Keep you in my arms

Chapter 82 Didn't You Go On A Business Trip

Edward gently pushed the door open. Seeing there were so many people in the ward, she suddenly felt

In addition to Jonson and Tracy who she met last night, and Hilda who said she was going on a
business trip but was still here, there was another man, a fat man with big belly, a delicate woman with
delicate makeup, and two girls.

One of the two girls was in a light purple T-shirt and jeans, her hair dyed purple, and the other in a light
purple dress, with curly hair, a little elderly. When they saw Edward, they greeted him in one voice,

Hilda once said that she was the only sister of Edward. These strangers must be from Edward's
Uncle's family.

Edward nodded as a response. Then he greeted them politely: "uncle, aunt, father."

When they saw Hilda, both of them were amazed. And when Hilda saw them, she got closer to them

"Aren't you on a business trip?"

Edward asked softly. This was exactly what Angela was confused with.

"I've brought all my suitcases with me. I was going to the airport when I went to the bathroom. Before I
came out of the bathroom, I heard aunt was crying harshly. How can I miss such a good play?" Hilda

Edward was speechless, "..."

"So you've changed your flight reservation?" Asked Angela.

That's Hilda's style of doing things.

As expected, she nodded with anticipation.

When Edward was about to say hello to his grandmother, Carol excitedly called out to Angela: "Hilda!
Did you come to see grandma?"

When Angela saw the kind smile on Carol's face, she always thought of her own grandma. She knew
that grandmother Carol thought of her as Hilda again.

Hilda bent over and whispered in her ear: "don't be mad at her. Ask her to tell you the password."

Angela rolled her eyes at her and said: "all you care about is money!"

"I only care about you..." While saying that, she continued affectionately: "and the password of the bank
card that you will know soon!"

Suddenly, Hilda realized something was wrong and asked: "Angela, why do you need a wheelchair?"

"My foot was cut by glass."

Over there, Carol called "Hilda". Hilda hurriedly touched her shoulder and said: "grandma is calling

Angela was speechless, "..."

In order to get the money, Hilda even gave up her identity!

But she wasn't Hilda! What's more, she could clearly feel that Sandy, Edward's aunt, and two younger
female cousins were staring at her unkindly.

Edward whispered in her ear: "grandma treats you as Hilda. The doctor said that she couldn't be
stimulated. Do me a favor, dear. Help me keep grandma in a good mood."

Looking at the old woman with gray hair, Angela couldn't bear to tell her the truth, so she nodded.

Seeing that she agreed, Edward could not help smiling happily. Then he pushed her to the bed.

Carol reached out her hand and wanted to hold Angela's. At this moment, sandy stopped her and said:
"Mom! You are on a drip!"

Carol's eyes moved from Angela to Sandy's face. The smile on her face instantly disappeared and she
said impatiently: "Why are you holding my hand? Aren't you going back to teach Carl to do homework?
Why are you get in the way here? !"

Carol didn't like this daughter-in-law. If it wasn't for her son's insist on marrying her, she wouldn't have
let such a woman become one of her family members. Even now she also regretted that she hadn't
tried her best to stop the marriage.

As an uneducated woman, Sandy successfully tricked Joyce get married with her by sweet words. After
marrying into the Yan Family, she often egged on Joyce to mention the divide of family property, which
made the families of Joyce and Joseph unable to get along with each other. That was what Carol
disguised most about her.

The son and daughter of Joyce were all affected by Sandy. Carol became angrier when she saw
Wendy, "what are you waiting for? Hurry up to teach Carl a lesson."

"Mom... Carl has graduated for almost ten years."

"Really? Then don't get in the way of my conversation with Hilda!" Then she turned back and smiled at

Seeing that she wanted to hold her hand, Angela was afraid that she would pull the needle again, so
she immediately reached out to catch her hand and gently said: "grandma, be careful."

Joyce and Jonson were discussing the doctor's suggestion by the window.

Jonson said: "Mom can't live alone. It's dangerous even to have Tracy to take care of her."

Joyce frowned and said: "you're right. I agree with you."

Back then, when Carol proposed to live alone, both of her sons were against it, but their mother
insisted. They thought of hiring an old trusted nurse, so they were willing to let Carol live alone.

"Mom likes flowers and plants, and Anna also likes to do these, so mom can stay with me!"

Before Joyce could answer, Sandy came up to him and said: "Joyce, I have something to tell you."

Noticing the flustered look on sandy face, Joyce cast a glance at his younger brother, Jonson. Jonson
caught a glimpse of Sandy, he knew roughly what was going on, but he concealed his disgust very
well. He then smiled and said: "I'm about to call my office and we can discuss it later."

Then Jonson went out of the room. Then, Joyce also went out with Sandy.

At this time, Edward's mobile phone also rang. He had to go out and answer it.

There were only five women left in the ward.

Seeing that no one was around, Wendy became bold. She crossed her arms over her chest, raised her
chin and looked at Angela, "Hey! Who are you? Did you come to cheat grandma? !"

Angela didn't know what to do while looking at Wendy's eyes which were filled with hatred.

"What did you say?" Afraid that Wendy would bully Angela, Hilda walked to separate them.

"I have to give you an advice. Grandma was only confused to give you the bank card! You'd better
hand it in obediently! Otherwise, I'll accuse you of fraud and send you to prison!" Wendy extended her
hand. Angela could see that her fingernails were painted colorful.

It's said that Wendy is addicted to the night life. She often goes to the bar and seldom goes home.
Hilda felt strange and wondered why she came to visit her grandmother today. It turned out that she
came to grab her grandmother's bank card!

"My grandma gave the bank card to Hilda! What do you mean by fraud? Don't talk nonsense!
Otherwise, there's no wine in prison!" Hilda sneered.

"Sister! Do you think I'm an idiot?" Wendy sneered and said: "how can you be so heartless as to cheat
grandma's bank card with someone else?"

Hilda had been angry with her for a long time. What she said just now really made people want to slap

On the verge of war was about to breaking out between them, Tracy stood between them and said to
Wendy: "Wendy, you misunderstood. Your grandma mistook Miss Angela for Hilda, so she gave the
bank card to Miss Angela!"

"Did you hear that! It's grandma who wanted to give Hilda the bank card!" Hilda said proudly.