Keep you in my arms

Chapter 75 The Man Who Suddenly Appeared

It was embarrassing to meet each other in that way. She thought they would never see each other
again. But she became roommate of his sister by accident and entered his company later. She tried to
avoid him, and now they lived under the same roof, which was really a torture for her.

She might as well go to the library to study instead of staying here in embarrassment.

Angela did not procrastinate, put the book into her bag and then left.

At 7 p.m., she felt a little hungry, so she ordered a dessert in the coffee shop.

"Excuse me, is this seat available?"

A deep and charming voice asked politely.

Raising her head, Angela saw a tall and slim man wearing a white shirt and trousers. His facial features
were like being carved. She would have taken him for some movie star, if it wasn't for a sense of

"Oh! Yes, it's available." She responded hurriedly.

The man put down the tray in his hands and sat down beside her. While eating the sandwich, he
opened the folder.

While eating, Angela looked at him from head to toe. There was a chill between his eyebrows. Even
though he was polite when he spoke just now, he still looked cold. The gloomy and cold aura he gave
off was totally different from the silent and indifferent air that Edward gave off.

The man raised his head and made an eye contact with her. Angela was in a daze, quickly stopped
looking at him and ate the last piece of sandwich. After drinking the coffee in no hurry, she stood up
and went back to the study position in the afternoon.

Looking at the back of Angela, the man sitting there suddenly frowned.

A minute later, he took out his phone and called his assistant. "Guard the door and make plan B."

He was a born king and didn't allow others to ask any more questions. After he hung up the phone, he
stared at Angela even more morosely. If Hilda caught a sight of the man's face, she would think of the
word 'tyrant'!

From half past seven to ten in the evening, Angela didn't go back until the library closed the door.

In the past two hours, she didn't notice that there were people looking at her from time to time.

It would take about twenty minutes to back home from the library by foot. She was planning to listen to
the documents while waking back home, so she turned on her mobile phone, and find that there are
eight missed calls.

When she was studying, she would surely put her phone on silent mode, in case that she had
developed a bad habit and would not touch the phone during learning.

There were so many missing calls. Did something happened?

Her heart skipped a beat. She wondered who had called her so many times and turned on the phone
and found it was from a strange number.

"Hello? Hello?"

"Where are you?"

A man anxiously greeted her.

She frowned and looked at the phone screen again. The number on it seemed not familiar. What...

"I'm sorry... Did you call the wrong number?" She replied politely.

On the other side of the phone. Edward's face darkened and his eyes twitched.

At 6:49 p.m., he woke up but didn't see her. After went out for dinner and went back from the gym,
there was still no one in the room.

It was already ten o'clock, but she was still outside. How could he not worry about her?

He called her, but no one answered.

He had never been so worried even waiting for the bidding result. So he had kept calling her in the past
twenty minutes. Finally, she answered the phone, but asked him if he called the wrong number.

It's... What could he do with that?

The other end of the phone was silent, and a few moments later, the beep sounds came. Angela
thought that someone dialed a wrong number, she didn't care too much and continued to listen to the

Edward angrily hung up the phone and threw it on the sofa.

He walked back and forth in the hall and suddenly saw lightning splitting outside the window. His heart
sank. When he walked to the sofa and was about to pick up the phone, he suddenly remembered that
he had made several calls to her, but every time she seemed didn't know who he was. That was to say,
she didn't save his number at all. Thinking of this, he was a little annoyed and couldn't help kicking the

Angela had just walked for five minutes, there was a flash of lightning and thunder.

In order to take the short cut, she quickened her pace and entered the alley.

When she passed this alley at usual, it was rush hour and there were many people. But it was almost
half past ten. Nobody was here.

When she walked to the second crossing, someone suddenly rushed out from the side and covered her
mouth before she screamed.

The public security of S City had always been very good. She didn't expect that she would have such
an accident! Her heart was about to jump out! No matter how she struggled, she was firmly dragged
away. No matter how hard she shouted, her sound was covered by the hand covered her mouth.

Not knowing how far she had been dragged, a man in black with a cap pushed her to a corner, holding
a military knife.

She only saw this kind of scene in the movie, and imagined that the knife stabbed into her body with
blood splashing far and then she died.

At this moment, such as postgraduate exam, academic research, future... No way!

At the thought of her life was about to be taken away, she was so scared that her eyes were wide open
and she was sweating all over and shivering. She cried out in fear, but could not say a word.

The shiny knife swirled in the hand of the man in black. When she shrank to the corner, he took a step
forward. Like a frightened bird, Angela shrank suddenly, closed her eyes and held her body in her
arms, screamed, "ah..."

One second, two seconds, three seconds...

However, the expected pain did not come, and she stopped screaming and gasped for breath. After a
while, she heard the sound of punching and fighting.

She opened her eyes, still suffering from the shock. Another man came out of nowhere! The man
picked up a stick randomly and threw it at the gangster, beating him to death.

The sound of club smashing and the gangster's scream mixed together.

The gangster struggled to begging stop, but the man ignored him. The gangster had to staggered up
and run away.

Sweat started to form on the man's forehead. He threw the club to the ground when the gangsters who
fled like hell disappeared in his sight, and walked towards her.

The man in front of her was who Angela met in the coffee shop just now, but how could she recognize
him as she was so frightened now? He was expressionless just now, waving a wooden stick to hit the
gangster, like a crucial official who used to bloody scene, looking very terrifying.

That scene still lingered in her mind, and she was even more scared when he approached.

"Can you get up?" His cold words concealed no emotion.

Angela nodded and struggled to stand up with her hands on the wall.

Although this man was good-looking, but Angela could see from his cold and tearful eyes that he was
not a man to be trifled with.

Anyway, he had saved her. So she expressed her gratitude immediately, "thank you for saving me!"

The man asked, "where do you live?"

"I..." She wanted to tell him the truth, but she was afraid that he was not a good man. She paused and
said, "I can go back by myself.