Keep you in my arms

Chapter 68 How Can You Compensate Me

Hilda also realized the seriousness of the situation. She consoled her mother, "mother, father was just
being angry. You're taking it seriously! If he dares to bring a child back, his leg will be broken by father."

At 10:28 in the evening, when Edward walked out of the bathroom, he found that Hilda had been
waiting for him in his room.

After she finally lulled her mother to sleep, Hilda asked directly, "brother, what are you going to do?"

What else could he do? Was it because of his threat that he casually found a woman to marry?

No one in the world would like to be threatened.

"I want you to keep me accompany to the West Side of Lin Hai."

"You mean..."

"Everything has its Vanquisher!"

"That's funny!" Pleased by Edward's words, Hilda laughed, but she suddenly thought of something
important and asked, "Brother, what should we do next?"

Jonson advised her not to start a company. She wanted to refute, but Edward gave her a look and she
pretended to compromise.

"What next?"

"Just When we had dinner, you gave me a look to indicate me to stabilize dad! Otherwise, how could I
promise him?"

"I did ask you to stabilize him, but I didn't ask you to sell the company!"

"What? Didn't you just ask me to pretend to compromise?"

"I know you are not intelligent enough to run the company for a long time. So I suggest you follow
father's will and sell it before it goes bankrupt!"

"What! You're going to get married sooner or later, so you'd better take Angela home and have a baby
with her. In that way, I'll fell a little relax!"

When it came to Angela, there were complex emotions in Edward's eyes.

Their talk was suddenly interrupted. Noticing that there was something wrong with Edward, Hilda
asked, "what's wrong? Did you guys fight?"

Edward didn't respond. He threw the towel on the chair, and dried his hair with a hair dryer.

"Brother! Don't be frustrated. Angela was slow and she couldn't figure it out in short time. That's why
she refused you, a man who was both good-looking and had a lovely sister. What a pity!Ah-Ah...?
Brother, what are you doing?"

As she mumbled, Edward grabbed her arm, lifted her up from the bed and threw her out of the room.
"Go to bed," he said indifferently.

On the other hand, Hilda really wanted to knock at the door, but she gave up on the idea at the thought
of her mother who just fell asleep. She got irritated at the thought of her asshole father. She had never
interfered in this kind of thing in the past, but now she felt it was necessary to "teach" her father's
bastard a lesson!

After changing his clothes, Edward went to the garage and found that Hilda's car had been driven

He made a phone call to her, but she didn't answer it. He had to text her and then drove away.

Like always, the lights of LL handmade pottery workshop were still on. Edward parked the car not far
away and stayed in the car for a long time.

This morning, he found that the glass was broken and his heart was filled with fury. Even though he
tried to control his anger, he still said those excessive words.

But Angela was not that kind of person that could be scolded like this. However, today, she kept her
head down and said nothing. Although she was angry but not behaved like a guilty person. It was not
her style.

When he calmed down and looked at the monitor again, he found that the woman in the cleaner's
uniform was very familiar. Sneak into the DC Capital Group to be a cleaner was something that his idle
mother could done. 'is there anything that I don't know?'

After work, he saw her leaving with the broken glass. He wanted to see what she was going to do, but
he did not expect her to leave with his mother! Now he was even more curious!

In the LL Handmade Pottery Workshop, this was the fifth one to be made by Angela. However, she still
couldn't get the best of it. The flower was the hardest. It was small in size, but was of exquisite
workmanship. Even the grains on the leaves were so clear.

She had to be one hundred percent concentrated, so that she didn't notice there was a person standing
beside her for more than ten minutes.

Angela was so sleepy that she slipped her hand and the needle directly pricked her finger. She winced
in pain, tears spanned in her eyes.

Edward was also caught off guard. His heart jolted. Angela dropped the things in her hands and
wanted to wash her hands. Before she stood up, she saw Edward.

How could he come here?

Before she got back her sense, he had drawn a piece of paper to wipe the blood for her.

"I can do it myself!" Then she drew back her hand and took a piece of paper.

"Go to clean the wound first."

To avoid the wound from being infected, she went to the bathroom. When she came back, she saw him
sitting in front of the tea table and carving a flower.

Seeing her back, he said, "there are no two same leaves in the world. Even I can't make the same

There was a hint of sadness in his words.

"So... Did you make it?"

"You can say that." He didn't look up, and it was hard to tell whether he was happy or angry. He fixed
the carved flower on the prototype of the cup and then stood up. To her surprise, he threw all the
prototype on the table into the garbage can immediately.

She was caught off guard and didn't know what to do for a while. When she came to her senses, she
shouted angrily, "Hey! I have made for a whole night!"

She was so nervous and tried to stop him, but he held her back. His reproachful eyes made her even
more angry.

Edward looked at the mug that had been taped again. He paused and swept it into the trash can.

"You are so..."

Angela, "Don't do that if you don't want to be my girlfriend!" She had rejected him, but she insisted on
going into his world and doing something that would touch his heart.

"I broke your thing, so I will try to compensate it to you. What's wrong now?"

Edward was simply psychologically crazy!

"It's not you who broke it. Why you have to compensate for it?"

It was his mother who had broken the cup, wasn't it?

He was just guessing, but seeing her nervous expression, he was sure of his idea.

"I... I... If I hadn't opened the door suddenly, Aunt Chen wouldn't have been startled and broken the
glass. I'm an accomplice, aren't I?" Though it was Aunt Chen who broke the glass, Angela still felt guilty
for breaking it. And that was why she wanted to help Aunt Chen.

"You'd better keep away from my family if you don't want to get involved with me."

Now his parents both had such a good impression on her, and he was afraid that they would try every
means to force him to marry her. After all, he was at an age of marriage. So, if she doesn't want to
have anything to do with the Yan Family, then she shouldn't always do anything that makes us feel

what? Keep away from his family? When did she get close to his family? It sounded like she was trying
to play up to his family!

She smiled coldly with anger. When she was about to refute, she remembered if the family he referred
to was Hilda. She asked, "did you make any mistake? I just knew Hilda by chance. When did I
deliberately get close to your family?"