Keep you in my arms

Chapter 71 He Kissed Her Secretly

Edward's mind was in a mess just now and he forgot that Angela was also here. Thinking of her
existence now, he said, "You..."

Edward wanted to ask her to take a taxi home, but at the thought that it was not safe for her a woman
to go home alone at this late hour, he stopped.

"Is there anything I can do for you?" Asked Angela, seeing him hesitate. "If not, I'll go back first. "

Although she was still angry with him, she didn't want to settle accounts with him when she thought of
the present situation.

It was so late. How could she go home alone? What if she met a bad driver?

Seeing that Angela wanted to leave, Edward said, "I need your help!"

There were five people here and so many doctors and nurses. It didn't matter whether she was here or

"I don't think there's anything I can help with."

Just as Edward was racking his brains for an excuse, Tracy came out from a corner and said to them,
"The doctor came out!"

Then Edward and Hilda walked towards the operating room.

After walking a few steps, Edward turned back again because he was worried that Angela would leave
without permission, so he pulled her together with them.

"Hey!" Angela was confused. She wanted to let go of his hand but she didn't dare to speak it out loud.
"Edward, why do you pull me?"

"I need you later. Don't leave now." He replied in a low voice.

Angela was speechless, "..."

When they arrived, Carol Yao was already pushed out of the operating room, now towards the in-
patient department. They hurried to keep up. When they arrived at the VIP ward, the doctor said, "It's
stroke. Although the rescue is successful, she need to stay in hospital for further observation. Just
leave only one to stay here tonight to take care of a patient. "

Hearing that, Tracy said, "You all need to go to work tomorrow. I'll stay here and take care of Mrs.

"How could it be? You've been tired all day. Go back to have a rest. Moo moo will stay here! " Jonson

Then Edward added, "Tracy, you can go back to have a rest first! I'll take care of everything here. "

"It's But what if Mrs. Carol go to the bathroom when she wake up at night? It's not convenient for a man
like you to stay here! " Suddenly Tracy realized that Edward was holding Angela's hand, so she smiled
again and said, "I was confused. You two can also be here! "

Angela was pulled here in a fog, so she forgot that Edward was holding her hand. Not until Tracy saw
them holding hands did Angela realize that. Blush immediately crept over her face. Edward released
her hand subconsciously when she tried to get rid of him.

After Tracy left, Jonson glanced at them and then ordered, "Hilda, go back with me first. Edward, you
and Angela stay here to take care of grandma. "

"Okay!" Said Edward, nodding his head. It was rare for him to have such cooperation with his father.

Hilda then left with her father. When she passed by Angela, she winked at her.

Angela wanted to say something, but she couldn't. She just felt like she swallowed a bitter pill in

It was the old lady of the Yan Family who was ill. Angela felt that she should not come here. All the
people there misunderstood her relationship with Edward. And Edward was so shameless to order her.
This is really outrageous.

She thought for a while and decided that she couldn't be a yea-sayer. Otherwise, she would experience
it again.

After everyone had left, Angela said to Edward, "Then... Mr. Edward, it's time for me to go home. "

She could tell from his eyes that he didn't want her to leave. But it was his business. Why did she stay?

As long as they were left alone, Angela didn't want to hide her emotion any more. She picked up her
bag and turned around. However, Edward grabbed her arm and asked, "Can you stay here to help

For what?

When Angela was about to retort, he said: "If you stay and help me for a night, all the unpleasantness
with the cup will be canceled."

In this case, Angela would not only stay, but also not worry about the cup anymore.

Edward didn't realize that how much he wanted her to stay!

Edward, who kept women away before as if they are beasts, were trying his best to get a woman to
stay with him now.

Angela must be partly responsible for the cup. But after she thought it through, she realized that she
couldn't resign because of this. On one hand, she was not the most to blame. On the other hand, she is
not guilty in this matter. Most importantly, if she continued to look for a job, she would be disliked by the
HR because she was resigned so frequently!

She thought for a while and decided not to be impulsive.

"You mean if I stay here to help you tonight, I won't need to resign, right?" She looked up at Edward
and asked seriously.

Resignation? He never asked her to resign!

"Are you still angry with me about the job transfer?"

Angela felt more aggrieved than angry. She didn't do anything wrong but was just transferred.

However, he was the CEO, how could she get angry? "How dare I..." She murmured.

Edward didn't think too much. He had already planned for the transfer, but it was a coincidence that the
whole thing happened today. Edward explained, "Next month, you need to bid in the H District. You will
have to study for a month with Corrine, and you will have to study in the Business Department for the
remaining half month. It has nothing to do with the matter of the cup being broken. "

Angela looked up at him suspiciously. Edward looked calm and indifferent, but also very serious,
without the slightest sign of lying.

However, he had a bad face this morning, and kicked her out in the afternoon in front of Mr. Lucas. And
tonight he was even reprimanding her in the handcraft workshop. Angela did not believe that it had no
connection between these two things.

But, now that he wanted to give her an out and she didn't want to resign, she could cooperate with him
for once.

"Since you have said so, I will follow your arrangement." Angela put her bag aside and asked, "So,
what am I going to do tonight?"

Though her eyes were full of doubts, seeing Angela had promised, Edward said, "I'll ask you for help if I
need help."

Angela thought of what Tracy had said that if Carol Yao wake up at night, there would be something
that Edward is really inconvenient because of being a man. So she replied, "Okay!"

"Watch the drip. If it's about to run out, you can ring the bell. After saying that, Edward was about to

"Okay!" Angela walked to the bed, fetched a stool and waited there. Seeing that there was a large
bottle of medicine in the infusion bottle, she looked at the old woman on the bed.

Although age had left traces on her white hair, her face was still fresh, which was rare in the old people.
It was obvious that Carol's skin was very good. She was lying quietly in the bed, looking very kind.

At eighteen past two o'clock in the late night, Edward finished a call to get things done and then came
in, only to find that Angela had fallen asleep by the bed. There was still half a bottle left in the infusion
bottle. He carried Angela to the sofa and asked the nurse for a quilt to put it on her.

After covering her with the quilt, Edward then crouched down by her side and gazed at her eyebrows,
nose and lips. He felt that a light was burning in his heart.

Since when did his dead heart begin to ripple again?

Little by little, the face of Angela was carved into his heart. His eyes softened unconsciously and fell on
her cherry like pink lips.

As if under some kind of control, he imprinted his lips on her lips gently.

After kissing her, Edward suddenly felt funny. He didn't expect that he would "steal" a woman's kiss one