Keep you in my arms

Chapter 65 You Shouldn't Have Touched My Things

Reasonable words were more hurt than criticizing words. Because she really was in the wrong, and
what he said was right. She chose to help that pretty auntie, so there must be a loss of morality and
courtesy in front of him.

But she didn't know what to say. If she told him, the pretty Auntie would lose her job. And her family
also lost the source of money. She lowered her head and pressed her lips tightly. She was afraid that
she couldn't help telling the truth. However, what he said hurt her in the end. Her eyes were covered
with tears because of grievance. She was so stubborn that she tried hard not to show it.

Noticing that she lowered her head with a guilty look on her face, Edward asked, "where is my glass?"

"Yes, I broke it..." She was so nervous that her voice was too low to be heard.

Break it?! !

"How dare you touch my things!"

If it was only to be taken away, he wouldn't have yelled out angrily, but it had been broken... Had been
broken... He carefully guarded it for more than a decade. But just because she broke it, he lost it! How
could he control his anger?

Pouring yourself a cup of hot water, you feel so warm holding the cup as if you are holding my hand.

"Edward, take good care of yourself, and the cup... You take it as a memorial to me this life. ——

Edward raised his voice, which was frightening her. In her panic, he pushed her away out of control.

Anger, unable to be restrained!

What's more, her back was hit by the hard metal handle, it hurt badly.


"Fuck off!" He was so angry that his eyes turned red. While saying this word grittily, he pushed her

"Mr. Edward, I... I'm really sorry, I... "she endured the pain, trying to say that she would find him a same

"I said get out!" Rarely had he lost control of his emotions. With his eyes red with anger, he opened the
door violently to let her out.

When Edward didn't say anything, his expression was extremely serious. Hearing his roar, Angela
became so nervous that she dared not say anything more. She had to shrink her neck and then went

In the weird atmosphere of the office, Angela summoned up her courage and returned to her seat.

She sat on the chair and looked at the computer. She let out a heavy sigh.

Now that Edward had found that the cup was broken, she didn't have to hide anything. She just took it
out and pasted it well, then looked for a customized one online.

She put the pieces back carefully, took photos and sent them to a shop where she wanted to
customized one. The shop assistant replied that they could design the same style, but the details were
also different.

Angela was a little disappointed and didn't notice that the office was so quiet and weird all of a sudden.
She stared at the cup and felt tired.

But at this moment, Edward in the office had cancelled all the calls and even the meeting.

He just sat there, leaning his head against the back of the chair and staring at the ceiling.

Fifteen years have passed, or sixteen years? Except for his business trip, he had kept an eye on that
cup every day. Was the woman whose life was ruined by him all right now?

He opened the bank account and looked for the remittance information he had received in the past six
months. At the beginning, he remitted her 50 thousand a month, but now one hundred thousand a
month. He really didn't know what else he could take to make up for his mistakes.

'Edward, don't contact me anymore. Please don't look for me!' ——

Deep love, attachment, and dependence... Or guilty?

He had already didn't know what kind of feeling he had for her. He only hoped that he could use money
to get justice for what he had done.

That cup... What the hell was that?

"miss?" Or a habit?

On the other side, Angela put down her cell phone and sighed silently.

She had inquired about ten stores, but all of them had told her the photos were of bad quality and were
handmade, which required some deviation in the details.

Angela took a look at the cup and then put it back to the drawer.

The low atmosphere had lasted for the whole morning. During the afternoon meeting, because of
Edward's bad contenance, everyone was on high alert.

In the past, Edward would take a look at her intentionally or unintentionally, and he ignored her all the
time at this meeting. This aroused the curiosity of others: Why did Mr. Edward and Secretary Angela

After the meeting, as a secretary, she followed Lucas into his office and reported to him.

Before she could open her mouth, Edward raised his head and said coldly, "put the papers here. You
can go out now."

After Edward calmed down, he thought that perhaps she didn't know that cup of tea was so meaningful
to him. Besides, since he had decided to pursue her, he naturally should feel at ease in the past
relationship. She wouldn't have broken the glass on purpose, and he shouldn't have said that much.
But he would feel uncomfortable if the cup was broken. Now he was still angry, and his mood was not
good. He was afraid that he had said something excessive to her before he was rational.

What Angela knew was that he was angry now. 'maybe he is disgusted with me.' Edward had hurt her
self-esteem by asking her to leave in front of Lucas. But she could only say, "okay! Okay."

Of course, Lucas was notice that Mr. Edward was in a bad mood. However, he dared not to ask
anything about what happened between them. So he reported his work as usual. After he finished,
Edward said, "didn't Corrine say she lacked staff in administration? How about sending Angela to learn
for a month?"

"What?" It took Lucas a while to react. "Oh! But, Mr. Edward..."

Secretary Angela had just been familiar with the work, and it was not easy for him to manage to lighten
some of his workload. Why was transferred her all of a sudden? Moreover, Mr. Edward scolded Angela
in the office very loudly this morning. Although he couldn't hear the specific content clearly, everyone in
the office knew that they had a quarrel.

Mr. Edward, please don't be so indifferent in separating public from private interests!

"I will keep her salary unchanged." After saying that, he lowered his head and continued reading the

At the beginning, he felt very angry, but later he thought that he could not hold that cup for a lifetime.
'let it be.' It's just that he feels uncomfortable. As for the position of the Personnel Department, all he
had done was for the sake of their next month's business trip to the H Administrative Zone, so that they
could finish their work more easily.

Since he was in a bad mood today, Lucas didn't dare to ask any more questions but replied, "Okay! If
there is nothing else, I will leave now."

At sixteen o'clock in the afternoon, Angela was called into Lucas's office.

"Secretary Angela, I've thought it over. If you can work in other departments more often, you'll know
better about the company's overall situation. HR Miss Corrine is short of hands now, so I plan to send
you there to learn for several months." Said Lucas, pretending to be serious.

She had just offended Edward and he had a strong aversion to her, and the next she was going to be
transferred to another position. Anyone would overthink it.

Angela's face was a little pale, but she smiled and said:, "okay. Thank you for giving me this
opportunity. Manager Lucas."

Angela was a smart girl, and Lucas knew that she might have guessed it. So he comforted her, "don't
worry. The company only allows you to learn in other positions for a few months, and your salary hasn't

In the past, those secretaries who offended Mr. Edward would be directly demoted. Mr. Edward was
only transferred you to another position even he was so angry. Lucas thought that Mr. Edward would
get Secretary Angela back as soon as he get less angry.

"Yes! I see."

'it's not a big deal to change my post. It would be better if she didn't see Edward's bad face every day!'

Thinking of this, she breathed a sigh of relief.

Although she said so, there was still a knot in her heart. What made her uncomfortable was not to
adjust her post, but to break the glass. It was not her who was wronged, but she was the one to bear.
After thinking for a while, she decided to talk with the beautiful auntie to see if she could take the
initiative to apologize.