Keep you in my arms

Chapter 62 he didn't want to leave

At first, Edward thought she was just used to wearing this, but Angela's refusal just showed that she
had an ulterior motive. She was so unwilling to have dinner with him, but she agreed to the
appointment with Bruce with a smile. Was he really that bad?

Taking note of the displeasure in his eyes, Angela drew back her smile and lowered her head to eat the
Sesame Soba Noodles. Bruce was pleased to get her agreement and then he broke the silence in
French. "Edward, I made an appointment with your goddess. Do you mind?" he teased Edward in a
joking tone.

The reason why Edward was not happy was that she was very friendly to other men, but she
deliberately avoided him. Naturally, he smiled gracefully and replied in French, "Of course not."

Angela couldn't help looking up at him when she heard him communicating with Bruce in French
expertly. After saying that, Bruce said to them, "Then I'm going to the kitchen. Enjoy yourself."

Staring at Edward, Angela didn't realize what had happened until Bruce left and closed the door. She
thought, 'What did Bruce just say to me?'

She took a look at Edward, and he looked at her in the same way, which made her feel a little
embarrassed. 'How could I be so infatuated with him when he speak French? I haven't even heard
what Bruce said. Has he set the time?' Angela wondered.

Seeing her red face and a slight sense of shame in her eyes, Edward just thought she had a crush on
Bruce, which made him even more uncomfortable.

"Are you still want to go back for your study?" Said Edward. Since Hilda was hiding under the table, it
was not a good idea to have a conversation with Angela here. So he might as well find an excuse and
send her home.

Angela took a look at the food on the table and said, "Since we have ordered it, I can go back after

"I'll ask them to pack these for you." While speaking, Edward dialed the service number. A few seconds
later, the phone was picked up. Edward said, "Hello, I need to pack these. Thank you. "

Angela was confused. Since she came back from the toilet, Edward seemed to want her to leave. She
was sensitive and thought that maybe she had refused him and he was unhappy, so he wanted to end
this date as soon as possible.

Thinking of this, she also had no mood to eat. The room was silent for two minutes. The waitress
knocked on the door and came in, and packed the food for them.

"I want that Japanese pancake and Scrapple! And this one! HMM And the Sesame Soba Noodles! I
want that one too. I don't want the French fries. It will be too soft after taking back... " Angela
automatically cheered up when she mentioned the food she liked.

Seeing that the waitress had packed enough, Edward wanted to take the bag for Angela. At that
moment, Angela happened to see that and she shouted, "Mr. Edward!"

Her nervous voice startled him. She ran to him and grabbed her bag from his hands.

Her bag had no zipper. Anyone who came close to it could see things inside. There were self-defense
tools in it. If Edward found out, she would definitely be kicked out of the DC Capital Group.

However, Angela didn't expect that things inside spilled out when she tried to take her bag from him,
because she was so nervous and exerted too much strength.

Make-up cushion, lipstick, umbrella, key, lollipop... And the self-defense tools all spilled out.

All of a sudden, Angela felt even more embarrassed and quickly squatted down to pick those things up.

Edward picked up the lollipop and handed it to her. "Do you like it?"

He thought that if she liked it, he could send her some.

Suddenly, the waitress screamed in panic. When Angela turned around, she saw the waitress sitting on
the floor with her legs trembling.

"What's wrong?" She hurried over and became nervous as well.

And the waitress's face was ghastly pale. She pointed under the table and her fingers were trembling
as if she had seen a terrifying ghost.

Angela's heart also hanged suddenly. At this moment, Edward picked up the mini electric self-defense
tool. He was totally frozen and looked terrible.

Why did she bring self-defense tools with her when she had dinner with him? What kind of lewd man
did Angela think he Edward was?

Hilda hidden under the table happened to see her brother bend down and pick up the self-defense tool.
When Angela removed the tablecloth with alert, Hilda could only squeeze out an awkward smile and
waved her hand to greet Angela, "Hi..."

"Hilda? Why are you here? "

To Hilda's surprise, she was exposed at last. However, she got much information after that. It turned
out that Angela had no interest in her brother at all. Her brother always refused others. But this time, he
was rejected.

The waitress became not scared when she found it was not ghost. She stood up and said
apologetically as she saw the food scattered on the ground, "I'm sorry. I will order another one and
bring it to you."

It was her dereliction of duty. She should buy another set and returned it to the customer.

"It doesn't matter. It's just a fried rice with pineapple. The rest is enough for me!" Said Angela with a
smile, "It's my friend who freaked you out."

"I'm really sorry!"

"It doesn't matter, really. I can't eat that much!"

After that, Angela noticed that Edward was standing behind the waitress with a guard tool in his hand.
She froze for an instant. And Hilda wanted to sneak out. When passing by Edward, he reached out and
grabbed Hilda's back collar, saying coldly, "This thing... I have saw it in your room. "

She would never admit it!

Hilda turned her head and looked at the thing in his hand and asked curiously, "What is that?"

Edward knew his sister best. When they were young, they played together and accidentally broke his
mother's cosmetics. Hilda always asked curiously, "Where did you get that? Brother, have you ever
seen it? "

Therefore, every time he was the one to take the blame.

"Hilda Chen!"

Edward often called her Hilda. If he also call her last name, it meant that he was angry. Hilda knew very
well that if he was soft hearted, he wouldn't expose her. But calling her by her name meant that he was
serious. She had to be tactful.

"I really didn't know you were having dinner with Angela! I... I... " With tears in her eyes, Hilda said
aggrievedly, "I'm afraid that she would meet a bad guy taking the taxi, so I let her take it with her."

Angela was speechless, "..."

With Hilda's performance, it would be a waste if she didn't become an actress. If Hilda didn't give the
tool to her in person, Angela would think that she was innocent!

But at the same time, Angela felt ashamed of herself! In the end, Hilda found out that she was on a
date with her brother. In this way, Hilda would know that she didn't like Edward anymore. Angela felt
guilty and embarrassed.

So Angela decided to take this chance to cooperate with Hilda, instead of feeling embarrassed. So she
went over to separate them and said with a smile, "I planned to take a taxi to the dinner. At that time, I
booked a car online. But Hilda was worried about me, so she lent it to me!"

"Yes! Right! " Hilda nodded.

How could Angela lie? With her evasive eyes, Edward knew she was lying at a glance. He got more
furious when he saw her intent on defending Hilda. But he still loosened Hilda grip.

Twenty three minutes later, they returned to the apartment.

Hilda hugged Angela and said, "Thank you so much, Angela. If you don't help me today, my brother will
kill me!"

"How dare you! You followed me! "

"I really didn't mean to do that. When I went downstairs, I saw you and my brother. I was afraid that he
would find the tool, so I followed you. I didn't expect such a thing to happen!"

At the beginning, she hid the truth, so Angela felt a little guilty. She said, "No! He won't let that happen!

"Alas! My brother will lose sleep tonight! "

According to her character, Hilda was supposed to take pleasure in her brother's misfortune, but she
was actually a little worried.

Angela was a little embarrassed, "How could it be?"