Keep you in my arms

Chapter 57 I need!

Mr. Edward wore a cold face which seemed to be more frost than usual, so Angela could only squeeze
a smile and greeted him, "Hello, Mr. Edward. I thought you were waiting for me in the restaurant!"

Edward felt uncomfortable when he saw her in sweater. After all, it was disrespectful to him. To some
extent, she didn't value him. However, he thought about it later. Since Angela just graduated from
University, it was natural for her to do things at will. Maybe she didn't know these formalities.

Angela was not the kind of beauty who could attract others by at a short glance, but she bore careful
looking. The more people looked at her, the more beautiful they felt she was. Put aside the word
casual, this casual dress was very suitable for her and Edward liked it in his heart.

Thinking of this, he felt happy again.

"You are very beautiful."

When Edward said this, the corners of his mouth unconsciously rose. The praise and smile from his
heart made Angela stunned.

Originally, she pretended not to be properly dressed in order to make a bad impression of Edward, so
that she could get rid of him. To her surprise, he not only didn't blame her, but also praised her. All of a
sudden, she was uncomfortable. She tried to hide the embarrassment and smiled, "Thank you."

The car she booked on App came. The driver rolled down the window and asked, "Hello! Did you book

After Angela collected herself, she looked at the plate number of the car and it was just what she asked
out just now. She hurried over and responded, "Yes! Please wait for a moment! "

Then she turned around and said to Edward who just caught up with, "Mr. Edward, I have already
called a car. How about that I take this car and you drive alone?"

Edward frowned, "Can't it be cancelled?"

It was not no way to cancel the book. But the driver had been there, so it would be easy for her to get a
bad comment. If the customer's credit level went down, it would be difficult to ask for a car in the future!
Most importantly, how uncomfortable it was to be with him in the same car!

"How could I do it? He has driven his car here. If I cancel the book, his business would be delayed.
Besides, if he gives me a bad comment, I won't be able to book a car again! "

"Did you get your driving license?"


Edward's sudden question confused her.

"I remember on your resume that you have already got your driving license. It's not safe to ask for a car
online. Buy one tomorrow. " Edward said lightly.

"What?" Angela laughed, "My salary even can't afford the license plate of S City! Not to mention the
car, even if I buy it, I can't afford maintaining it! "

She was not a fool!

"You don't have to pay. You can ask the company for the car expenses. This is employee welfare."
Although Edward said so, he made up his mind of that he would pay for her and maintain her car as

"……" Angela was slightly shocked, but soon she lowered her head and became in a bad mood.

To be honest, she knew that she had too much self-esteem, but every time she heard he had the
intention to support her, she was very disgusted.

"Are you ready?! I am in a hurry to receive the next order! " The driver urged impatiently.

When Angela was about to say something, Edward paid several hundred dollars to the driver. "I'm sorry
to have taken up your time. We don't need to take your car."

The deal would be less than fifty. Suddenly receiving hundreds, the driver took the money and gave an
ingratiating smile. "It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter!"

What Edward made Angela feel comfortable was that he always just acted on his own.

"I need!" Angela said anxiously. When she was about to open the door, her wrist was caught by