Keep you in my arms

Chapter 56 Wolf Protecting Tool

Although she had gone too far by tricking Hilda, she couldn't just tell her that she was going to meet her
brother! Then the fox's mouth would be empty.

"Ha-ha... No, I have to go with you and watch it by side! That's so funny. I'm looking forward to seeing
his expression. "

Upon hearing that, Angela became nervous. "Well... Could you save him some face?"

"Save him some face? I can see at a glance that he is trying to deceive another woman to be his
nanny! " Indeed, Hilda liked to join in the fun with others. How would she miss the fun with her future

Then, she was about to enter her room to change clothes, but Angela grabbed her and said, "no! He
was not that kind of person, and he has helped me a lot. I can't be ungrateful!"

"Did you refuse him because of my brother?"

It was her brother that she was going to refuse! However, it was not appropriate to say it out loud!

"In fact, it is not suitable for me to fall in love with a man as ordinary girls do. I have so many things to
do and have no time to be in a relationship! Besides, I don't think it's a good idea for me to marry into a
family. I don't want to give up my study or career. I refused him because I didn't want to delay his work
and I didn't want to hurt his family."

What did she mean by that? Didn't she already in a relationship with her brother?

Since she was serious, Hilda stopped making fun of her, looked at her suspiciously and said, "did you
quarrel with my brother and use this man to make him angry?"

"No! How could I quarrel with your brother?" She couldn't think of anything that could connect them
except their strange relationship in the beginning.

Are you telling me that you are not suitable for a relationship like an ordinary girl? Or you just want to
have a relationship with a weirdo like my brother? She thought for a while and said, "what are you
talking about? Those men who married a woman just want them to do housework and give birth to their
children were disgusting! But you don't have to worry about it. We don't need women to do this. Even if
our family is down one day, we can't afford to hire servant to take care of our family, we won't let
women suffer this!"

"Really? You have such a good family style." As Angela grew up in a small town, there were few
women who could evade these "responsibilities". Although her father would also share the housework,
her mother had said that men were not allowed to do this!

Although she did not agree with her mother, she did not refute her. She just firmly refused to accept it!
So, in order to escape the fate of this so-called woman, she probably wouldn't marry for the rest of her

"Yes! When my family was very poor, I heard that my grandpa will help grandma with the housework no
matter how busy he is. My father also said that women should be loved... Well... Although my father is
really a bastard. But he never asked my mother to take any heavy stuff. Don't underestimate my
brother. Although he is the CEO of the DC Capital Group. He was asked to learn how to cook before.
On the contrary, as a girl, I never do the housework." She shrugged.

In fact, the motto of the Yan Family was that all the members of the family should learn the basic living
skills such as cooking, washing and the skills to survive in the wild. Anna spoiled her daughter very
much, and so did Jonson. Every time she cried, she would do nothing.

When Hilda was being scolded by her father, she cried and said that her surname was Chen, but her
father dared not to refute her and has been conniving at her, Jonson always regretted allowing her to
use her Anna's surname.

It occurred to Angela that Hilda had mentioned to her that her father, Jonson, changing women was like
changing his clothes, but he would stay at home for 15 days with her mother every month. Of course,
she had also emphasized that her brother Edward disliked his father, which was one of the reasons
why he had been single for so many years.

Then Angela thought of the aggressive middle-aged man who went to get even with Edward.

Though it was a long-time ago poem, it reminded her the poem "life of a turtle", which was written by
Cao Cao, a litterateur and statesman of the Eastern Han Dynasty.

"Although the tortoise is very long-lived, there will be an end to life. Old as they are, ambitious people
still have ambitions." These two sentences are used to describe him wouldn't be more appropriate.

At the thought of his question to Edward how did you impotent, she couldn't help but smile, 'the Yan
family is very happy too!' One of them was said to be impotent by her father, one of them was a
daughter who often destroyed the kitchen, one of them was a father who was a lot of mistresses
outside, and the other one was a mother like the real imperial concubine!

But actually, she didn't know that there was another interesting old lady in the family!

She then smiled and said, "that's why you are the one who should learn to cook. Otherwise, you
wouldn't have cooked in the kitchen!"

"Hahaha..." Hilda smiled awkwardly and tried to change the topic, "anyway, if you would like to marry
with my brother, you don't have to worry about the housework. Besides, we will be too busy to do the
housework. Of course, there would be more professional person to do it! And since my brother is so

busy, you can do what you like to do if he can't keep you company. Besides, he has been accustomed
to living as a bachelor. He won't bully you at night!"

When she said the last sentence, the look in her eyes was very ambiguous, which made Angela can't
help shivering.

Hilda was a straightforward woman, she couldn't pretend to like someone if she does not!

Thinking of this, Angela felt a little guilty and smiled lightly.

Just then, her cell phone rang. It was Edward. She was afraid that Hilda would recognize his voice, so
she quickly said, "He is pushing me, I have to go now!"

"Yes! Be careful. Call me if you need anything!"

But Hilda still didn't let go of her, so she said to Angela who was on her way to the porch, "wait!"

After a while, she walked into the room and put an anti-wolf stick into her bag. "Watch out!" she said

"What is it?"

"Anti-woof stick!"

Angela was speechless and put the stick into her purse. If Edward knew that his sister gave her the
anti-wolf stick, would he really strangle his sister?

When she was about to answer the phone, it was too late. Never mind. I'll meet him later.

Downstairs, Edward had been waiting for her for a long time, but he thought that she should be busy
with makeup and choosing clothes, and then waited patiently.

However, a few moments later, a woman walked out from the crowd. Dressed up in casual clothes, it
should not be her.

But her figure was very similar. When he got closer to her, he looked at her carefully and found her
innocent face which had successfully hidden the light in her eyes. It was undoubtedly her!

He was stunned at that moment.

Did she dress like this to have dinner with him?! Wearing a guardian armor?!

After glancing at the door, she lowered her head and continued to press the button.

He thought she would see him, but she ignored it unexpectedly?! Didn't she find it familiar that his car
was parking there? She's been in my car so many times!

At that time, he received a message from Angela, saying, "Mr. Edward, I will set out right now and be
there before eight o'clock!"!

He took his phone and got out of the car. But Angela didn't see him at all, and she was calling the taxi

"Do you need me to go to the north gate?" She asked politely.

The driver on the other end of the line said, "yes!"

As soon as she hung up the phone, she saw Edward walking towards her.