Keep you in my arms

Chapter 72 His Intimate

Awakened by Hilda, Angela opened her eyes and had already been through the night.

"What? Drip!" She jerked to her feet.

Last night, Angela kept his words in her mind. He told her to keep an eye on the drip and looked for a
nurse if it finished. But she fell asleep.

"My brother has called the nurse." Saying that, Hilda looked towards the bed.

Angela followed her eyes and saw that grandmother had woken up. Edward helped her sitting up, and
Tracy stood aside holding the porridge.

So... Is it dawn now?

Did she fall asleep from yesterday? There were so many people here. How could she didn't know
about it?

"The driver will come to pick you up later. You should go back to take a shower and catch up on sleep!"
Hilda patted her on the shoulder and said gratefully.

Catch up on sleep?

She checked the time on her cell phone. It was already eight o'clock. She had stayed to help him out,
but slept for six hours!

Oh my God! What was going on? Didn't she keep an eye on the drip? Why did she sleep on the sofa?
What about the quilt?

Last night... Were there only she and Edward?

Then she couldn't help but turned to look at him. Tracy said to Edward, "you can go back first, Moo
moo. I will stay here with Hilda. You must be tired too. Have a good rest."

"Yes!" He answered and then said to Angela, "let's go back first."

Angela sat there and hadn't come back to her sense, 'how could I slept the whole night?'

"Hey! Are you become silly only because lost a one night sleep?" Hilda bumped her shoulder to remind
her as she saw her stared at Edward blankly.

"What?" 'How possible she become an idiot because of the lost sleep?' But because she had no idea
why she fell asleep last night.

At this moment, Edward came over and said calmly, "thanks for your hard work last night."

"Uh..." How could she worked hard last night? What was his poker face about? Was it because she
slept overnight and he was not satisfied with her?

She lifted the quilt, put on her shoes and whispered, "I'm fell asleep. Why didn't you wake me up?"

On the other side of the room, Tracy heard it and smiled, "Moo moo told us that you were asleep. He
asked us to keep it low."

Hilda stood by the side booming, "cherish!

Angela blushed instantly. At this moment, Carol suddenly opened her mouth and called, "Hilda!"

Without saying anything, Hilda responded immediately and walked up to Carol! Grandma!"

Carol's voice was weak, but she said as loudly as she could, "Hilda, your brother loves you most."

Carol said this, but she ignored Hilda and waved at Angela, "Hilda, come here. I have something to tell

Hilda was shocked, "grandma?"

Tracy put down the bowl and smiled, "that's not Hilda, this's Hilda!"

Then she pointed at Hilda. The latter nodded immediately and grabbed Carol's hand nervously.
"Grandma! Are you okay? I'm Hilda!"

Carol wanted to avoid her, and said, "who are you? You're not alike my Hilda, my Hilda is a good-
looking girl!

Then she shouted at Angela, "come here, Hilda..."

Edward felt that there was something wrong, so he called the doctor and explained the situation briefly.

In a daze, Angela walked up to her without knowing the current situation. With kindness written all over
her face, Carol took her hand and said, "My Hilda! I heard that your father is very stubborn to stop you
from starting a company. Don't listen to him! If he dares to stop you from starting a company, I will get
his company back!"

Then she called Tracy and asked, "where is my bag?"

Yesterday, Tracy was asked for Carol's ID card by the hospital, and today she brought Carol's bag

Carol received the bag and started looking for it. Her hand was weak and was still trembling.

"Grandma, what can I do for you?" Edward quickly reached out his hand and Carol also trust him with
the bag and said, "the card Bank card."

Edward helped her find the bank card and handed it to her. She took Angela's hand and put the card in
her hand and said, "Hilda! There should be fifty million in the card. Take it and tell me if it's not enough."

"Take it," murmured Hilda as she nudged Angela.

"Okay!" Angela had to accept it for her, and she said to Carol with a smile, "thank you, grandma."

"Hilda! If you are too busy, recruit more people to help you manage the company. Then you will have
more time to come to see grandma!"

"Well..." Taking a look at Hilda, Angela saw her nod with satisfaction and said, "Okay, okay!"

"Good girl..." With kindness in her face, Carol touched her head lovingly.

Dr. Zhang came in to have a check-up for Carol. Then he called Edward outside and said, "there is
slight Alzheimer's disease. Her memory will become good and bad now and then. If it goes worse, she
may forget people around her."

Edward was slightly shocked. He felt as if his heart had been pricked by a needle. Back then, their
grandmother was in charge of a leading enterprise in S City. He never thought that one day, the woman
who was admirable by him would be unable to recognize anyone.

"According to her situation now, she is not fit to live alone."

"I got it." Replied Edward, whose eyes were a little red.

In the ward, Carol said to Angela, "Hilda, you haven't slept all night, go back to sleep!"

"Okay, grandma, I will come to see you later!" Hearing this, Angela hurriedly took her bag and went out,
and Hilda followed her.

Outside the door, Hilda's eyes lit up and said to Angela hopefully, "card! Bank card!"

Angela gave the card to her at once and asked, "why did grandma recognize me as you?"

"She is suffering from Alzheimer's disease," said Edward.

It was not until then that Hilda came to her senses. She frowned and said, "no wonder she gave me the
bank card..."

Hilda's eyes were full of doubts, which made Angela feel strange. Actually, she was not heartless. Why
did she care more about that bank card than her grandma's illness?

Edward didn't seem to care about her reaction.

Edward had made it clear to Jonson on the phone. In a minute, Jonson would be here to deal with it,
and what he needed to do now was to go home and have a rest.

Ten minutes later, they got on the car together and Edward leaned against the seat with his eyes

Angela opened her phone and suddenly she felt a weight on her shoulder. Edward rested his head on
her shoulder, making her confused.

His hair swept across her neck, and the warm breath made her froze.

She wanted to push him away. But when she thought that he might stay up all night last night, she put
her hand down.

Edward, who was leaning on Angela's shoulder, closed his eyes and unconsciously raised the corners
of his mouth. That was an almost invisible expression, but it seemed that he really loved the feeling
right here and right now.

"Angela, Hilda was right... In fact, you don't hate me...

But what Angela didn't know was that Edward didn't fall asleep at all. He was more sure that she didn't
stay away from him because hate him. As long as she accepted his intimacy, he would feel warm