Keep you in my arms

Chapter 81 Please You Note

Only managements and staff from the 22nd floor could swipe the card to the 22nd floor of the DC
Building. The last time Christa went to deceive Angela, she took the card of Carl, so she knew few staff
from the 22nd floor. The man behind Angela looked familiar, but Christa couldn't recall who he was.

Carl at first intended to stop Christa. But noticing the frown on Edward's face and the disgust in his
eyes, he let Christa go on.

'When did Christa begin to talk nonsense? Even if she misunderstood and wanted to take revenge, she
shouldn't have used such despicable means!' Angela thought.

Just this alone was enough to make Angela break up with Christa.

"Miss Christa, please you note!" Angela sat in a wheelchair and did not turn her head to look at Christa.
She was so angry that she clenched her fists.

Christa sneered ironically, but she did not respond.

At this time, the elevator came to the fourth floor. Carl went out first, followed by Christa.

At this moment, Carl looked back at Angela and said with a smile, "Edward, you haven't been with
women for a long time. Don't be cheated by those women with ulterior motives."

Edward? Edward Yan? The CEO of the DC Capital Group?

It has been a long time since Christa came in the DC Capital Group and she knew clearly that the
group is in charge of Mr. Edward. The words that Edward founded the company with Carl were all said
by Carl to coax her in bed!

Christa's face was pale! She wanted to strangle Carl in heart, but she didn't dare to vent her anger.

Edward sneered but said nothing.

Although he could restrain his anger, Angela couldn't stand it at all. She glared at Christa and Carl
angrily and scolded, "People are various with the same background. You and Edward are the same
sort of people and share the same family name, but why are your IQ so low?"

Carl always be called stupid by his father, so he hated to be so called. How could he not be angry at
what Angela said? Before Carl could retort, Edward pushed Angela out of elevator and said, "Children's
IQ depends on their parents. My father has a good sight, so he marries my mother."

"You! ——"

Carl had been spoiled by his mother since he was born. Although he was already in his thirties, he still
cried to his mother for help every time he got into trouble. When he heard her mother was called stupid
together, he couldn't hold back his anger anymore. He walked towards Angela and was going to slap
on her face, "You bitch! How dare you provoke our brotherhood! "

Angela's heart missed a beat. But Carl's hand was stopped. When Carl rose his head, he saw the
murderous look in Edward's eyes. Edward said angrily, "It's not very common for our meeting, but we
will still meet at the Yan Family's banquet."

Carl was both physically strong but mentally weak. He instantly stopped as he was intimidated by
Edward's warning. He recalled Edward's words and wondered if he meant that he wanted to marry the
woman sitting in a wheelchair.

So he could only make mischief behind Edward's back and said, "Oh! There must be some
misunderstanding! "

Then he reached for Christa's hand and asked: "Christa, do you have any misunderstandings about
Miss Angela?"

Carl was an idiot. He got used to finding others as his shield when he was in a panic. Christa was very
clear that although she promised to be Carl's girlfriend, but in fact she was kept as a mistress by him.
As long as she obeyed him, Carl provided everything for her, including food, house, clothing, luxury
products and a good job. And Carl also confessed that his mother had already helped him find a good
future wife. That was to say, Carl was actually keeping her as a mistress!

Christa had been poor for more than twenty years. She finally earned a house of several million in S
City and used Armani skin care products. She didn't want to go back to her poor life.

Although she was unwilling to apologize, Carl had been a little unhappy because she didn't answer him
with a long face. He pinched her waist to remind her.

Carl's strength is not small. Christa's tears were out because of pain, but she had to make a smile,
"Yes, misunderstanding. Angela is a well-known good girl. Although she is my classmate, I haven't
seen her for a long time. I must have made a mistake and talked nonsense. "

"Then Miss Christa must remember that clearly in the future!" Edward glared at Christa and then
pushed Angela forward.

Angela couldn't find a chance to refute in the whole process. She didn't turn around to look at Edward
until she was pushed away, only to find that he was obviously in a bad mood.

"Are you still mad?" She asked.

"Yes." Seeing that she was bullied, Edward was certainly angry. If Carl was not his brother, perhaps he
had broken his hand.

"He is not as good-looking as you, nor as talented as you. I think he is jealous of your talent!" Angela
thought Edward was angry because of what Carl did to him and comforted.

She had always been mean to him. But now, hearing her soothing words, he was at a loss for a
moment. After a long while, he was sure that she was comforting him. A soft spot suddenly came to his
heart, and his heart was warm.

However, he was not angry because of this matter, but because she always forgot what she suffered.
Why can she talk to Christa in such a calm tone after what Christa has done to her? If he were her, he
would have made Christa cry for mercy.

"Stupid!" He looked at her gently and rubbed her head dotingly.

It seemed that Angela's heart missed a beat, and her face couldn't help flushing. She turned back to fix
her messy hair and lowered her head because of shyness.

Looking at their intimate action, Christa behind them clenched her fists tightly

Why did she need to go all out to fight and even sacrificed her chastity to play up to Carl? Besides...
Just now, Carl took her as his shield and didn't care about her. Let alone Edward was much more
powerful than Carl, Edward's eyes were full of happiness when he stared at Angela. Why was Angela
so lucky to be loved and cherished by such an excellent man?

Although Edward and Angela remained silent all the way, Edward was pleased. He looked at the end of
the hallway. How he wished the alley could be longer so that he could company some more with her.

Five minutes later, they could see the door of the ward. Suddenly, they heard a heartrending cry. "Mom!
How could this be? Why are you in hospital?! Wu-wu..."

After confirming that it was coming out of Mrs. Carol's ward, Angela was worried, "Is Grandma Carol in

If something bad happened, Edward would get the news as soon as possible.

He said, "Don't be nervous. It should be okay."

Angela looked at him suspiciously, and then her heart beat heavily because of the crying inside.

"We have gone shopping together last time. You said the food there was delicious. We said we would
go there next time. We haven't seen each other for only a few days, but you were like this-" A woman
cried so sadly as if the patient was at her last gasp at any time.

"Are you sure... Is it okay? "

Edward winked at her to reassure her. Then a loud voice came from the ward, "Stop! I'm not dead yet!
It's not too late to cry after my death! "

It was Mrs. Carol's voice. It sounded quite full of vitality!

Edward couldn't help chuckling, which made Angela curious.