Keep you in my arms

Chapter 64 His Blame

But when she saw the look in Anna's eyes, Angela relented. She couldn't help but emphasize again, "if
he don't ask me, I won't say it. But if he ask me, I can't lie!"

"No way! I'll go and buy a new one soon!" Anna said gratefully and was about to clear the glass

Angela was familiar to the cup because it was kind of special.

Although it was placed on the table, Edward never used it. Besides, the glass had been kept clean. It
seemed that it had special meaning to him.

The cup itself was not a common style. It was a red cup with three-dimensional pattern of flowers on it.
It looked very chic, as if it was handmade. It might not be easy to find the same design except ask for
an online designer.

But she was not sure whether this pretty cleaner would know the approach to customized online.

"Hold on. Don't deal with this fragment. I'll help you check online to see if there is something of the
same pattern with this one." She bent down to pick up the scrap and wrapped it with A4 paper.

'this girl is really kind. I really want to know if she is in a relationship now, ' Anna thought.

Anna stared at her, lost in thought. Somehow, she felt that this girl in front of her looked familiar. With a
second thought, she asked, "what's your name?"

Everyone in the company knew Angela. She didn't want to be talked about by her colleagues again, so
she blinked her eyes and said, "we haven't seen each other today. You don't know me, and I don't
know you either. I haven't seen anything either."

"But you bought me the cups. I have to pay you back."

"You don't have to do that. A cup doesn't cost much. If I find one, I'll tell you. If you buy one yourself, I'll
get to know immediately."

What? In these days, are there someone who did good things without expecting reward?

The Yan family was a wealthy and influential family. Who didn't want to take advantage of them by
helping them? It was the first time that she had encountered such a thing!

This inevitably made her look at the girl in front of her more curiously.

All of a sudden, a name came into her mind, Angela Xu.

Her figure and appearance should be her future daughter-in-law!

Suddenly, there was a secret ecstasy in her heart. However, she couldn't expose her identity so quickly,
and it was not 100% sure!

She suppressed the ecstasy in her heart, and her eyes looked at Angela became excited and
forbearing. She has a lot of questions to ask her at this moment, but finally she resisted.

Being stared at by Anna, Angela felt a little embarrassed. Then she looked around and found that it
was time to go to work, so she said, "sister, you'd better put it away quickly. Mr. Edward will come here

"Sister?" Was she really so young?

Although Anna was often regarded as the elder sister of two children, she was pleased to hear Angela
call her like that.

But if she called her sister, her seniority would be not high. With this in mind, Anna added, "you can call
me aunt."

In fact, Anna really wanted her to call her mom directly!

As Anna looked so young, Angela actually didn't dare to call her aunt. But she couldn't hesitate any
longer, so she said, "okay! Auntie, then I'll go out first, you should also quickly finish dealing with it and

Looking at her back, Anna felt both disappointed and excited!

Although the girl was average looking, she was a refined and kindhearted girl who was not hard to
accept. It's better than having no one to marry and live alone. It's better than without offspring of the

The more she thought about it, the more she liked Angela.

Angela packed up the fragments of the cup and planned to clay them together. In this way, she could
send the pictures to pottery workshop online and ask if they could make a customized one.

At 8:55 am, as usual, all the colleagues in the office had come.

After entered the office, Edward sat down and made a phone call as he glanced at the table and found
that his red clay tea cup was missing. The cup had always been placed beside the computer and never
been changed. Besides, the people outside knew that they couldn't touch the cup.

He searched the tea table and went over to the bookshelf to look for it, but to no avail. Without seeing
the glass of water, Edward couldn't focus on his work, so he said to the person on the other end of the
phone, "I have something to do now, I will call you later."

After hanging up the phone, he checked again and again that the cup was missing. Then he called
Lucas and ordered, "ask the monitoring room to send me the surveillance video of this place from six
o'clock to nine this morning."

Hearing his serious tone, Lucas put aside his work and asked the staff in the monitoring room to send
him the video.

Half an hour later, Edward walked out in a fury. Like other colleagues, Angela was immersed in her
work when he suddenly dragged her up. She was so scared that she screamed.

The people around her also came back to their senses from the work. Seeing their boss, Mr. Edward,
looked very angry and said to Secretary Angela, "come here!"

Although Edward was not gentle, he was also not a rude man. Except for the first time they met, he
mistakenly thought that she was sent by his mother. So he was very rude to her, but after that at least
he was always polite and graceful to her. But she could tell that he was even angrier than that time!

Suddenly, she thought of the thing about the glass and felt a little guilty. She asked, "what's wrong?"

Edward said nothing, he resisted his anger and pulled her into the CEO's office. When the door of the
CEO's office was closed, the colleagues looked at each other and then whispered to each other.

"Did they quarrel with each other?"

In their view, Edward and Angela were a couple.

"It seems so."

"Mr. Edward seems very angry. It's the first time that I see him in such a bad mood."

"Maybe Angela had an affair?"

"Don't talk nonsense! I don't think Secretary Angela is such a person!"

In the CEO Office, after pulling her in, Edward closed the door and asked:, "what did you come in this

"I... I am looking for the document."

Angela was not a good liar and Edward immediately knew it. He cut to the chase and asked, "have you
taken the cup away?"

"I... I..."

"Do you still want to lie to me?"

Edward felt very angry, not just because the cup was missing, but she wasn't going to admit that. He
had always thought that she had a good character and he really wanted to pursue her, but she let him

He stared at her, hoping that she would tell the truth. But she just lowered her head and pressed her
lips tightly.

Although she had told that aunt that she would tell everything she knew if Edward asked. But when she
remembered that aunt said that all of her family lived on her job, she didn't bear to sell her out.

Edward was so angry that he walked to the desk, clicked on the monitor video and showed her, things
in her hands were wrapped in A4 paper and she walked out of the president's office with something.

She forgot that there was a surveillance camera at the gate!

Edward stared at her livid face, asking, "what else do you want to explain?"

"I... I'll find a same one for you!" The glass was not broken by her, but she was an accomplice, so she
tried her best to minimize his loss.

"Why did you touch my things?"

In the past, he talked to her in a cold tone. But he didn't scold her like this and asked her in such
unforgivable tone.

"I... I, I am really sorry."

"Didn't your mother tell you that you are not allowed to touch others' things?" Now that the material
evidence was clear, and she admitted, he was even more furious to raise his voice.

But Edward didn't notice that he had been so angry that how excessive words he had said. She
originally had a guilty conscience, but he was so casual to criticize her family education and her
mother. She was aggrieved and angry and said, "I have apologized and said I would compensate you.
Please don't blame my mother!"

Angela had always been bold, and he had been taking good care of her, so she had also become
bolder than before.

"Angela, is it because I treat you so well that you forget your identity? Since you took my stuff at will?
Now that you have taken my belongings, how can you be more reasonable than me? If not the issue of
your family education, what else do you think?" Edward said these words in a calm manner, though in a
fit of anger but very logically.