Keep you in my arms

Chapter 67 This Was A Threat!

Angela looked around, finding that the shelves are full of newly shaped works. And the storekeeper's
eye bags were serious and it seemed that she was really busy.

After thinking for a while, Angela asked, "Would it be all right? I'll operate the whole process. But... In
terms of shaping, I might need you help me with my work. "

"Well, it's not impossible, but it may be very late, after all, it needs a good temperature and baked time."

"Okay! I know, but there is no better way now. " Angela thought for a while and said to Anna, "Anna,
you can go home first! It's late now. "

"What? Can I go home? What about you? "

"I will go back after making the ceramic cup." Anna could do nothing by staying here.

"I broke the glass. How can I leave you alone here?" Although Anna wanted to go back, she felt guilty.

"Don't you have to go home for cook? My roommate isn't home today and I don't want to cook for
myself. It will be more convenient that I just order a take-away later and go home after finishing it! " In
fact, even if the shaping process went smoothly, it would take at least six hours to complete the entire
process, which meant that she couldn't go back until midnight. Although Angela felt very tired thinking
about that, there was a word saying that "when you help others, help him to do the whole thing well".
Now that she took the responsibility on herself, she decided to try her best to be responsible for it!


Today, the Yan Family would have a family dinner. The two kids and Jonson would all go back home for
dinner. It was rare to see them together, so Anna was really anxious to go back. Hearing Angela's
words, she smiled and said, "Okay, but I'll pay for all the expenses."

In fact, Anna was supposed to be responsible for this matter. Besides, Angela had asked for the price.
If the cup was made by herself, it would save labor cost. And the price of the mud and the furnace they
borrowed was only 100 dollars, which was not expensive at all. And Anna should afford it.

Angela nodded her head and said, "Okay, it's a deal! I'll call you when it's done. "

Anna left after exchanging phone numbers with Angela.

Angela stuck up the broken ceramic cup carefully. At this time, Celia, the storekeeper, took out the soil
and saw the broken cup. She smiled, "It's casually uneven originally. If you change it on purpose, it's a
little difficult. It seems that you cannot sleep tonight."

"Yes! I'll try my best to do it! If I can't do it, I won't force myself. I have only one life. As long as I've tried
my best, that's enough! " Angela smiled. Then she robbed the right amount of soil and kneaded it.

Celia was a little surprised to see her special making methods, "It seems that you are an expert in this!"

"How could I be an expert? I just played it a few times when I was a child. It's not my first time to do it."
Angela smiled.

Angela kneaded the clay in order to make it smooth and to make the final work more beautiful. The one
who knew this method was definitely not rookie in this. Now that Angela was modest, Celia did not say
it out. She smiled as a response, and then went away to do her own business.

Thirty minutes later, in No. 23 villa of LH Garden of the LH District, Jonson sat on the couch, looking at
his daughter with dissatisfaction.

Hilda sat on the couch and pretended that she didn't see what happened. It seemed that she was
watching the news on TV seriously. Only she herself knew that there were endless emotions in her

When Jonson with a long face was about to announce his decision, Anna came back.

Hilda was frightened by her father's seriousness. She ran to her mother without putting on her slippers
and held her in her arms, acting like a spoiled child, "Mom! You are back! Where have you been today?
I want to eat the curry potato made by you! "

"I've asked Kay to cook it for you."

"How could it be the same? Although Kay is good at cooking it too, the dishes made by Mom are
differently delicious! " Although Hilda threw herself into Anna's arms, she glanced at her father with
lingering fear.

"Oh? People say absence makes the heart grow fonder. You haven't been home for a long time and
now your words really let me enjoy! " Anna smiled.

At this moment, Jonson walked up to them and said with a long face, "Why hasn't that brat come back

Anna also frowned, "Hasn't Moo moo come back yet?"

She called her son today and her son had told her that he would come back for dinner.

As soon as Anna finished speaking, the door opened. Edward walked in and took off his shoes. Then
he walked over and greeted just for a form, "Father, Mother!"

"We're all together. Let's have the dinner!" As soon as Jonson finished his words, Kay and three
nannies served the dishes.

The Yan family was not allowed to eat a ready-cooked meal. Edward habitually went to fill the bowls for
families. Because of the Jonson's dissatisfaction of his daughter, Hilda handed the bowl and chopsticks
to help her brother to avoid being picked on by her father.

After they sat down in the dining room and took a few bites, Jonson said, "Hilda, Uncle Fang and his
family will come to have dinner on Saturday. You remember not to work overtime this week."

How could Hilda not know that her father wanted to introduce Ethan Fang, Uncle Fang's son, to her?
So she said: "I don't need to work overtime that day, but I have to go on a business trip."

"What's the point of a girl busy with working? Sell your company. If you don't want to depend on your
future husband, I will give you the office building in the LH Western District as the dowry. Though it's
not a big deal, it earns hundreds of thousands a month. Coupled with the income from the Fang Family,
you can live a comfortable life. "

Although Jonson loved his daughter very much, when it came to her marriage and career, no
compromise was possible. However, Hilda didn't want to accept the life which Jonson arranged for her
at all!

As she was about to refute, Hilda received a hint from Edward's eyes.

Trying not to be impulsive, Hilda smiled and said, "Okay!"

They had been in tense relationship for months, and this was the first time that Hilda compromised.
Jonson was stunned at first. Then he thought that his daughter might also know the difficulty of running
a company, so she wanted to give up! At the thought of this, Jonson was delighted, but he was also a
little dissatisfied with her daughter's lack of perseverance. "You don't know your leading a charmed life
until you suffer," He complained.

"……" Feeling uncomfortably uncomfortable, Hilda murmured, "I worked hard and you say that I'm
looking for trouble. I compromise now and you say that I can't bear it, then it's really hard to satisfy

Of course, Jonson had heard what she said. When he was about to scold his daughter, Edward stood
up and said, "I'm full."

As soon as he finished his words, Edward turned around, intending to leave. Jonson then shouted to
him, "Sit down!"

Edward had argued with his father several times, but now he wouldn't argue with him in a loud voice.
The more argue he had, the more intense the conflict would be. In this case, he would rather keep
silent and just do his own thing.

Edward was expressionless. After a short pause, he sat down.

"You're old enough. When I was your age, you, my son, had attended primary school! Let's find a time
and discuss your wedding with the Xu Family. " Without raising his head to look at Edward, Jonson said
while picking up food.

The Xu Family?

Edward's eyes widened and he couldn't hold back his anger. He clenched his fists and questioned, "Did
you investigate me? !"

"Though the Xu Family is not rich, it is fair in conduct. Since you like her, your mother and I won't stop
you. "

"Dad! That's my own business! " Edward was quite angry. But he didn't want to quarrel with his father,
so he controlled his anger and said, "Please stay out of it!"

As soon as Edward finished his words and took two steps forward, Jonson behind him spoke in a
lukewarm tone, "If you don't get married this year, I'll have another son in the family."

Anna was not strong enough and now her age didn't allow her to give birth to another baby.

"Dad! What do you mean? " Hilda knew what he meant, but she didn't dare to say anything with her
face pale.

However, Kay didn't get his meaning for a moment. She said, "Mrs. Anna is in poor health and she is at
this age. Isn't it better to wait for a grandson?"

"As long as his family name is Yan, I won't care who gives birth to him!" While speaking, Jonas stood
up. When he walked past Edward, he couldn't help but give Edward a cold look and said, "Think it over
whether you want to have a son or a half-brother with the same father. After all, the Yan Family can't
without offspring. "

This was a threat!

Edward trembled with anger, but he could do nothing to blame his father. His mother's low sobs came
from behind him.