Keep you in my arms

Chapter 83 She Would Never Leave!

Because of her parents' strict discipline, Hilda never dared to ask for a penny from Carol. Every time
she saw Wendy fooling grandma with a large sum of money, she felt heartbroken!

Wendy could only go to the bar with money. But her, who wanted to earn some money when she was
in college and reserve some money for her future business. Seeing that Wendy used her grandma's
money like this, she was angry and pitiful!

Finally, grandma made up her mind to invest the money into her. The money falling into her hands was
also an investment. She would return the money to her grandma no matter she would earn the money
or not in the future. If the money took by Wendy, grandma would never get it back.

"Sister, you said that your family name is Chen, didn't you? Why do you regard yourself as a member
of the Yan Family when you ask for money from grandma?"

The three sisters used to get up at about four or five o'clock every day when they were brought to their
grandmother's training place. There were obviously nannies in the house, but their grandmother forced
them to wash the dishes. Hilda felt that her grandmother was too abnormal, so she cried and said she
didn't want to do it!

Carol sternly rebuked her: "as a descendant of the Yan Family, you won't even recite the disciple rules!
How would you be successful in the future? !"

"Hilda cried and refute her grandma: "I'm Hilda Chen, not Hilda Yan! How dare you push me like this!
She cried...

Later, indeed, Hilda didn't get up until six o'clock, but meanwhile, she was hated by her grandmother.
From then on, Carol never looked at her again, although later in order to please her, Hilda had recited
her disciple rules fluently, but Carol never gave her a second look!

Many years ago, Sandy taught Wendy: "when you were at Grandma's house, you must listen to her! I
know you suffered a lot there, my poor baby, but... I also hope that you can learn something useful from

The achievement that the Yan Family had achieved today was that Carol sold sugarcane in the dock,
and later invested in real estate, so they had accumulated gradually so much wealth. Therefore, Sandy
thought that as long as her two daughters were with Carol, they would definitely be successful!
Moreover, even if they wouldn't become successful, if they could make Carol happy and get her
property also enough to spend for several lives!

At that time, Wendy had tried so hard to stick to the several vacations there, but what about Hilda?
Thanks to her last name, she escaped from the responsibility that the children of the Yan Family should
bear. But now, how dare she take grandma's money in the name of the Yan Family!

"Yes! My family name is Chen, but Grandma insisted on giving me the bank card. What can I do?
Besides! It's none of your business." "Hilda's expression vividly exposed a message to Wendy that
there's nothing you can do about me."

"You! ——"

When Wendy was about to grab her collar, Carol interrupted them and said: "the bank card is not for
you! It's for Hilda!"

She took hold of Angela's hand and lowered her voice deliberately: "Hilda! You have to remember the
password. Six... "

At mentioning of the bank card password, everyone held their breath and waited for Carol to speak it
out! After all, there is no use for the bank card without passwords. It's right to ask for the password first
and then try to get the bank card!

At the moment when everyone was holding their breath, Carol suddenly stopped. She looked around
and said in a cold voice: "all of you, get out!"

Hearing Carol's words, Tracy squatted down and asked: "what's wrong? Carol?"

"I want to talk to Hilda. You all get out!" Actually, the woman whom she referred to was "Angela".

Angela was one of Hilda's trust person, so she didn't worry about her at all. She smirked and said:
"grandma let us all go out."

Of course Wendy knew what was in her mind, she coaxed: "grandma, I'm Wendy. Didn't you say that
you wanted me to talk to you?"

Carol looked at her, frowned and thought for a while. Then she showed an expression of "I remember
you", and held her hand, said: "My baby Wendy! You're back? Don't you have classes at school?"

"It's summer vacation now." Wendy said obediently.

"Oh! Your elderly sister is clever, but she is too lazy, disobedient and likes to play petty tricks. I have to
scold her. You go out first." Carol's words came as a compliment, and then a rebuke. Hearing this,
Hilda felt pleased first and then she pouted for being called laziness.

If they left, then only the woman sitting in the wheelchair knew the password. But she was on Hilda's
side. So her grandma was going to give Hilda a large sum of money!

Wendy reluctantly stared at Hilda and was about to say something, but her hand was grabbed by
someone. She turned around and met Olive's gaze.

Olive shook her head and hinted her to calm down.

Wendy knew that her own sister was on her side, so she listened to her first and kept calm!

Both Hilda and Wendy slowly moved out of the ward. When the door was closed, both of them put their
ears to the door at the same time. But the door was too small that they bumped their heads against
each other.

"Are you blind?" Hilda complained.

"shit! Are you fucking blind!" Now that she left Carol's eyesight, she couldn't help bursting with anger.

Hilda didn't move an inch standing at the door. But Wendy couldn't listen to what she said as Hilda
occupied her seat.

She was in a good mood every time she saw her uncle's families were darkened!

So... She would never leave! She just didn't want her to listen! Let's see what she can do!

In the safety stairway, after he gave the order to Lucas on the phone, Edward hung up the phone.
When he just came out, he heard two familiar voices quarreling.

"Okay, okay! Are you a fool?! Don't you know how many assets your mother has? The rent of a street
alone could be more than one million a month! Besides, there were some office buildings, villas,
companies, stocks, antiques, jewelry... We haven't parted a few years ago, but her assets were close to
billions of dollars. In the past ten years, none of us had taken the money from her. We don't know how
much she had saved! It's so easy for us to think about it! It's enough for us to spend for several
generations! You even agreed to let your brother take care of her! You and your brother are from the
same womb! How could you be so blind? I don't expect you to be as cunning as your brother, but at
least you should fight for something more." Sandy scolded Joyce angrily.