was an outsider, so she smiled and said, "How could it be possible?"

"You don't know that my brother didn't allow me to come to his home before. It's my first time to live in
his house. In the past, I was driven away after sitting a little longer. If it weren't for you this time, I would
have to live in my family's house. " Hilda complained in a bitter tone.

"You think too much. He just arranged a room for me by the way because of you. And I can see that he
loves you very much!"

"That's Okay! Don't need to comfort me. Although my brother treats you better than me, you also treat
me well! Now there are two people who love me, so I won't be jealous!" Then, she held Angela's arm
and acted like a spoiled child.

Hilda always thought that they were really together, so she confessed. Angela explained many times,
but Hilda insisted that was the truth, so she had to respond with silence.

No matter what Edward's purpose was, his starting point was good. Letting her have a place to stay in
was a debt of gratitude. Gratitude was the most important thing for Xu Family.

And Edward inexplicably gave her so much salary and helped her get back the money which was
entrapped in YR Media. As a result, Angela felt a little stressed when she add up all the favor.

When Angela was lost in thought, her phone rang. It was an unknown number.

She came to herself and answered the phone politely as usual, "Hello?"

There was a moment of silence on the other side of the phone, and then he asked, "Did you get the
salary of YR Media back?"

There was still some concern in his indifferent tone. Angela recognized it was Edward and answered,

Are you free tonight? Have a meal together. "

That indifferent man had always been so good to her and handled everything for her. Angela didn't
think that Edward didn't have any intention. If there was anything she could give him, it was what he
had once said, "be his girlfriend for three months."

"Yes! Okay, Mr. Edward, please send me the address and meeting time tonight. "

"Okay! You can wear a nice look. " There was an expectant look in Edward's eyes when he said this.
After a short pause, Angela said, "Okay, see you tonight!"

"See you tonight."

After they hung up the phone, Edward quickly gave her an address and time.

After thinking for quite a while in the hall, Angela came in room to take out her laptop and typed on it:
Resignation Application.

She paused for a while and continued to print out the next content.

Edward asked her to meet at 8. When it was about 6 o'clock, Hilda came back. Wearing a grey
sportswear and a ponytail, Angela walked out and asked, "Hilda, what do you think of my wearing

"You look great! You look young and beautiful! "

"In this case, that is it!" Angela nodded with satisfaction.

"Wait! Are you going on a date?

It was rare for Angela to ask her how about she dressed. According to her look, she must be going on a

Angela frowned and said, "Maybe."

"A man?" Hilda asked.

With a sly look in her eyes, Angela nodded and said, "I'm afraid that he would confess his love to me."

"Ha-ha-ha... Do you have a grudge against the person who asked you out? How could you dress like
this? You don't even need to say a word. Your refusal is clearly written on your clothes! "

'Ha-ha! And the man I refused was you brother!'

Although Angela was smiling in her heart, she didn't speak it out.

She thought for a while and asked, "Am I too casual in this suit?"

"Ha-ha... You can dress as casually as you like, as long as you are not dating with my brother! " Hilda
laughed. Then she thought of something and grabbed Angela suddenly. "No! You shouldn't have gone!
You are with my brother now. How could you go on a date with another man? "

"Well... I'll tell you the reason after I come back tonight. " Said Angela, looking at her with a smile.

If Angela really cared about the date, she wouldn't have dressed like this!

"Okay! If possible, please take a picture of him. Although he might not be as handsome as my brother, I
still need to pay attention to his rival for my brother! "

"Okay! Nevertheless, I need to change my clothes. Wait a minute! "

Three minutes later, Angela changed a short pink Guardian dress. The style was casual and ladylike,
and she looked fresh and young.

She smiled, "I think this one will be better."

"Ha-ha... Do you want to look younger on purpose? " Looking Angela dress which pretended to be
young purposely, Hilda couldn't help but laugh at.

Angela smiled but didn't respond directly. She thought that Hilda was smart enough to guess what she
was thinking. She wanted to tell Edward that their age gap was nine years and that it was so big that
they were inappropriate!

However... If Hilda knew that her rejection was to her brother, Angela didn't know what she would do.

With a thumbs up gesture, Hilda jumped up from the sofa and said, "Wait a minute!"

Then, she took out a lollipop from the locker in the kitchen and handed it to her, saying, "Remember to
eat it in front of him and tell him that you are nonmainstream!"

Angela couldn't help laughing, "This is a good idea!"

But she wondered whether Edward would throttle them both regardless of his sister's reputation if he
knew it was Hilda's idea.