Keep you in my arms

Chapter 61 Hide Herself Under The Table

A hint of disappointment flashed through Edward's eyes. But his emotion was were buried so deeply
that it was difficult for Angela to read his mind.

Angela felt a little embarrassed, so she put down her fork and knife and stood up, "Excuse me, I have
to go to the toilet first."

Edward looked at her and nodded, indicating that he had heard it. As soon as Angela went out, the
door was opened again. Edward looked up and was just curious why she came back, only to see Hilda.
He was about to ask her why she was here when she gave him a gesture of silence.

Then Hilda poked her head out of the door, and it was not until she found that Angela was not back that
she closed the door and trotted over.

With the news that Angela was going to date a man, how could Hilda just sit still? As soon as Angela
left, Hilda followed her up. The moment she came downstairs, she saw her handsome brother. Her
mood became complicated in an instant, 'Does Angela go on a date with my brother?' And how could
she make Angela dressed like that? Why did she give Angela tools to guard against the bad man? If
Hilda had known it earlier, she would prepare condoms for Angela!

Then, a more serious problem occurred to her. If her dear brother knew these embarrassing things
were all her ideas, she would must be strangled by him. Hilda thought she'd better follow them and
make it up. At least she should take the defense tools away!

But when she saw so many delicious dishes on the table, she had already forgotten her original

"Wow! I can't believe Bruce can make these dishes! Oh my God! Chef like him can make a full table of
various delicacies! " Hilda said with her eyes shining. Then she took Edward's fork and forked a piece
of cake into her mouth.

"Yes! Yummy! Wonderful! Ahem, ahem... " It was so delicious and she ate so fast that she choked on it.

Edward had already got used to it. He just handed her a glass of water and patted her on the back,
saying, "No one's fighting with you."

When Hilda was able to recover from the cough, she took a few sips of the water and pointed to the
Scrapple. She said excitedly, "You don't know how delicious the food is! The food improved by Bruce
was more delicious than the real one! This Scrapple is very lip-smacking. Crispy and tasty."

"Really?" Edward suddenly had an appetite. He picked up a small piece and had a taste. The crispy
skin tasted good and the moderate piece of meat tasted tender and smooth, together with his favorite
sweet pepper. Edward had to admit that it was really delicious!

As he ate it slowly, Hilda had eaten almost all these dishes, including candies and cakes, Japanese
pancake and so on.

"The food cooked by Bruce is delicious and exquisite, but the amount of the food is too small!" Hilda
said with food in her mouth.

"Don't speak while eating, or you will be choked. How many times have I told you that?" Seeing her
bulging cheeks, Edward took a tissue for her and handed it to her.

Every time Hilda saw something particularly delicious, she would eat in a hurry, not to mention that she
hadn't eaten anything yet tonight. And when she thought of Angela coming back later, she ate more

At the thought of it, she realized that she should have finished the matter. She looked around for
Angela's handbag.

"What are you looking for?" Asked Edward.

Hilda wanted to say something, but her mouth was full of food, so she had to walk to the door to look
for it. As she saw the bag on the shelf, she heard someone was opening the door.

She thought that it must be Angela who came back and wanted to find a place to hide. In a hurry, she
hid herself under the table. Fortunately, it was not until she had hidden herself that Angela came in.
Hilda hid herself in the middle of underneath the table, hidden by the tablecloth.

As soon as Angela came in and sat down, she saw the messy look on the table. Most of the food had
been eaten up and some even was dumped on the table, which was not march with Edward's behavior.

Angela looked suspiciously at the person on the other side, only to find that Edward was also sitting
there, eating the rest food with a calm face. His manner was still very elegant. This was also the first
time that she had dined with him. She didn't know his habits at all, so she thought whether he wouldn't
dare to eat boldly with her presence.

After thinking for a while, she quickly decided to finish what she should say, so that he could eat freely.

She straightened her back and said, "Mr. Edward, I have something to tell you."

Edward knew what she was going to say. But thinking of Hilda hidden under the table, he said, "Let's
have dinner first."

All Angela wanted to do now was to finish this matter and to have a good rest at home. Then she stood
up and said, "Mr. Edward, I want to stay in the DC Capital Group, but I don't want to..."

"Angela!" He put down the knife and fork, with his movements a little bit heavy. Then he quickly stood
up and asked, "Don't you want to go back early to have a rest? Let me drive you home. "

Before she could respond, Edward had stood up and grabbed her wrist.

Edward knew that Hilda desired to stir up trouble, so he was in a hurry to drag Angela out of the room.

At the same time, the door opened. Bruce pushed the cart in person. When he saw them, he said in dry
English excitedly, "Edward! I have learned how to make the Sesame Soba Noodles! Come and have a
try. It's really very delicious! "

Then he opened the lid and said, "You really need to taste the delicious food as soon as possible. The
noodles will be ruined if being soaked for a long time."

"The next time!" Edward pulled Angela and wanted to go out.

More than half a year had passed since Angela came to S City. She hadn't had the chance to enjoy the
Sesame Soba Noodles for so long. She really missed it! When she saw the golden egg, her stomach

"We can eat this before leaving! I'm not in a hurry to go back. " Angela struggled to free herself and
reached out for the dish.

With a smile, Bruce stopped her by saying, "My beautiful lady, it's very hot. Please sit there and I'll bring
it to you."

As soon as Angela saw her hometown food which she had not eaten for a long time, she forgot
everything else. Without any hesitation, she almost trotted back to her seat. Bruce walked over and
took the Sesame Soba Noodles leisurely, with expectation on his face.

Seeing that she couldn't wait to eat, Edward didn't have the heart to urge her to leave, so he had to let
her eat. Fortunately, Angela just enjoyed the delicious food and didn't mention anything about them.

After several mouthfuls, she said to Bruce, "You're so awesome! It tastes really like my hometown food.
If I didn't know you cooked it, I would think it was made by my hometown! "

Hilda had praised Angela in front of Bruce for a few times before, and he thought Angela was a great
chef as well. Praised by his excellent peer, Bruce was happier. He smiled and said, "Thank you very
much for your praise! Hilda said that the potato you made is very special. Can you teach me this
weekend? "

"What? No! I just cook it casually! " Asked Angela, surprised.

"Can you teach me?"


Seeing Angela was a little hesitant, Bruce felt a little upset. Actually, Angela was willing to do this, but
she just wanted to take time to study. As Hilda had mentioned several times that Bruce was a
anthomaniac about cooking, at the thought of it, Angela could not bear to refuse him. She smiled and
said, "It isn't worth teaching. I can come here to cook once for you. Maybe it's not as good as you think.
It's just to meet Hilda's taste. "

"Thank you so much! My beautiful lady! " Then Bruce made a gentle bow.

Under the table, Hilda couldn't stand it anymore. She really wanted to go out to see what expression
her brother wore when he saw that Bruce made a date with Angela.

When Hilda inside felt it a pity that she couldn't see he brother's expression, outside Edward's face
darkened when he heard the words.