Keep you in my arms

Chapter 78 Take One And You May Not Feel As Much Pain

The liquid had seeped into the wound. Angela felt a severe burning feeling and she could not help but
shrink her foot. Edward had prepared to catch her on her ankle so that he could continue the treatment.

In fact, Edward's hand trembled a little. He had always been indifferent, but he didn't expect that such
things would make his heart tremble.

When Edward was bandaging, his mobile phone vibrated on the table. Edward continued bandaging
and did not seem to be going to answer it. Angela had a look of it and it was from Mr. Lucas.

She looked at the clock on the wall. It was nearly one o'clock in the morning. Mr. Lucas called at this
time. He must have something important to tell Edward.

After he patiently cleaned her wound, he glanced at the phone and saw it was from Lucas. He
hesitated for a few seconds, but finally didn't answer it.

"Mr. Lucas is calling at this time. It must be something important." Angela reminded him, "I can do it

"Never mind." Edward didn't raise his head and continued to deal with her wound.

After cleaning and wrapping, he was always careful. After wrapping the gauze, he stood up. "Wait a

Then Edward went into the kitchen and took out a can of chocolate from the cabinet. He took out one. It
was small, round and golden, shining.

She and Hilda bought it in H Special Administration Area. Because she thought it was so delicious, she
bought a large jar on her second visit.

It was Angela's favorite among snacks in the cupboard. How did Edward know it? Besides...

"Take one and you may not feel as much pain. " He helped her peel the shiny golden paper and put it
near her lips.

Every time Angela finished injection when she was a child, she would sit on one side crying. Her
mother would give her the sugar prepared, and Angela wouldn't cry at the sight of it.

Until now, as long as Angela was sick to the doctor, she would give herself a candy after it. She said to
himself, "Mom also said that you should be better to yourself when you are uncomfortable! As a
reward! "

She didn't remember if she had told this to Hilda. But since Edward had done it, she thought she had

Angela held the pillow, absent-minded as she was, but she ate the chocolate subconsciously. Her thin
and soft lips touched Edward's fingertips, which made him stunned.

Angela lowered her head, letting the chocolate in her mouth melt slowly. Angela felt the chocolate
tasted too sweet this time.

She remembered that a year ago, she and Greg were still together. She caught a heavy cold and had a
fever. Greg accompanied her to the school hospital's office. While Angela were put on the drip, she
said she wanted some candies. Then, with a smile on his face, Greg said, "You're an adult, how can
you eat candies because of taking an injection?"

"I just want to eat it!" She said like a spoiled child.

"Just eat your porridge. You haven't eaten for a day! After eating the porridge, I will consider whether I
will buy you some candies or not. "

Angela remembered that Greg didn't buy her candies after she finished porridge. Because he was in a
hurry to return to the school to work out the final thesis of the semester. Handing fifty-five to her, he
said, "I'm going back to work with my thesis. Christa has already come here and she will drive you back
later. You can buy some delicious food by yourselves."

At that time, Greg was still very gentle to her, but Angela knew that he just didn't want to be bothered. It
was the supermarket outside the school medical room and it took only ten minutes to come and go.

In fact, Edward had nothing to do with her, but he remembered what she liked to eat and when she
wanted candies particularly. He didn't say she was fragile, but took it over directly.

The moment Angela looked up at Edward, her eyes were covered with tears.

Seeing her choking back her tears, Edward asked nervously, "What's wrong? Did I hurt your wound
because I wrapped it too tightly? "

As he said, he put down the can and reached out his hand to hold her foot.

"Nope!" She said, "I just..."

When Angela was embarrassed and didn't know how to explain it, her stomach started to growl.

"Are you hungry?" He looked up and asked.

She just ate a sandwich tonight, and after that incident, she had long been empty, she needed to
replenish her energy!

"Yes!" She nodded embarrassedly.

"There are tomatoes and eggs in the refrigerator. Do you want to eat noodles with soup or no soup?"

"It's late now. I'd better order delivery."

"Well, I guess there are only two restaurant still on at this late hour, the McDonald's and seven eleven."

"But we already had noodles today..." Although Angela knew that she should not be picky about the
food which was prepared well, she didn't want to eat it because she had eaten two portions of noodles

She had thought that Edward would frown and show an impatient expression, but unexpectedly, he
only asked, "What do you want to eat?"

"Fried rice with eggs, I want to eat fried rice with eggs!" Her eyes were full of expectation.

"Take a shower first. I'll call you when it is done! "

Edward then turned around and went into the kitchen. Angela had already wanted to take a shower and
lie comfortably on the bed after what happened last night.

Thirty minutes later, she walked out of the room after drying her hair. At that moment, she saw that
Edward was taking out the fried rice. He put it at the table to indicate her to eat.

Angela sat at the table in a good mood.

Edward walked aside. He called back Lucas, and he didn't forget to have a look at her. Seeing that she
was satisfied, he could not help raising the corners of his mouth slightly.

At first, her refusal made him want to conquer her. But gradually, he found that she had too many
things that he had already lost. She had made unremitting efforts to pursue her dream, and she
insisted on self-reliance. She was not weak, and she did not allow anyone to bully her; she did not owe
anyone a penny.

She was so sad that she wanted to be comforted, but she didn't know how to say. She felt wronged and
wanted to be just like a spoiled child, but she pursed her lips without saying a word. She was eager to
be treated well by others, but she was unwilling to owe anybody anything.

But wasn't it tired to live like this?

She didn't want to rely on him, but he hoped to be her rely. Before that, although Angela refused,
Edward temporarily hid his feelings for her. But today, when he saw that Chuck declared competition
openly, he suddenly felt a little scared, After eating, Angela was about to wash the dishes. Edward
hurried over and moved his mobile phone a little away. He said, "Your foot is inconvenient, let me do it."

"It doesn't matter. I can go there slowly!"

She was grateful that he cooked for her! She felt too embarrassed to also ask him to help wash the

Edward stood beside her. Lucas, on the other side of the phone, heard Angela's voice clearly. He was
shocked. It was already late, but they were still talking about doing the dishes. They must have lived
together! Although he had guessed that earlier, he was still shocked by the fact because Mr. Edward
had been single for more than ten years!

Edward was very worried about her when he saw Angela went to the kitchen jumping on one foot. Until
she jumped into the kitchen, he felt at ease and continued to discuss the work arrangements for the
next few days with Lucas.

After washing the dishes, Angela jumped out of the kitchen on her one foot and wanted to go back to
her room. The moment Edward hung up the phone, he saw the blood on her gauze.

He thought, 'She was so impulsive. Was she get her wound wet when she took a shower just