Keep you in my arms

Chapter 85 I Have Nothing To Say To Him

Angela looked at them all and suddenly felt sorry for Grandmother Carol.

Ten minutes had passed since she opened the door. Everyone around her talked about assets except
Tracy rushing to the hospital bed. Just like Grandma Carol said, she had two grandchildren and three
grandchildren, but how many were truly filial?

"What are you all doing here?" Seeing that they all blocked at the door, Joyce said reproachfully.

Then the three kids went away.

Following Edward, he saw her burying her head and thinking about something. After greeting his
grandma, he went to her and said: "I'll take you out for a walk."

"Yes." The whole ward was full of people of the Yan Family. It was so weird for her to be here alone.
And she didn't understand why Grandma Carol wanted to say those things to her, an outsider?

When they arrived at the yard, Edward said: "it's very kind of you to come here today."

Why did he ask her to do it since he knew it was hard for her?

Angela also didn't understand why on earth he took her here.

Seeing that she didn't respond, he asked: "did grandma tell you that she was not sick?"

"How do you know?" Grandmother Carol did say that to her. Not only that, but she also said something
else to her.

Different from her astonishment, Edward said calmly: "in these years, even her own son has to
investigate her actions. Because she can't trust anyone else, grandma lives alone outside."

He pushed the wheelchair and continued: "the higher position is always hard to find. Since you're on
the top, you're naturally lonely."

Angela knew what he meant, but she still didn't understand: "why do you still want to fight for the old
people's money?"

"No one in the world will think that they are rich enough."

The world... No one would think that they were rich enough...

"What about you?" Then do you also want Grandmother Carol's property?

Edward was a little taken aback, but he didn't answer her question directly. Instead, he analyzed:
"maybe this has nothing to do with the money itself. Most of the time, the money you fight for is the so-
called fair or self-evident. There were many people in the world whose wealth could afford to spend a
couple of their lives, but they were still sleep late and early to get up and make more "GDP". They don't
need to work to survive, but they work harder than many people. It can't be denied that there are greed
of human nature, but with more is the realization of self-worth."

"So, are you this kind of person?" Are you also coveting Grandmother Carol's assets just like Carl?

Edward had been an abstinent man all the time. She thought he was not a slave to money. But she
didn't realize that she was expecting him to tell her that he was not a snob.

"Like you, I'm also an ordinary person." He suddenly stopped, walked in front of her, and squatted
down to look at her.

Before she could figure out what he meant, she saw his handsome face. When she looked confused,
he rubbed her head and said: "if grandma says something strange to you, please don't mind. You don't

have to worry about her. She's a very interesting person. She can find some funny ways to solve

Affectionate actions, gentle eyes and slightly rising lips... Once again, Angela's heart was beating

"I... I want water." Her face began to burn. She was afraid of being seen through the awkward situation,
so she said that inexplicably.

"Wait for me here." After saying that, Edward got up and went to the hospital.

Looking at his handsome back, Angela's heart beat faster and faster!

She was not afraid of being treated badly. She was just afraid that she would be overwhelmed by his
unexpected tenderness. In addition, it was even more lethal for beautiful men like Edward to be gentle!

She shook her head and touched her burning cheeks, hoping to cool down.

Before she could clear up her mind, a figure appeared in front of her. Although the person hadn't been
near yet, she had already recognized it was Christa.

Christa walked to her, looking at her carefully, and then sneered: "I didn't see that you are better than
me. It took me a long time to make Carl accept me as his girlfriend. And now you even have an idea on
his grandmother."

How could Angela not know that? It was a satire that she had been get involved with the powerful man

"Christa, I have told you many times. Not everyone is like you!"

How dare you pretend to be so lofty and aloof when you could enter the DC Capital Group because of

Christa sneered: "of course you are not like me. Otherwise, why would Edward keep you as his

"Mistress?" Upon hearing this, Angela was infuriated all of a sudden. She clenched her hands on her
thighs and took a deep breath before calming down.

"What? Are you burst with anger and shame?" Christa raised her eyebrows and said bitterly.

"Christa! If you come to me just to fight with me, then you can get out now! I was so blind that I made
friends with such a disgusting woman like you!"

Hearing that she insulted herself, Christa's face became ferocious. But she suddenly remembered her
purpose of coming here this time. She pulled a long face but didn't scold her.

She took out an invitation from her bag, threw it directly to her lap and said: "Greg asked me to give it
to you, and he said he wanted to see you."

When she heard the name "Greg", her heart was seized and the red and golden invitation card hurt her

Although she tried to hold back her tears, but the tight fists and pale face betrayed her. Christa enjoyed
her expression. The reason why she agreed to run errands for Greg was that she wanted to see her
expression. Now that she had seen it, she was naturally excited, but she felt it was not enough.

She said: "Greg said that he wanted to see you before the wedding and he had something to tell you."

"I have nothing to say to him!" She looked away, but her voice was trembling.

"He said that you deleted his wechat and locked his phone. He couldn't contact you, so he asked me to
convey his words to you. You don't have to answer me in a hurry. I'll ask you two days later. Then you
can answer me!" According to her understanding of Angela, she would definitely meet with Greg and
let him give up hope.

No matter what on earth does Greg want to talk to her, it's good for her plan if they meet!

When Christa felt that it was time to leave, she raised her head to take a look. Seeing that Edward
walked over to them, she said lazily to her: "all right, my task has been completed. I won't bother you
and Mr. Edward."

The sound of the high heels faded away, but she still couldn't help but drop a tear.

When she was in a panic, someone came close to her hurriedly. She was afraid someone would see
her in such a mess. She stuffed the invitation into her bag and zipped it up.

"What's wrong?" Edward asked with a frown as he walked behind her and saw her red eyes.

But Angela didn't answer him. He asked again: "what did Christa say to you?"

She sneered, but the sadness in her eyes couldn't be concealed: "It's nothing more than mocking
words. I've gotten used to it in the past few months."