Keep you in my arms

Chapter 79 Put Me Down!

"Don't move!"

"What?" She stopped and he picked her up by her waist.

"Hey! Edward, what are you doing?"

"Your gauze is wet." He glanced at her.

"Then you don't have to hold me! Put me down!"

After saying this, he already took her into the room, put her on the bedside and let her sit down.

"You stay here. I'm going to get some medicine."

Before Angela could say anything else, he had turned around and left the hall. After a while, he got the
medicine to help her change.

She lowered her head and watched him change medicine for her carefully. The air was full of the smell
of medicine, but her heart was filled with the sweet taste of chocolate.

Her heart was like an unimpeded stream. However, when she thought of two relationships she had
going through in the past, a big stone suddenly fell down, hit her heart.

"I have asked for leave for you. You don't have to go to the company tomorrow." He said while taped
the last piece of gauze.

At first, Angela thought that it was Lucas who took care of her. He not only asked her to do the least
work, but also let her get such a high salary. But now, she knew that it was all because of Edward!

"Edward, I have a question for you."

She looked up as he got up.


"Why do you give me such a high salary?"

Why? Guilty!

Although she was the one who entered his room at the beginning, he later witnessed the scene where
Greg hurt her because of this. A same thing, which hardly to distinguish right or wrong, but usually a
woman had to bear much burden than that of a man.

It was totally unfair! Besides, he was drugged when they had sex.

But he also knew what kind of person Angela was. If it was to make it up to her, she would definitely
return it back.

He frowned and said: "The DC Capital Group pays special attention to talents and pays high salary to
keep them working here.

As a saying goes, "a wolf preys on a sheep." It made sense that he considered her as a hunt and tried
every means to make her stay. However, when it came to talents, how could she, a new intern, be
talented? It was just an excuse.

"I..." She thought for a while and said, "Edward, do you know what I mean? I don't want to be with

He looked at her and asked, "so you won't be with Chuck either?"

"I don't know him before..." Although Angela thought it was funny for him to ask this question, she was
immediately infected by his seriousness when she met his eyes.

Seeing the tension in his eyes, Angela's heart missed a beat.

When you care so much about a thing or a person, you will worry about personal gains and losses. She
had experienced such feeling before.

It was a great happiness for her when she yearned for being loved. But now, she felt more stressful
than eager.

"I can't give you anything." She frowned. "I can't give him anything no matter who he is. 'Edward,
maybe your feelings for me are not what you think. It's just a temporary sense of freshness that can
stimulate secretion of chemical. After such a reaction, you may find that I am an annoying person."

It was the first time that he had heard such a rejection. He didn't look as emotional as before. Was it
because he had been refused for many times?

"Then, has anyone ever told you that some people might produce dopamine all their lives just because
of you?"

Unexpectedly, when he flirted with her, she was not able to respond.

She was stunned and didn't know how to answer.

Seeing a flicker of panic in her eyes, he was suddenly in a good mood and asked, "where is your

"What? Why do you want my phone?" She was a little vigilant, but when he mentioned the phone, she
remembered that her phone was put outside.

Noticing that Angela was looking around for her phone, Edward remembered that he saw her phone
when he helped her take medicine in the lobby. So he went out to take it.

After several months of getting along with her, he found that although there were many things she
wouldn't agree with, as long as he didn't cross her line, she wouldn't take any revenge on him if he did
something overbearingly.

So, for people who were passive like her, he could only take the initiative, even if it was a little impolite.

He grabbed her wrist directly and she was frightened, "what are you doing?"

When she got panic, he grabbed her finger and unlocked the phone screen with her fingerprint.

"Hey! Why did you touch my phone! It's my privacy!"

Then, she tried to take back her phone, but Edward dodged and continued what he wanted to do.

Angela didn't allow him to invade her privacy. She stood up with one foot and tried to take her phone
back. She was so anxious that she forgot the injury on her foot.

"Ah!" She stepped on the wound and lost her balance.

Seeing this, Edward who was standing far away from Angela hurried to help her. When Angela saw him
coming to help her, she grabbed her phone with both hands.

But Edward held her phone firmly in his hands. How could she take it back?

"Well, Edward, didn't you say that, to be polite, see no evil and be a morality person? Aren't you
ashamed of yourself for peeping at my phone?" Although she couldn't take it from him, she still gripped
the phone tightly so that he could continue peeking.

She was so nervous about her phone, which aroused his interest, "is there anything hideous in your

"What does this have to do with you? Give it back to me!" Angela was about to get angry.

Edward glanced at her and before she could do anything, he put his number into her address book.
When he just finished, she was so angry that she pounced on Edward. Before Edward could give her
back, the phone flew out of his hand.

The phone drew a perfect parabola in the air, and then Angela said nervously, "my phone!"

Angela picked it up with one of her limps. When she saw the broken screen, she couldn't hold back her
anger anymore and shouted to him, "Edward! Are you insane?"

"I didn't hold it tight for a while."

Tears were rolling in Angela's eyes because of the anger. She knew that she shouldn't have abused
him like that, but she couldn't help being angry and said, "you can leave now. I want to have a rest!"

Noticing that she was in a bad mood, Edward went out to close the door and said, "have a good rest."

He said that sincerely, but his indifferent tone in such a situation made Angela feel that he was on
purpose to make her angry.

When he closed the door, she was angry and said, "have a good rest? Huh! "

It was lucky that he was here and she was not pissed off. How could she have a good rest?

After saying that, she locked the door more cautiously before going to sleep.

Outside the door, when Edward heard the sound of locking, his face instantly darkened.

How could she lock the door? She didn't believe him? If he wanted to do something to her, did she
think locking the door would work?