Keep you in my arms

Chapter 63 A Strange Aunt

"My brother has been rejecting others for the past ten years. You firmly refused him today, he must be
muddled!" Hilda said with her hands scribbling. She was not blaming her, on the contrary, she said in a
kind of "your courage was commendable" tone.

Thinking about it, she agreed. Edward was so perfect that she might have been tempted before. It was
not the luck to meet someone you could accept at the wrong time!

"Then you... Aren't you mad at me?"

She had kept it a secret from Hilda at the very beginning. After all, she was Edward's sister. She was
afraid that Hilda would stand up for her brother.

"Angry? Why should I be angry?"

"I am so... Refuse your brother."

"It doesn't matter. Love is consensual. What's more, you didn't take advantage of my brother's feeling
to get yourself benefits. I have no reason to be angry!"

What she said was true. If Angela took advantage of his affection for her to get benefits, then Hilda
would get angry. But Angela didn't. On the contrary, she told him very frankly that she didn't like him,
such a girl deserved respect, didn't she?

Feeling warm in her heart, Angela couldn't help hugging her and said, "thank you, Hilda!"

Thank you for putting yourself in my shoes and making me less embarrassed...

Hilda was just telling the truth. She was stunned by Angela's hug. She grinned and said, "it doesn't
matter. That's how it supposed to be!"

She became more sensitive after going through the things happened with Christa and Greg. In
comparison, Hilda was more considerate. Though she said it carelessly, Angela's eyes were wet with

"You and your brother are both nice, but I... It's probably we're not meant for one another."

Although Edward had made excessive demands, he had never done anything out of line. Instead, he
helped her a lot. No matter what ulterior motive he had, she would pay him back gradually.

"It's not your turn! It's not your turn yet!" Hilda said as she patted Angela on the back and smiled

Her brother rarely fell in love with a woman. How could he easily give up? If he was so impetuous, he
couldn't have been able to succeed in managing the DC Capital Group on his own!

She didn't believe that Angela would never fall in love with her brother.

At first, Angela thought that Edward would put her in a difficult position, but she didn't expect that he
treated her as before and didn't change at all.

After a week of busy work.

It was a cloudy day on Monday morning. The rain in summer is frequent but short. Angela got up early.
When she saw it was going to rain, she went to the company in advance to avoid being wet.

There was no other colleagues in the office. When she put down her bag and sat down, she suddenly
heard a strange sound coming from the CEO's office.

At the beginning, she wondered if she misheard, but listened carefully, it seemed that there was really a
voice coming out of the room.

Subconsciously, she walked to the CEO's office and found that the door was not locked. Unfortunately,
the seam of the door was too small to see the scene inside.

The key to the CEO's office was in Yvonne's hand, but she hadn't arrived at the company. Did the office
was broken in by thief?

Thinking of this, she gently pushed the door open, but it still made a sound, the person inside trembled
by the noise, and then with a "bang", the cup in the hand fell to the ground.

The red cup was broken into pieces, making the woman standing in front of the desk in a panic, but
when she saw her, she seemed to breathe a sigh of relief and patted her chest.

After looking her up and down and seeing her wearing the company's uniform, Angela realized her

"Are you here for cleaning? I heard noise from the room and thought it was a rat." The person inside
the room was frightened by her and she felt embarrassed indeed.

Still in a state of shock, Anna didn't get her meaning, she asked, "What? Oh! Yes, yes!"

But she would be fine as long as her son didn't found out she sneaked in!

Thinking of this, she smiled calmly, "yes, I'm here to clean up."

In the company rules, it was true that the cleaner would arrive an hour earlier than the others, so that
the cleaner could do the job well before others went to work. But it was always Edward's duty to call the
cleaner when he was in the office. Why did he call the cleaner in so early today? And she was not Aunt
Mary as before.

But, if it was not for his arrangement, how could this aunt have the key?

She took a few glances at Anna from head to toe. Anna looked well preserved, just like a girl in her
thirties, with a figure not inferior to that of her early twenties. Since she was born, she had never done
cleaning. Her hands were as white as scallion. She didn't look like a cleaning lady at all.

Angela also noticed something. She wanted to get some clues from Anna's words, so she asked, "why
didn't Aunt Mary come here today?"

Anna didn't know anything about Aunt Mary, but she guessed that Aunt Mary was an employee who
came to clean the office. As she swept the broken glass, she smiled and said, "I'm a new employee.
Maybe, Aunt Mary has worked too much, and the supervisor arranged me to take charge of this office."

She swept the floor clumsily, she doesn't like a cleaner at all. Angela pretended to chat with her and
said, "but you are so beautiful! Logically speaking, there should be a lot of easier work. How could you
want to be a cleaner?"

Anna didn't expect her to say so. First she got drunk in her praise, then she thought of her question
after a while. She was quick to react, and her expression soon changed to sadness, "Alas! I used to be
rich, but my husband went bankrupt, and we even sold out the house. I had no other choice but to
work. But during the past decades, I had been brought up by my husband. I didn't have a job, and the
only job now I could do was this. It's not easy to get this job!"

Then it was understandable why she looked so elegant and her skin was well preserved. And she
didn't seem to be good at doing housework. If so, it makes sense!

After thinking for a while, Anna added: "by the way! Can you do me a favor?"


"As you know, it's not easy for me to get this job. I broke the cup on my first day of work. Can you keep
it a secret?" She looked at Angela nervously and frowned, when she saw her hesitation, she added,

"Oh, I'll buy the same one back! Although I don't know if I can get one."


"Please! My whole family, including my parents, my children are all counting on my salary..." With these
words, Anna's eyes staring at Angela were welled up with tears.

Thinking of that she family was in straitened circumstances and that it was not easy to lead a frugal life,
Angela's heart was softened. She said, "well, if Mr. Edward don't ask me, I won't say anything."

Although it was immoral to do so.