Keep you in my arms

Chapter 60 Her Refusal

Angela touched the necklace and suddenly felt nervous.

Good Luck for exam? Why did Edward know that she wanted to pass the postgraduate entrance

Anyway, as a boss who found that his employee wanted to take an entrance exam, he would worry
about the influence of the work, right?

Thinking of this, Angela stood up suddenly and turned to look at him.

Noticing that she was a little flustered, Edward thought it was because of his gift. He was looking
forward to her answer, but unexpectedly she paused a little and then anxiously said, "I... I didn't read
books at work. I have done all the work that Mr. Lucas gave me! "

After saying that, she felt something wrong. If he just wanted her not to delay in work, there was no
need for him to ask her out in such a formal way!

As expected, he frowned. Angela was quite sure about her thought that he gave her the necklace just
to show his love for her. But she could not bear it.

Thinking of that, she reached out for the necklace. Noticing that she touched the necklace, Edward
grabbed her hand and stopped her. "The master said you can't take it off."

Although Angela didn't know whether the good luck was true or not, she knew that luck was also part of

Originally, she did not believe in any divination, but now, she had gone different ways with Greg and it
truly proved what the diviner said. Just as Edward said, better believe what was true than what was


"Edward..." She suddenly looked up and called his name.

Since she became his secretary, she treated him as her boss. She called his full name because she
had treated him as her equal.

Hearing that she called his name, Edward suddenly felt warm in his heart.

To his surprise, she said earnestly, "I don't have anything that I can give you."

His heart became cold again, and he loosened his grip on her hand.

When her hands were loosened, Angela took off the necklace and handed it to him, smiling faintly.
"Give it back to you. If I don't get good luck this year. I'll wait for the next year."

She knew clearly that she had to pay back what she had taken from others in the end. But now, she
didn't want to be owed by anybody, neither did she want to owe anybody anything.

Edward stared at the necklace in Angela's hand and didn't reach out to take it. After a long while, he
came to himself and turned his head away.

At this time, the waiter knocked on the door. "Come in." Then Edward said to Angela, "Let's eat first."

Although it couldn't describe Edward's mood with "anger", at least the word "unhappy" was written on
his face.

Born in a rich family and with good looks, he was a perfect man with both good looks and talents.
Perhaps had he never been rejected before? And he must be unhappy to be refused by girl like her
who was not outstanding with an average looking.

Seeing that he returned to his seat, Angela had to sit back and then put the necklace on the table.

Although Edward bowed his head and picked up the tableware, he peeped at her movements and felt a
little restless.

Except for his own family, he had never been so attentive to anyone. He clearly did not believe the so-
called God. But knowing that she wanted to prepare for the postgraduate entrance exam, he used his
own way to express his feelings. Despite this, she refused him simply by saying, "I don't have anything
that I can give you."

The waiter served several dishes and then pushed the dining cart out. Angela was embarrassed and
she tried to eat carefully in order to ease the atmosphere. But Edward suddenly looked up and asked,
"What do you think I want from you?"

"What?" She was stunned for a while and then looked at his serious eyes.

Being his girlfriend for three months, how could she tell him that?

Angela thought for a while and said seriously, "I don't want to have a relationship with any man and I'm
not going to get married in the future, so I'm not the right to fall in love."

Edward once heard from Hilda that if a girl met a boy she didn't like, she would have numerous
reasons to refuse him, most of which were "I'm still young" or "I don't want to fall in love temporarily" or
"I'm not going to get married".

However, this answer might not be the truth. Maybe she backed for the sake of advancing, or she
played cat and mouse with him. But now it was obvious that Angela was really refusing