Keep you in my arms

Chapter 77 Hang In There

When they waited for the red light, something occurred to Chuck, "your foot was injured."


Chuck suddenly turned around.

They was about to arrive, he turned around suddenly. Angela shouted at him hurriedly, "Hey, my home
is over there. Where are you taking me?"


"No, thanks! I have medicine at home. I will take it by myself!"

"If they are iron nails, you need to take a tetanus shot."

"No, it's not like that..." Angela wanted to get down from his back, "Mr. Chuck, put me down first! My
friend wants to come down to pick me up, we should at least wait for her! Or else she will be nervous!"

Angela gently pushed him on his back, signaling for her to come down. But Chuck didn't stop and
continued walking forward.

"Let me go! Why are you so strange?" She was so angry that she couldn't help beating him on the

If it was not for the plan, how could he carried her back? What a noise!

When Angela was about to scream, a man suddenly ran out from behind and stood in front of them.

"Let her go!" The poker faced man was none other than Edward.

They were of similar height and stared at each other as if they are imminent to have a fight.

Suddenly, Chuck with a cold face asked with a sneer, "why?"

For what?

Edward glanced at Angela, with unconfident flashing in his eyes.

She didn't accept him and kept a distance from him deliberately. She even didn't save his number. Why
did he have to be involved in it? After all, it was only between the boss and the employee. If so, how
could he meddle with the affairs between her and the other man?

"She asked you to let her go." After thinking for a while, he thought that it was more appropriate to say

"She was injured and couldn't tell right from wrong. I just did it for her safety." The implication was that
her words didn't work at all.

"It's not up to you!"

He had always cared about her whereabouts all the time. This should be the first time she had seen

Edward's imposing manner weighed down on him, while Chuck's body trembled with anger. Angela
sensed that there was enmity between them.

"Well..." As soon as Angela started to spoke, Edward transferred her eyesight from Chuck to her. She
paused and said: "he is my friend, Edward. Mr. Chuck, he will take me to the hospital. You can rest

Hearing her words, Chuck was stiff with a little unwillingness. But since she had said this, he had to put
her down.

Edward pulled her to his side with too much force, she stepped on the ground and felt really painful.

"Do you know how to take care of women?" Seeing that she was in pain, chuck criticized him.

"Mr. Chuck is always surrounded by women. Of course I'm not as good as you." Edward quipped as he
deliberately glanced at Angela.

Of course, Angela knew what he meant. He wanted to tell her on purpose that there were many women
surrounded Chuck.

Whether he was telling the truth or not, Angela will has a bad impression of Chuck. However, she didn't
have any special feelings towards Chuck, so Edward's word aroused no emotion in her heart.

It seemed that chuck had made great efforts to create a good image, but Edward was in a hurry to
mess it up. However, he didn't want being beaten by him. Because according to the information he got,
Angela didn't promise Edward at all.

Angela ignored their conversation and said to chuck politely, "Mr. Chuck, thank you."

The anger in Chuck's eyes dissipated, he frowned and said, "let me take you to the hospital."

"No, thanks! I'll go back to handle it. If it's serious, I'll go then." She answered, "it's late now. Mr. Chuck,
you'd better go home and have a rest."

Seeing that she refused so many times and that Edward was here, he couldn't insist any more. He
glanced at Edward and saw that his eyes were full of jealousy. Suddenly he felt happy and didn't forget
to add fuel to the fire and said, "see you next time."

"Okay, see you next time." Angela didn't try to find out the hidden meaning of his words, but just took it
as a formality.

With these words, Chuck turned around and left, a slight smile appearing on his lips.

The annoying people finally left. But Edward still stared at her as if there was a heavy stone in his

Angela could feel his anger, but she pretended that she didn't see it. She asked, "Mr. Edward, why are
you here at this late hour? Where is Hilda?"

Fifteen minutes ago, Hilda called him and asked him to pick her up because her foot was injured on her
way home. Edward asked Hilda, "Was she injured? How did she get hurt?"

"She didn't tell me in detail. But she said she could went back by herself, so she probably didn't hurt
badly. I'm going home now and I have to board later. Please take care of Angela for me!"


Hilda had already arriving downstairs but turned around and left, murmuring to herself, "Brother, take
the opportunity. Don't let me down!"

Edward didn't respond. He walked to her, squatted down and signalled for her to lie on his back.

"No, no, thanks! I can walk myself!"

Chuck had carried her for so long. Why did she refuse him?

Although she had always refused him all the time.

He stood up with an angry face and tried to pull her into his arms.

It was so familiar, just a dozen or twenty minutes ago, Chuck wanted to hug her in such a domineering

"Wait!" Angela really speechless. It was almost twelve o'clock. If she continued to waste time with him,
she would have no time to rest tonight!

"Carry me on your back." She murmured with a blush on her face.

Edward raised his lips and crouched.

When she lied on his back, her heart skipped a beat.

He was taciturn, but she also kept silent. He walked across the road to the gate, then went downstairs
and entered the elevator.

She was 1.6 meters tall and less than 100 pounds. With her on his back, he felt that she was too light
that made him want to protect her.

"Are you too busy to prepare for the exam? You don't eat regularly, do you?"

"What?" She dazed for a second and replied: "no, I am punctual."

"Not much."

"I ate too much for lunch. I don't have time to cook for dinner."

She had to work, prepare for the exam, and stay up late from time to time. What's more, the thing
about Greg was a big blow to her. She had lost eight pounds after she came to the S City!

Maybe she didn't notice that it was the first time for her to talk with him so calmly.

At this time, they arrived at the door. He pushed the password, opened the door and put her on the
sofa. Even she could feel it. He was very careful not to hurt her.

"Sit still and don't move. I'll go get the medicine."

He took the medicine from the drawer and took off her shoes.

There was a cut in the sole of her foot. The blood had already clotted. Edward frowned even more.
Fortunately, the glass was not in his flesh. He looked up and said: "it might be a little painful, but you
have to endure it."

She remembered that one of her classmates was hurt by broken glass when they were studying. She
had seen the doctor treat it with hydrogen peroxide. The student cried.

She picked up the pillow on the sofa and held it in front of her belly, hands holding the pillow tightly.