Keep you in my arms

Chapter 70 I'm Reasonable!

Three minutes later, in the Central Hospital.

Edward rushed to the door of the operating room as fast as he could, Tracy walked up to him and
called anxiously, "Moo moo!"

Later, Hilda told her that Tracy was an old nurse who took care of Edward's grandmother.

"What happened to grandma, Tracy?" His heart was in his throat.

"Tonight, I heat up a bowl of soup for her as usual. There was nothing wrong with her at the beginning,
but she choked when she was about to finish eating. Then she spoke incoherently, so I called the
ambulance immediately to bring her here." Tracy was also waited anxiously for the surgery to finish.

Just now, Edward drove all the way here at full speed and got off the car after arriving at the hospital.
He didn't talk to Angela all the way. Still suffering from the shock, Angela followed him in, only to see
him leaning against the wall and staring at the door of the operating room. Beads of sweat dripped from
his forehead. Although he looked calm, his eyes were filled with prayer.

When it related to human lives, Angela was also got worried. She had already forgotten her anger and
grievance just now.

Angela didn't hear their conversation, so she didn't know who was in the operating room. But from his
worried face, Angela could tell that the person must be very important to him.

She heard that he could rest at ease in the meeting when his mother was sick and had an operation.
She didn't know who made him so nervous?

She didn't realize that she was very curious about the relationship between Edward and the person
who was sent to the operating room.

Edward had been alone for the past ten years. Now he brought a girl with him which made Tracy very
curious. She walked over, smiled and asked in a low voice, "did you come here with Moo moo?"

"Hello! I..." She subconsciously replied politely, but didn't know how to make a statement. After a
pause, she smiled and said, "I'm Mr. Edward's secretary."

"Secretary?" "Do you have a boyfriend?" Tracy asked as her eyes lighting up.

"What?" Angela didn't know how to answer, so she shook her head awkwardly.

Tracy glanced at Edward and rolled her eyes. Unfortunately, it happened to be captured by Angela,
which made her frustrated.

About ten minutes later, Hilda and Jonson arrived.

"How is it going?" Asked Jonson, he was quite out of breath after running over.

Hilda's eyes already turned red, it seemed that she had cried. Jonson was wearing a blouse. He was
too hurried to change it.

"She was in a good condition today. She choked on the soup at night then she couldn't speak fluently,
so I called the ambulance." Tracy repeated.

Soon, a nurse came out and asked: "is Carol's family here?"

Carol? It was a nice name. She must be a beauty.

As expected, Edward ran to the nurse immediately.

"Yes!" Jonson also ran over to the nurse as he responded "yes", and then asked, "How is the patient?"

"The operation is still going on. Please sign here!" The nurse reminded.

It was not until Jonson signed his name that Hilda saw Angela. She came over and asked, "Why are
you here?"

"I..." Would Hilda believe that she passed by here?

Hilda glanced at her brother and said, "did you come here with my brother?"

She came here with him for fear that she would find out and kick up a fuss again.

So Angela covered it up and said, "Hmm... I bumped into him."

'happened to run into him? How could it be possible for her to run into him? Her brother was still at
home a short while before. It was obviously a tryst!

But she didn't expose her as she was not in the mood to make a joke.

Edward walked out with a heavy heart. Afraid that Hilda might ask more, Angela asked her, "what

"Didn't my brother tell you?"

"When we were in the car, he suddenly took a sharp turn and drove over the speed limit to here without
saying anything."

"Don't blame my brother. We were going to visit grandma this week. But when I heard she was sent to
the hospital, I found it hard to accept.

Grandma? It was unknown how she was now.

What Angela didn't notice was that when she heard that he cared about his grandma, some feelings
were growing in her heart.

"See? If you continue to be so unruly, sooner or later I will also be angry with you and go to hospital!"
Jonson said angrily to Hilda as he came to them and stood by their side.

Hilda shook her head and muttered, "I'm just being reasonable..."

Although she said so, she bowed her head for fear of being heard by him, and she was unwilling to

When Jonas was about to lose his temper, however, Tracy interrupted him immediately and said, "Mr.
Jonson, when you heard that your mother was sent to the hospital, you rushed here even without
changing your clothes. You know that filial piety is teaching by words and deeds. You are so filial, so is

"Ha-ha..." Hilda couldn't help laughing.

Suddenly, Jonson felt a little guilty. He then said: "Hilda, go and buy a bottle of water for Tracy."

"Okay," Hilda nodded and left. Seeing their strange reaction, Angela didn't ask more but quietly
followed behind Hilda.

Until they came to the corner, Hilda said to Angela, "do you know why my father feels guilty?"


Today, he threatened my brother that if he didn't get married, he would have a baby with another
woman. My mother cried so hard that her eyes were swollen. I was so angry that I went to catch her
unfaithful husband. In fact, I had already known where they fooling around, I had the key, then I
sneaked in and threw their clothes away. Otherwise, how could that stinky old man who cherish his
image went out with an undershirt.

Hilda was so angry that she even used "dirty old man" to call her father.

"Throw away The clothes?"

It was weird of their family. Their father took a concubine in public, but their daughter sneaked into the
room and threw their clothes?

"Yes! He's a bully. Fortunately, we didn't do anything wrong. He even threatened us!"

Uh... Are you sure the lower beam is not crooked? If it was not, why did Edward ask her to be his
girlfriend for three months? Fortunately, she was not a depraved woman!

"Well..." She pushed the vending machine while mumbling: "without grandma, what should we do in the

Hilda's eyes turned red as she spoke.

"Don't worry. Grandma will be fine!" Angela comforted, "you are all so filial, and granny is not willing to
leave either!"

"You think too much. She is just afraid of losing her grandma. No one can threaten my father, and then
she can't be lawless." Replied Edward quietly, who was standing beside them.

"Alas! That's right. If grandmother died, my grandfather would be even more lawless! But if he dares to
give me a younger brother, I will--"

Angela was speechless, "..."

So she was just worried about losing her grandmother, because she fears that her father will lost

She saw that Hilda looked furious, she didn't say anything more and asked, "you... Do you want to
strangle your brother?"

"I'm not a ferocious person. I must have spoiled him well. Then... "With an evil smile, Hilda seemed to
think of something and laughed smeary.

Angela was speechless, "..."