Keep you in my arms

Chapter 73 You Are The First One

Thirty minutes later, the car stopped downstairs.

It was not until Angela said softly "Mr. Edward?" that Edward sat up straight slowly. After Angela got off
the car, he followed her out. Angela thought that he would go back to building A5. But he followed her
into building A6.

"Mr. Edward, you seem to go the wrong way." Angela just thought he was not very conscious so he
went the wrong way.

But in addition to Edward's red eyes, he still looked calm as usual.

"Well, I know there is building A6." He stared at her and said earnestly.

So... Was he going to Hilda's home?

Because of the decoration, she had to live in his house before. As a result, she didn't dare not to wear
underwear at home. She felt very uncomfortable! No matter it was him or any other man, if he
appeared in the place where she lived, she would feel uncomfortable!

At that moment, the elevator came. Angela went in first and Edward followed her inside. He reached
out his hand from behind and pressed the button of 12th floor.

The twelfth floor! Wasn't that the floor of Hilda's home?

Angela was amazed unconsciously and suddenly got a little nervous.

From the elevator to the home, he followed behind silently. Her heart was in a total mess. Why did he

Angela went to the kitchen for some water after she went back home, while Edward sat on the sofa.

Angela walked up to him and gave him a glass of water as well out of politeness, "Mr. Edward, have
some water."

'Then you can go back.'

She prayed in her heart, but seeing that he had no intention to leave after drinking it, she simply tried to
drive him away euphemistically, "I will go to the company after taking a shower."

"I've told Lucas that you have a day off today. Remember to write an application later for your leave
when you go back to the company tomorrow." He stood up and stared at her.

His dedicated gaze made her a little scared. She unconsciously took a step back and said, "I... I'll go to
my room. "

As soon as she turned around, Edward grabbed her wrist. He said, "I'm hungry."

Suddenly being grabbed by him, her heart missed a beat. When she heard that he said he was hungry,
she smiled and said, "There are a lot of take-out food here! I ordered a piece of hand-made noodles
last time. It tastes good! "

He suddenly let go of her and said, "I want to eat food made by you. The noodles with tomato and egg
last time is good."

As a CEO of a famous corporation, Edward, who kept women away before as if they are beasts, was
asking a woman for noodles now.

"I can't buy such food outside!" He added.

Looking at the expectation in his eyes, her refusal suddenly gulped.

She slept on the sofa last night and she suddenly didn't understand. He took a step back and as
exchange let her help him one night, but she couldn't help anything in fact. Now he didn't eat take-out
and asked her to cook for him, she wouldn't believe that he had no wicked idea!

She didn't want to have anything to do with him except that he was her boss. Angela thought for a
while and refused, "I'm so sleepy! How about I order you some hand-made noodles? "

Edward looked at her motionlessly with no joy or anger on the face, but soon he turned and went into
the kitchen.

Being confused, Angela couldn't help but look at him. At this moment, Edward got the ingredients to
make the noodles with tomato and egg from the fridge and started cooking.

He washed the tomato, cut it and put the eggs into the bowl expressionlessly

Angela had to admit that this ordinary move would become very fascinating when it was done by him.

She couldn't help but look at him for a few more times before she went to take a shower.

Twenty minutes later, when Angela opened the bathroom door, she smelled a pleasant smell. Edward
had put the pot on the table and filled two bowls with noodles for her and himself.

The smell of food evoked a sense of hunger. Angela swallowed but felt too embarrassed to go over.

When she was about to turn around and enter her room, Edward raised his head and smiled at her.
"Have you finished showering? We can eat together. "

Angela didn't eat anything the whole night. When she heard his invitation, she couldn't help smiling.
"Okay! Let me dry my hair first. "

At first, Edward thought she would refuse him. When he saw her full of expectations and trotting into
the room, he was also happy.

After a few minutes of drying her hair hastily, Angela couldn't wait to stride out of the room. Edward had
made a cup of tea for each of them and said, "You will be a bit thirsty if only eating noodles."

"It smells good!" Sitting opposite him, Angela picked up her chopsticks and began to eat happily.

Edward made a baked noodles with tomato and egg. All the thick soup infiltrated into the noodles, but
the noodles still was not too soft to pick up because the noodles are cooked for just the right amount of
time. The baked noodles tasted chewy and really delicious!

It was so tasty!

After she took a bite, Angela looked up at Edward in surprise. "What's wrong?" He asked.

"Yummy!" She couldn't help but sigh, "I didn't expect you to cook so well."

Hearing her praise, Edward felt to be filled with honey in his heart. Although his face was cold, it could
still see his slightly red cheeks.

Hilda had told Edward that men good at cooking were much more attractive and, especially that man
who was good-looking and who did well in making money and cooking, no woman could resist him.

At that time, Edward answered coldly, "That's because you don't know how to cook!" But he still hoped
that he could improve his image in Angela's mind.

"Although Hilda told me that you learned how to cook, to be honest, I don't believe it. You have made
great achievements in business. As a successful man, you can even cook. If other women know that,
they will pester you! "

"Other women?" Then... what about you?

"Yes!" Angela had already forgotten their grudges. She ate another bite of noodles and responded,
"Right! Mr. Edward, you are handsome, capable and also good at cooking! You look like who come
from novels and are as powerful as Jeremy! Oh! No, you are more charming than him! "

It was the first time that Angela praised him so much since they knew each other. Although he had
heard a lot of these compliments from others, only Angela's words were put in Edward's heart.

"Who is the Jeremy?"

Edward asked indifferently. Angela was a little taken aback by his question.

'It can see that he is ten years older than me! He even don't know who the Jeremy is!"

Angela thought for a while and smiled, "He is a hero in a TV drama. He's handsome, well-educated and
from a rich family! He is a man that all women want to marry! "

"Oh..." Edward raised his eyebrows and asked, "So, is Miss Angela expressing your love to me?"

After taking a few mouthfuls of noodles, Angela felt a little bit swallowing, and then took a sip of tea.
However, his sudden words let her choking and coughing violently.

After getting over hardly, Angela took a tissue and wiped her mouth. Then she looked up at him in
surprise. She saw nothing but his faint smile and his gaze fixed on her.

Under her gaze, Edward stood up and walked to her side.

Angela had a bad hunch. When she was about to get up, Edward put his hand on her shoulder, bent
over and whispered in her ear with a smile, "The first one."

His warm breath brushed her ear. Instantly, her ears turned red. He paused and added, "You are the
first one to have the noodles I cook besides my family."

Although he had learnt how to cook, he was occupied with all kinds of matters every day, so he had no
time to cook. However, just now, he had come up with an idea that he wanted to see her happy
expression after she ate the food he cooked.

Angela felt more stressful than just hearing the word "I like you". She knew clearly what he meant, and
there was an ambiguous tone in his words, which just liked he was talking with his love