Keep you in my arms

Chapter 80 What... What Are You Doing

Edward had meant to open the door with the key, but he changed his mind when he thought that
Angela was now angry and he'd better make fun of her in another day.

Angela didn't fall asleep until two o'clock in the morning, but she woke up early according to her
biological clock.

After she changed her clothes and opened the door, a smell of coffee came to her nose. Edward stood
in front of the window, with a cup of coffee in his right hand and a phone in his left hand.

He was a born clothes stand. Whether it was the home wear or the handmade suit, he was very
handsome in it! In a trance, Angela didn't know if it was the clothes making him handsome or him
making the clothes pretty.

On a summer morning, the sun was bright but not dazzling. From her angle, the halo around him
outlined his perfect profile.

Having such a boyfriend like him, it would be pleased to only look at him, wouldn't it?

She gazed at him until he hung up and turned around.

"Why don't you sleep a little longer?"

She slept so late last night and had only slept for less than six hours.

When greeting, Edward smiled faintly and walked towards her.

He was like from a dream, or a gentle and noble man from a novel.

Staring at him blankly, Angela's heart was beating fast unconsciously.

"Why is your face so red?" Edward put his hand on her forehead and continued with a worried look, "Is
the cut inflamed?"

His slightly cold hand touched her skin, which made her startled. She couldn't help but take a step

Noticing that Angela blushed and avoided eye contact with him, Edward suddenly figured out the
reason. He was shocked first, and then the corners of his mouth unconsciously rose.

Did just a mere touch on her forehead make her blush? However, she had been with Greg for almost
two years. They hadn't had sex yet, which showed that she was very conservative.

The reason why Angela entered his room was that Edward was good-looking. But after that, they had a
conflict and she had already ignored his handsome appearance. She was not an anthomaniac girl. In
other words, the man who could make her anthomaniac was really rare handsome!

But just now she was fascinated to lost by him. It was so humiliating!

Angela ignored him and went straight into the bathroom. She felt more embarrassed when she looked
at her rosy face in the mirror. She couldn't calm down until she washed a few cold water.

She took a look at her watch. It was already twenty past eight. He should have been out now.

Thinking of this, Angela decided to stay in the bathroom for another ten minutes.

Almost half an hour had passed. Looking at the bathroom, Edward walked over with worries and
knocked on the door.

Sitting on the toilet, Angela was shocked by the knock on the door. 'Is he still here?'

Edward knocked on the door several times outside, but he didn't see her open the door or hear her
voice. His heart jumped to his throat.

Angela inside was wondering why he was still here when the door was pushed open. She stood up
suddenly and looked at him, dumbfounded.

Seeing her safe, he was slightly relieved, but he couldn't help worrying, "Why don't you say anything?"

"I..." Angela was wondering what was wrong with him and he even slammed the door. But seeing that
he still had a lingering fear, she said, "I was absorbed in my thought and didn't have time to respond

Edward thought that she passed out in the bathroom, so he became so nervous. At that moment, he
felt embarrassed and said, "Oh! Have you washed up yet? "

Edward's bedroom was equipped with a bathroom, so he couldn't go into it just for going to the
bathroom. It was obvious that he was worried about her. Angela felt a little guilty for him being so

She nodded, indicating that she had used the toilet.

Edward walked over and lifted her up before she could react.

"What... What are you doing?"

"Go to the hospital to have a check. I'm afraid there is glass break in your foot."

"I can walk on my own." While saying that, Angela tried to disengage herself from his lifting.

After saying that, Edward put her down. It was not until then that Angela realized that he had a
wheelchair brought here.

To her amazement, Edward handed her the bag.

"Thank you." After that, Angela added, "Can you bring me my cell phone? On the bedside table of the
room. "


After a while, he took her broken phone here. When she saw the crack on the screen, Angela began to
think that she didn't need to feel burdened too much about what he was doing.

"Thank you." She took the phone and sat on the wheelchair obediently.

Edward had thought that she would be angry when she saw the broken phone. But when he saw that
she didn't resist, he slightly raised the corners of his mouth.

Angela who looked like a hard stone was eased a little. As long as she changed a little her attitude
towards him, he would have hope. He was always patient.

Thirty five minutes later, in the hospital

Only when the doctor checked that she was fine did Edward feel relieved.

"I think the wheelchair is a bit exaggerated and inconvenient. I can walk home myself. " Before Angela
stood up, he pressed her down. "The company has arranged you to go on a business trip next month.
If you don't injure yourself again, your wound will heal within a week or so. "

'So, he is worried about me just because he arranged me to go on a business trip?' If that was the
case, she felt less stressful.

"Where are we going for the business trip?" She turned her head and asked.

"The H Administrative Area."


When they entered the elevator, Angela was about to press the button to close the elevator when
someone shouted outside the door, "Wait!"

Before she could see who it was, she pressed the open button subconsciously. The elevator door
slowly opened. She was slightly stunned by a man and a woman outside.

The two people outside were also stunned.

Carl exactly was a little frightened about his brother Edward. Because everything he owned now was
from Edward being so extravagant. Therefore, although Carl was a villain in the dark, he did not have
the confidence to face Edward.

Carl was so talentless that he couldn't be successful no matter how Edward help him. Moreover, he
often was seduced by others and did something stupid! He was not only talentless but also blamed it to
Edward. His private life is a game of debauchery. Edward glanced at the woman in his arms, with
disgust flashing in his eyes.

After being glanced coldly, Carl's hand which was holding Christa instantly loosened. However, Christa
seemed so disgusted when she saw Angela, which hurt Angela deeply. But in the next second, the
sadness in Angela's heart was replaced by anger.

For such a long time, Christa still did not realize what wrong she had done. These days, Angela had
been recalling several times the scene that Christa drugged her. She couldn't help feeling that she was
so stupid to make friends with an immoral woman.

She had treated Christa with all her heart but in return, she got distrust and framing. Afterwards, Angela
had heard about Carl's character from Hilda, that is to say, last time, what Corrine said last time was
not wrong, that Christa was depraved and became very despicable!

Therefore, Angela didn't care about her thoughts anymore.

Ignoring Christa's presence, Angela pushed the door close button again.

With a quick response, Christa reached out to block the door from closing and then entered the
elevator, twisting her hips. Noticing Christa entering the elevator, Carl followed her in and stood beside

Christa glanced at the man standing behind the wheelchair and sneered, "Angela, we haven't seen
each other for only a few days. Do you have a new boyfriend? I didn't expect you to be so awesome
that the boyfriend you got is more and more handsome! "