Keep you in my arms

Chapter 58 Everything Is Okay

Afraid that they might regret, the driver said to them with a smile, "So I leave first."

Angela wanted to stop him, but the car went away. She got angry, "How could you do like this? Why do
you always make decisions for others? "

Maybe Edward got used to being a president so that he had a strong desire of controlling! She really
didn't like it! Because of his this shortcoming, even if he really wanted to pursue her, she wouldn't be
with him, because he didn't give her any respect!

"Well, you know, as for both the performance of car and the driver, there are big risks to book a car
online. You are a girl and I am worried about you... " Edward explained unhurriedly. Seeing that Angela
looked a little better, he paused and said, "Moreover, you looks so pretty that you are not safe."

She looked pretty... so she was unsafe?

'Is he praising me?' Angela was stunned. He praised her with such a serious look and an indifferent

"So... Are you caring about me? And are you... Praising me? "

"I just tell the truth." Edward glanced at her coldly and walked to his car.

What he meant was that he was praising her!

Angela had to say that Edward's words worked. For the sake of his good starting point and good taste,
she could forgive him this time!

Being praised by others led to good mood and it could be better when being praised by someone who
was good-looking! Besides, Edward had seen all kinds of beauties. So it meant to be a truth when he
praised her!

She was happy to see that and was willing to follow Edward.

When she got closer, he opened the door for her and let her in. She felt flattered. After a short pause,
she said "thank you" and went in the car.

When she sat in the car and saw he went to the other side, Angela's heart was thumping hard.

No matter in appearance, ability and accomplishment, Edward was impeccable. To be honest, if he
really courted her, she might not be able to refuse him.

After thinking for a while, she felt she should thank him for not being honest with her. After all, she also
hoped that she wouldn't be influenced by emotion. Now she would never feel that someone and his
feeling would always belong to her. What really belonged to her was only the knowledge and ability!

There were too many gaps between people's hearts, and once they had a conflict in interests, they
would change without hesitation, which was really too fragile and vulnerable.

Thirty minutes later, at the sixth floor of the Old Story Restaurant.

In the spacious sightseeing box, the receptionist smiled and said to Angela politely, "Miss, let me put
your bag aside."

Stunned by her words, Angela immediately gave it to her and said, "Thank you."

The waiter put her bag aside and gestured for her to sit down. "Please take a seat."

On the other side, Edward was answering the phone, standing by the French window. When Angela sat
down, he hung up the phone and sat opposite her.

Angela took the menu from the waiter, opened it and took a look. She thought to herself that it must
cost at least 10000, even 30000! She had thought to treat him for his helping her, but now it seemed

that she could not afford it. The salary Edward gave her this month could reluctantly afford going Dutch.

She felt it was bleeding in her heart, but she had to try to calm herself down. But she didn't realize that
her brows were furrowed tightly.

"If you don't like French cuisine, we can order something you like. You can order anything you like."
Edward asked when he noticed that she didn't look well.

In fact, it was not that she didn't like French cuisine. After all, she had never tried French dishes and
maybe she liked it or not. She was just worried about the money. However, since he had said that, she
wouldn't be pretentious! Closing the menu, Angela looked up and asked, "Everything is Okay?"

Seeing the incredulity in her eyes, he suddenly wondered what she wanted to order. He nodded, "Yes,
you can even order something out of the menu."