Keep you in my arms

Chapter 66 What Is She Going To Do

Angela went down to the cleaning department at the end of the hallway on the 17th floor. Before she
opened the door, she heard some housemaids' harsh words.

"She is quite a beauty. No wonder that she even took away Mary's position."


"Who doesn't know that? The bonus is always more than others as she cleans the president's office!"

In fact, there should be one to two thousand more! But to them, it was a considerable sum of money.
Who doesn't want to replace Mary to clean the CEO's office? But they didn't expected that a new
employee will be recruited and snatched this covetous job on the first day of work.

Women here were not as gentle as those in the office. One of the maidservants had even pushed Anna
on her shoulder and said with a sneer, "do you have such a strong body to mop the floor?"

The others echoed, "exactly! Just wash the cup cost you half a day!"

"More than that! Just now, Manager Li told her not to do other work. Don't you know that it will add to
our workload?"

"Don't think that you don't need to do anything else after cleaning the CEO's office!"

Manager Li didn't know the real identity of Anna, but he was certain that she wasn't an ordinary person
as she was instructed by Director Fang to only clean the CEO's office. Besides, the cost of her
sportswear today was almost equal to half a year's salary of an ordinary cleaner! She must be a very
important person!

But what did these cleaner know? They only assumed that she still remaining her graceful bearing at
her age. As for them, they thought that such a woman was most likely a "tease".

Hearing this, Angela hurriedly pushed the door in and said, "Auntie Chen, Mr. Edward is looking for

When she saw Anna's work card this morning, she took it down for her convenience to see her.

The cleaners were timid as soon as they saw someone of the office come in, and then left.

Anna had been annoyed by the cleaners, but had to get angry in heart when she confronted their insult.
After all, it was beneath her dignity to quarrel with them. Director Fang had warned her that these
people were not bad and wouldn't do anything harmful to others, but their words were rude.

At her age, she could handle such kind of anger. She was just so angry that her face turned dark.
When she raised his head, she found that it was Angela. Immediately, the anger on her face

This morning, after she cleaned up Moo moo's office, she clicked on the photo album on her phone and
was sure that the woman in front of her was her future daughter-in-law! She was so excited!

"Moo... Is Mr. Edward looking for me?"

"Come with me, aunt." Angela couldn't speak it out, so she had to lead her out. When they arrived at
the corner of the stairs where there was no one, she explained, "Mr. Edward didn't looking for you. I
can't think of other ways to help you out."

So that explained it... 'What a smart and warm-hearted girl!' She thought.

"I see! Thank you so much!" Anna held Angela's hands affectionately.

Anna's hands were so smooth. To be honest, they were much more delicate than her hands of early
twenties. At the thought of her thrift life and being forced to work to support the family and now was
excluded by other cleaners. Angela would felt sorry for her.

But she had already been here, she needed to think out an excuse!

"Here's the thing. I can't find the same design of the mug." She said with a little disappointed, but she
added immediately, "but I see there is a handmade Pottery Workshop nearby, I will help you to have a
look after work."

Originally, she had no obligation to help her. But now that she had stepped in it, it was awkward for her
to leave halfway. So she decided to try her best to help her.

Anna was moved by Angela's words, but she also became suspicious. She asked with a smile: "But,
why do you help me?"

Would it be that she had already knew my identity and try to please me? If she was really such a
woman, it would be a bit disguise.

Actually, Angela was kind of regretting to be involved in this. But now that she was, what could she do?

"Then... Auntie, do you want to explain to Mr. Edward?"

'if Moo moo knows that I've sneaked into the DC Capital Group, what will he do to me?'

Anna shook her head and stammered, "I... I..."

"Alas!" Angela sighed heavily and said, "maybe I can't help much. I don't know whether the problem
would be solved by the pottery workshop."

"Well..." After thinking for a while, Anna said, "how about we go to the Pottery Workshop together after

"Okay." After nodding her head, she continued, "will you wait for me outside the company building after

"Can I go there by the side door?" If they meet at the front door, she's afraid that Moo moo will run into

"Fine. That handmade pottery workshop happens to be next to the side door."

At 6:20 p.m., all her colleagues left. Angela collected her stuff and left the office with the broken
glasses. She was in such a hurry that she didn't notice that the eyes of Edward, who was standing in
the CEO's office, were fixed on her back.

Just now, he had seen clearly that she put the glass into her bag. Why did she take it back instead of
throwing it away?

When Angela went to the side door, Anna had been waiting there. In fact, the Cleaning Department got
off at four o'clock in the afternoon. During this period, Anna also asked someone about the cup thing,
and she was told that it was really not easy to customized a same one. Cassie suggested that she ask
the handmade pottery workshop. The whole thing was like what Angela had thought.

"Auntie Chen, sorry for keeping you waiting such a long time!"

"Not too long!" Anna changed back to her own clothes. Although she was only wearing a sportswear,
she looked too dignified and gentle with her words. She looked like a little woman, not like a cleaner at

The shopkeeper of the handmade pottery workshop was a sweet looking girl, Angela took out the
debris and returned them to the original look and asked, "this is the cup, can you make me a same

The shopkeeper held the cup and checked carefully for a while, then said, "How can there be two same
leaves in the world? We can only do a high degree of restoration. Making another exactly same cup is


It was true. And even the cup was restored in a high degree, Edward might not accept it. But they still
had to be polite and had a try!

"It doesn't matter. Then give it a try and restore as much as you can."

"But it might take a little longer."

"How long will it take?"

"At least two months later!"

"That long?" Said Angela, frowning.

"I'm really sorry. The businesses goes well these days as the weather getting better. Plus, the
community and several companies have to attend some events. I really don't have time to do this now."

Anna couldn't help but ask, "if we raise the money, can we speed up?"

"That's not what I meant. I was too busy! Recently, I only sleep for three hours a day. I really can't do
anything about it. And many guests have made it in the daytime, and in the evening, we have to put the
works in the furnace and baked it in the evening. I really don't have time for you."