Keep you in my arms

Chapter 69 I Don't Need You To Worry About Me!

Generally, irrational words would lead to misunderstandings. And emotions were the most likely to
cause the irrational!

He lost the glass this morning, his mother sneaked into the company to interfere, and his father
threatened him to get marry by using an affair. All the emotions pent up in his heart were out of control.

"Why did you come into my room?" If she hadn't come into his room in the past, how could his locked
heart reopen again?

How long has it been? Why he still rake up the past? Besides, it took her several hours to finally make
the most satisfied one, and was threw by him into the trash can. He didn't take her feelings into

"How long has it been since I entered your room? What does it have to do with this matter?" After
saying that, Angela was so angry that her eyes were fogged and she sat down angrily.

Angela was not a woman who would easily cry. But she wasn't that strong enough to hold back her
tears even if she was greatly wronged. Now she felt that she was wronged. She didn't mean to sleep
with him. She was also a victim, because she was punished for this.

Now it was summer vacation, and she would take an exam in five or six months, during which her
classmates resigned and studied with all their heart. She couldn't go back home because of her
disagreement with her family. She had to study and work alone in a big city, as she had no one to rely
on. Time was limited, and she even spent her precious reviewing time to pinching the cup here. At the
moment, she can't bear more of her grievances and cried as she was bullied by him.

He didn't come to blame her, but somehow, he felt angry just now. Now seeing her tears, he felt a little

"Stop crying." His voice softened, but he didn't know how to say to comfort her. After all, it was he who
make her cry, and it seemed not sincere to say something nice to her at the moment!

"Why? !" She wiped her tears with the back of her hand, and then she continued crying while
squeezing the cup and said, "in order to live, I have been tolerated in the company. I am serious in
work, and I never loaf around. Manager Lucas also praised me..." The more she said, the more tears
came down. She wiped her tears with the back of her hand and choked, "I'm not the person who
breaking the glass. Although I also have responsibility, and with a good attitude, I still want to make you
a same one by working overnight. You transfer my position willfully. I'm just a girl. I can't do anything..."

At first, Edward was really angry, but he was also not only angry with her. In fact, Angela did nothing
wrong. She didn't even know that it was his mother who broke his cup! For all these years, his heart
had never been affected by anyone. When she broke into his world, everything around him was out of
control. What he was angry about was himself who could not controlled the situation anymore!

He was holding back his anger while reproaching her, but his heart skipped a beat when he saw her
crying. However, when she was crying, she didn't notice that the back of her hand was mark. She
directly wiped it under her eyes, and her face was blurred. What's more, she felt wronged and babbled.
It was for the first time that he felt that a woman could be not annoying but adorable when she cried.

Edward couldn't help but chuckle.

She was crying so hard that he was even laughing. "I'm so unlucky to meet an iceberg boss. What's
more, he became my boss after they had sex," she said to herself.

She would rather cut off all means of retreat than be laughed at. She threw away the mud in her hand,
stood up, wiped her tears again with the back of her hand and said, "I am responsible for breaking the
cup. You don't have to make hard effort to transfer my position. I will resign tomorrow!"

Anyway, before she planned to refuse him, she had already guessed that he might use his position to
take revenge on her. So she had already written the resignation letter and prepared to resign at any

Seeing her crying like a cat, Edward took out a tissue and was going to wipe for her after she finished
her words. Celia came out when he just reached out his hand. When she saw Edward, she smiled at
Angela and said, "is your boyfriend coming to pick you up?"

"No, it's not." He was not her boyfriend!

"Oh! You're married?"

Celia said those words politely. Before Angela could explain, she cut to the chase, "I have roasted the
last batch of work. You can make preparations now. If not, you have to wait for at least another three

Angela took a look at the broken soil cup in the garbage can and said with disappointment, "I will wait
for the next batch."

At this moment, Edward found the QR code and asked, "how much is it?"

Celia took him as Angela's boyfriend and answered truthfully, "yes, 98 Yuan."

"You don't have to..."

She wanted to stop him, but he had already paid with his mobile phone. She still wanted to say
something, but Edward pulled her wrist and said to Celia, "we won't do it anymore."

Celia thought it was too late, and he worried about her wife, she said, "Ms. Angela' soil has not been
used up, you can do it within one month, you don't need to pay extra processing fees."

"Okay, we will." Replied Edward in a polite manner. Then he helped her pick up her bag and took her
out of the room.

"It's not like... I haven't finished it yet!" She wanted to tell Celia, but was dragged out, so she said
angrily to Edward, "Edward! What's wrong with you?"

Edward did not pay attention to her, opened the door, put her in the co pilot seat and locked it. Angela
couldn't open the door, so she angrily hammered on the window several times.

He got on the car and closed the door. "I don't need your compensation. Now go back to sleep and
report your arrival to Corrine tomorrow."

"I said I wanted to resign! Can't you hear me?"

"It's not easy for you to find a job since you have to change work so frequently."

"That's none of your business!"

When Edward was about to start the car, she grabbed his hand and stopped him. "Open the door. I
want to get off!"

He stared at her for a few seconds and could do nothing but asked, "do you bring a mirror with you"

mirror? Why did he ask about the mirror all of a sudden?

He pointed at his face, indicating that there was something on her face. Upon hearing this, Angela
immediately let go of him and took out her phone to pretend to be a mirror. Then, she realized that her
face had been scratched.

Oh my God! How could she be like this? Fortunately, she was seen by him, not others!

Thinking of this, she calmed down from embarrassment.

When she was busy with cleaning, he had already started the car. After she wiped it, she found that the
car was already on the road. She realized that she was fooled. "Edward, don't you think you are a
freak? I'm off work now. You have no right to interfere with what I want to do!"

He put on an indifferent face and kept looking at the front while driving.

"Stop!" Angela didn't want to talk to him anymore. She didn't want to take his car even if she needed to
go home!

Edward was still indifferent. When she was about to lose her temper, his phone rang. Although she
wanted to scold him, she stopped cursing when she saw he answered the phone.

Not knowing what he had heard, his pupils suddenly widened. Then the car turned around quickly.
Shocked by what she saw, Angela shouted, "Edward! If you want to die, don't drag me