Keep you in my arms

Chapter 59 The Necklace Given By Him

"That's what you said!" All of a sudden, Angela cheered up and said to the waiter, "I want a Scrapple,
Muffuletta, Japanese pancake and Sesame Soba Noodles! Oh! Do you know that Sesame Soba
Noodles? It's so delicious! " While she was speaking, she typed "Sesame Soba Noodles" on her cell
phone and showed the waiter the picture to have a look. Then she added, "I want candies and cakes...
Oh, I almost forgot. And I'd like to order your Camembert cheese and Sole Meunière."

Then she asked Edward, "Mr. Edward, I've finished ordering. What would you like to eat?"

"It sounds like that we have ordered a lot. That's all for the moment. "

When she ordered, her eyes were full of expectation. It was the first time Edward saw Angela so
excited. He didn't know what kind of yummy food it was. Edward was really infected by Angela and he
wanted to have a try.

The last two dishes that she ordered were French dishes and he had also heard of "Scrapple" before.
But it was his first time to hear those other dishes. Edward guessed that they must be some snacks
from the local market. He thought that at this time Bruce in the kitchen must stamp his feet anxiously!

"Okay, please wait for a moment." The waiter took the menu and went out.

Angela sat beside window, holding her chin in her hands with full of expectation and looking out of the
window at the night.

The towering office building was ablaze with light, where the staff were sparing no efforts to working. In
S City, no one would laugh at people who had dreams. No matter whose dreams they were, they
always glowed. It was just like her dream of passing the postgraduate entrance exams, which was as
small as a planet in the universe, but it shone at night quietly and lit up her countless nights.

Thinking of this, Angela couldn't help thinking of the bracelet that was nearly lost last time, so she
checked her wrist subconsciously. Seeing the bracelet was still there, she breathed a sigh of relief.

Edward noticed Angela from when she finished ordering and looked at the building in a daze, to when
she felt nervous about the bracelet on her wrist. Her eyes were always filled with hope. Edward's eyes
had been as brilliant as hers before, but now...

"Mr. Edward..."

Edward frowned and seemed to be thinking about something. Although Angela didn't want to disturb
him, she still had to say what should be said.

"What?" Edward came to himself and looked up.

When he ran into her eyes, he couldn't help smiling lightly, as if he was seeing himself many years ago.

Angela was stunned by his gentle smile. He looked handsome even when he was expressionless. And
the warm smile as if breeze in the March ran into her heart.

But the next second, Angela came to her sense. She lowered her head to cover the embarrassed look
on her face.

After a while, she raised her head. When she was about to say something, she found she didn't notice
when Edward had stood up and now he was walking towards her in her sight.

When he was in front of Angela, he took out the platinum necklace from his pocket.

"Mr. Edward..."

"Just call my name." He had wanted to tell her this a long time ago.

When Angela heard his charming voice, her heart beat faster.

She became nervous all of a sudden, while Edward walked behind her and was about to help her put
the necklace on.

"I've heard that the JY Temple is very efficacious and the necklace has been consecrated here. The
master said it could improve the good luck of exam and you must remember not to take it off. Although
I don't know if it's true, it's okay to have a try. "

The master, of course, didn't said "don't take it off". It was that he just didn't want her to do so.
Somehow, in order to make her pay attention to the gifts given by him, he lied.

When Angela realized that he was going to give her the necklace, she stretched out her hand in an
attempt to take it off from her neck. Edward happened to see it, so he said nervously, "the master said
it could improve the good luck of exam and you must remember not to take it off." Hearing this, she
stopped as expected and let him put it on.