Keep you in my arms

Chapter 84 I'm Not Edward's Girlfriend!

It was more than ten years ago that the two families had separated apart. Back then, he was already
twenty years old, and he had witnessed how hideous the two families looked.

Aunt Sandy thought that it was unfair when their grandpa gave a better family enterprise to Jonson
before his death, so she had always been coveting the grandma's part.

Separated apart was just the excuse for scrambling for family property. They competed for the custody
of grandma in the name of filial piety, but in fact, they wanted to get grandma's assets which she was
secretly hidden for a lifetime. To their disappointment, Grandma had neither lived in his uncle's home
nor his father's. Therefore, his grandma would keep all her money in her own pocket.

To put it bluntly, Sandy had been waiting for more than ten years to expect Carol to death. Now, Carol's
mind was not clear, and it was the best time to deceive her property.

"What do you know?" "My mother has donated all her money for one long time! Joyce shouted as he
confronted Sandy's scold. The jewelry was all gone! Besides, you don't like my mother, do you? Jonson
is willing to take care of my mother. I can also save a lot of troubler!"

"Donate money? Is your mother crazy?" "Is your mother insane? Sandy pulled her husband and asked
unbelievably.! If she had contributed a large amount of money. What would Carl do? !"

Even though Joyce was a bastard, he knew that his parents were more important than his wife, so he
was very angry with her disrespectful words. He dragged her and warned her: "Sandy, watch your
mouth! My mother's money is for me even if she wants to give it. It has nothing to do with you! If you
continue to intervene in this matter, you will get nothing even if I get the money!"

Many years ago, Joyce was too young and naive to be deceived by her beauty. As he grew older, he
had already seen through this woman. Plus, she was not as beautiful as she was before, so he
naturally wasn't as accommodative to her as before.

After listening to his words, although Sandy was not reconciled, she shut up obediently.

They didn't say anything more and walked to the ward, one following the other.

Just when Edward was about to take a step forward, his shoulder was patted by his father, Jonson.

"It's the saddest thing that your uncle has married such a woman!"

As an old saying goes, "a good wife is better than the wealth passed by three-generation ancestor". But
it was a man who had picked his wife by himself.

However, Edward didn't care about this. He just wanted to know if this matter had anything to do with
his father.

"Dad, did you concealed the message that grandma wants to donate her assets?"

"It doesn't matter who will release the message. The most important thing is that he won't let Joyce
wasted the assets."

He patted his son on the shoulder and then left.

Staring at his father's back, a complicated emotions tangled in Edward's heart.

He had always worshiped his grandmother and father since he was a child. Both of them were
geniuses in the business world.

But after so many years, he found that many times his ideas were different from his father's. His father
was a real capitalist, but he wasn't! In fact, he felt disappointed at what his father had done.

As a businessman, his father was not wrong. He even gradually became his father. The data told him
that sometimes the disgraceful practices were inevitable.

After remained calmly for so many years, the Yan Family finally was to break out. Brows knitted,
Edward gazed forward with an even more determined look...

At the door of the ward, a group of people surrounded the ward.

"Hilda, if anything happens to grandmother, how are you going to be responsible for it?" Carl had been
blocked outside the ward after he arrived. Right after Wendy told him what had happened, he was
afraid that even granny's property would be taken away by Hilda. He was both anxious and angry.

How could he frighten Hilda? She rolled her eyes at him.

"It has been half an hour. I am so worried about her." Olivia was the smartest one among the three of
them. When tough tactics did not work, she tried kid gloves

"Grandma wants to talk for a while peacefully. I advise you not to disturb her!"

"She would shout for help if she was in danger. Besides, Miss Angela is also here." "Tracy said these in
an alleviate tone as she saw them are imminent to have a quarrel."

"Miss Angela is an outsider. Grandma is still sick, what would she knew? I'm afraid that she was also
fooled by her!" Wendy sneered.

Hilda smiled and said deliberately: "Wendy, you are wrong. Tracy has no our family name too. Can't
you believe her?"

Tracy was grandma's confidant. Grandma didn't even tell anyone about the passwords of the bank
cards, but she might know. Although this was everybody's guess, it was highly possible. That is to say,
if grandma doesn't tell us how much property she has and the password of the bank card when she is
dead, that would be only Tracy know it. I can't afford to offend her!

"Hilda! You! ——"Wendy was never a talker. She was often set up by her traps. She thought for a while
and said to Tracy: "Tracy, I didn't mean that. Actually, Hilda misunderstood me."

Tracy was not only perceptive, but also a smart person. She smiled and said: "I know. Wendy just
worry about Carol. But you don't have to be too worried. Miss Angela is not an outsider."

"What do you mean?" Asked Olivia. Wendy didn't really understand what Tracy meant. But Olivia heard
the implication.

At the thought of Moo moo's wedding ceremony, Tracy put on a big smile. Before she could say
anything, the door opened. As soon as they saw Angela, the people outside almost went crazy. They
surrounded her and asked: "what did grandma say to you?"

Sitting in her wheelchair, Angela looked at their angry and anxious faces, and then she looked at Hilda
who stood calmly beside and frowned.

Carl pointed at her and said: "Angela, although you are Edward's girlfriend, you haven't married him
yet. I advise you not to intervene in our family affairs!"

For the first reason, she is not Edward's girlfriend; for the second, she doesn't want to mind their family
business at all! Third, why did he point at her like that?

Angela had never been a good tempered person. She glared at them with a murderous look in her
eyes and said: "Carl, please figured things out first before you open your mouth! First, I'm not Edward's
girlfriend! Second, I have nothing to do with your family affairs!"

"In this case, Miss Angela, don't stay here anymore!" Wendy said ironically.

"Hey! Alas! Alas! What did you say?" Hilda couldn't bear to see Angela being insulted by Wendy.
What's wrong with her? She put her hand on the wheelchair and was about to push Angela away. She

said: "Angela, you came here early in the morning and have to deal with so many people without
brains. Are you tired? I'll drive you home."

Wendy stopped her, "Hilda, who doesn't know what you want? Grandma has given her the password,
but you are going to take her away? Do you think we are all idiots?"

"think? Do I need to treat you as idiots? Don't you have self-conscious?"

"You! ——"Wendy was so angry that she almost wanted to fight with her.

"Olivia stopped her hurriedly. Miss Angela, I'm really sorry. My sister is a little thoughtless. Please don't
blame her," she apologized.

Angela just smiled formality and didn't respond.

"Miss Angela, we sincerely hope that you can spend more time with our grandma. We don't have much
time. It's rare that grandma likes you. Please come more often!"

Moreover, they can't get the assets of their grandma in a short time. Right now, they needed to get
along well with Angela. Maybe she would choose to betray Hilda.