Keep you in my arms

Chapter 74 Are You Kidding

At first, she let her guard down because of the temptation of food. His ambiguous attitude made her
take back her smile.

Putting the bowl down gently, she stood up and walked two steps backward to him. She said politely,
"I'm full, thank you for your noodles."

Her reaction did not affect his mood at all. Instead, there was a sense of interest in his eyes.

Being stared at uneasily by him, Angela turned around, slipped into the room and locked the door. She
didn't forget to check whether it was locked or not.

When she finished, she leaned against the door. She thought for a while and got a little angry.

What did Edward mean? Will sleeping with her again make him comfortable? Oh! Wait a minute. Not
sleeping her back will make him uncomfortable.

In her opinion, people as kind as Greg would eventually become so philistine and dreadful, she
wouldn't believe that any man would treat a woman sincerely anymore. It was better to spend the rest
of her life on study than to fall in love with someone and get nothing in the end. She would use her own
card to get what she wanted to eat, to wear and no need depending on others!

She wouldn't waste her time on a relationship even was pursued by a man who treated her seriously,
let alone the estrangement between her and Edward.

Indeed, as Hilda said, marrying Edward won't have to worry about food or clothing, and will be served
very well. But the wealth she could get so easily would bring her no sense of security.

Although Edward looked like a boy in his twenties, he was actually in his thirties. Angela had a big age
gap with him! He is nine years older than her.

As far as her family was concerned, although her family was not poor, it was only a little well-off. But
the worth of a suit of Edward which was enough for her to buy a good house in the small city! Such a
huge gap was inevitable to cause family conflicts.

In regards to career, he was the representative of wealth, and her dream was to focus on academic
research. They were not in the same world at all.

All in all, in her opinion, she and Edward did not deserve each other at all!

She was no longer the age that only judged on appearance and believed in love. Because of what the
Fang Family had done to her, she was now more convinced that the two people who came from the
same family and had the same social status as each other could have a longer marriage!

In other words, rather than said that she had no feelings for Edward, better than said that she was
more likely to stop herself from jumping into a bigger whirlpool!

After a short consideration, she was even more determined to study hard and live a life she wanted in
the rest of her life!

She nodded and looked subconsciously at the desk. Just now she was full of confidence, suddenly she
was like a deflated ball. She went over and sat on the chair, staring at a table of books, and sighed

With the arrival of July, all the new trainees were reviewing and preparing for the postgraduate
entrance exam. Because of tons of work, she was delay for a long time. Thus, she couldn't take time off
to study for some trivial matters. 'I can't go on like this!' Thus, she must find a quite environment that is
suitable to study and turned off her cellphone, well concentrate on study!

She remembered there was a library nearby, so she could study there after finishing her work
everyday, which would be more efficient!

After making the decision, she intended to find clothes to take a shower. After looking for a set of
clothes in the wardrobe, it suddenly occurred to her that Edward had left or not.

She put her clothes on the bed and walked to the door quietly. She opened the door a crack and didn't
open the door until she found that he wasn't outside.

She breathed a sigh of relief when she confirmed that there was no one in the hall.

Twenty seven minutes later, when she came out of the bathroom, she was shocked by Edward who
was standing at the door.

"You! Why are you still here?"

He frowned and said, "Hilda probably forgot to tell you that she burned out my electric circuit last night.
The maintenance personnel came here today to test the electric circuit and appliances."

So... He could only live here.

Angela suddenly felt uneasy, and at that time, she discovered that he had just finished showering,
wearing a pure white T-shirt and gray housepants, with a white towel around his neck that had dried his

He had brought his clothes over, it seemed that what he said was true!

She couldn't help but shiver. Then she forced a smile and said, "okay! Then... Mr. Edward, have a good

After that, she bypassed him and entered the room.

After she entered the room, she pulled a long face and made a phone call to Hilda.

"Hello? Angela?"

"Yes! Are you in the hospital?"

"Hilda, I heard that you have burned out the electricity in Mr. Edward's family?" She pretended to ask

"Ha-ha... Well... Maybe I was too worried last night."

Hilda was very good at destroying things. Angela was not surprised that Hilda had broken the circuit.
But she was curious why Hilda went to Edward's house out of no reason?

"Why did you stay at your brother's house last night?"

"You think too much! How could he allow me to live in his house alone? The reason why I was able to
live there last time was because of you, ok? I left a bottle of essence cream in his house and he asked
me to take it. If it wasn't for the sake of the good function of that bottle of essence cream, no one would
want to go to his house!" She grumbled.

"So that means... You just went to get the essence cream and burned out the electricity in his house?"

"I... I'm thirsty. I just want to drink some water, that's why I opened the kettle..." She whispered in a very
low voice.

Angela was speechless, "..."

With curiosity, Hilda asked, "how do you know that?"

"Your brother is right here." She replied helplessly.

"What?" She was surprised on the other end of the line. "What is he doing at our home?"

Yes! Even if there was a circuit problem in his house, he could return to the villa! Why does he insist on
living here?

Although Angela didn't want to be so narcissistic, she thought that he might want to take advantage of
her at a favorable position!

Thinking of this, she became more vigilant!

"Did he tell you how long he will stay here?"

"Well My brother is really good at making excuses. It's obvious that he wants to live with you! Although
I want you to marry my brother, I'm on your side on this matter! Don't worry. I won't let him live there too
long!" Hilda said indignantly. Then she added apologetically, "I'm really sorry, Angela. I'll deal with it as
soon as possible."

Although the word "accident" always came to Hilda, she shouldn't have purposely burn down the circuit
of the Edward.

She said helplessly, "there's nothing we can do about it!"

In Hilda's room, Edward clicked the dialog box with her.

The message she sent to him this morning was, "brother, I have burned out the electricity of your
house. You can live in my house first!"

There was an ambiguous and eye-catching expression on the message.

Obviously, she did it on purpose.

After reading the message, Edward called her and said coldly, "are you kidding me?"

"How can I make a joke on such a thing? You will not successful at your speed to chase a girl even
when I become a grandmother! I'm doing this for the sake of the early birth of my nephew. So I made a
sacrifice and burned out the circuit of your house!"

"Sacrifice? So you really burned it?" His eyes twitched.

"Angela is so clever. Of course we have to put on a full play!"

He clicked on the dialog box because Hilda sent him a message. "I'm going to H City for a business trip
this afternoon. You take care of Angela!"

In addition, there was an ambiguous expression.

Edward was speechless, "..."