Keep you in my arms

Chapter 76 He Insisted On Driving Her Home

However, she only took one step when a sharp pain came from the soles of her feet.

She lowered her head unconsciously and saw her white shoes dyed red. Then she felt sticky at the
bottom of her feet.

It turned out that she stepped on the broken glass on the ground when she was struggling just now.
The shoe sole was broken and the debris were directly inserted into the flesh under her foot.

She was in such an urgent situation that she didn't feel the pain until she saw the red stain on her white

"Can you still walk?" The man asked but didn't come to help her.

She wanted to say "yes", but as a result, her feet hurt so much that she burst into tears.

Seeing that she hesitated and did not respond, the man guessed that she would not be able to walk.
He turned his back to her, squatted down and said, "I'll carry you back."

Even if it was Greg, he had never carried her on his back! She just saw this man today, and she didn't
even know his name. It was uneasy to let him carry her.

"What's wrong?" He looked back at her and asked.

When she recovered from her meditation and shyness, she saw his clear eyes.

Although he had saved her life, he still remained a stranger to her and she wouldn't trust him. She
smiled and said, "no, thanks. I'll walk to the road and take a taxi home."

While saying, she took her cellphone out of her bag.

The man stood up and looked at her, examining her face carefully.

Why did she keep so vigilant even she was just been saved by him at the crucial moment? Was she
really rational? It was said that these days, as long as he had a handsome face and an athlete's figure,
any woman could be attracted by him. This afternoon, he sat diagonally opposite her in the library and
exposed to her the face that had praised by Sarah for countless times, but she didn't even take a look
at him.

In Sarah's plan, he succeeded in seducing Angela with his perfect side face and then having dinner
with her. Seeing her walking into the coffee shop, he had to follow her.

Sarah said before, "you are awesome when you focus on the files! I am so attracted by you! I can
assure you that she will ask you for Wechat information if she see your side face while looking at the

So he just ordered some food casually and took the plate to sit at the same table with her. This time,
she looked at him, but did not have any reaction.

So, what about the wechat?

Fortunately, he had a plan B - "to save the beauty in distress!"

As the saying goes, "don't be afraid of getting caught in trouble." as long as he could achieve his goal,
he didn't mind the old tricks!

However... What was wrong with this woman? She would rather walk back limply than let him carry

For the first time in the thirty-two years, he began to doubt his own appearance and charm!

Suddenly, someone grabbed her waist and she screamed as she limped off.

The man with a frosty face and who beat the gangster with a wooden stick picked her up like a

All of a sudden, Angela's face turned red. She tried to resist him, "Oh... What are you doing? Let go of

"There are two choices for you. One is that I carrying you back home, the other is that I holding you
back home." He said, staring at her.

'How could he forced to sending me back?'

"I said no!" Angela used her full strength to try to get rid of him. As long as she struggled hard, she
could escape from his arms even though he held her tightly.

"If you keep struggling, you will fall down." He said expressionlessly.

The man was nearly 1.9 meters tall. If she fell from his arms, her waist would be broken! 'my feet
already hurt so much. What if my waist is broken?

Even if she wanted to get rid of him, she wouldn't hurt herself at expense!

"Sir, thank you very much for saving me, but I really want to go back on my own!" She tried to explain it
to him calmly.

However, he ignored her refusal and asked directly, "address!"

"What?" The next second, she realized that he wanted her address, so she said, "I can really go back
by myself."

"I saved your life."

There was the last part of Sarah's sentence, "so I don't allow you to put yourself in danger." but Chuck
felt that the last part of the words was too naive, he was unable to say it out.

A cool breeze blew in her ear, just like what he said. Angela's heart skipped a beat.

It was a long time before she came to her senses from his deep eyes. She turned her head a little and
took three seconds to adjust her mind. Then she turned her head and looked at his chin, "you are so
strange! I won't be home because your strange behavior."

He also felt strange! But this was just the script given by Sarah. As long as he according to Sarah's
script, the woman in his arms didn't refuse. It seemed that Sarah's psychology was going to be rebuilt!

However, if the story could not to be continued, how could he continue his plot?

"So, tell me the address." Then he could drive her home.

It's... Didn't he understand what she meant?

Even if he saved her, he couldn't control her like this! Besides, the more he wanted to send her back,
the more weird she felt!

It was only their first meeting, and he had saved her life. Why would he insist on sending her home?

"If I can't tell you the address, are you going to hold me here the whole night? !" She was a little angry.

"I can bear it, but your feet..."

Angela was speechless, "..."

So did he insist on driving her home?

Why are there so many weirdoes nowadays? If he is not a weirdo, he is a dangerous person!

Suddenly, she became alert.

'we can't waste time like this!'

After thinking for a while, Angela said, "Okay, forget it. If you insist on driving me back, you can carry
me on your back!"

Hearing her compromise, he finally put her down. Angela also kept her promise. When he was
squatting in front of him, she bent over his back. He easily carried her on his back.

"I live in the RC Zone of the Glory City International Garden. You can send me at the gate." With one
hand around his neck and the other hand taking out the phone, she called Hilda to ask her to pick her

"Chuck" The man suddenly spoke.

She couldn't hear it clearly. "What did you say?" she asked.

"Remember my name, Chuck." He repeated, "Chuck".

His voice was cold and arrogant.

"Okay!" She replied and said, "thank you, Mr. Chuck. My name is Angela."

How could he not know this name? Chuck didn't say anything, and Hilda answered the phone.

"Hilda, where are you?"

On the phone, there came the anxious voice of Angela. 'did she find out that I pretended to be on a
business trip in order to create opportunities for her and my brother?' Hilda wondered.

She asked warily, "Angela? What's wrong?"

"Are you home now? Can you come downstairs to pick me up?"

"Pick you up?"

"Well... Something happened on our way home. My foot was injured."

"Are you alone?"

"Yes!" She didn't want to answer Hilda's more questions. So she lied to her.

"What? Now I see! Certainly! Where are you now?" All of a sudden, an idea struck her.

"We're almost there. I think we'll arrive at the gate in ten minutes!" As she spoke, she looked around
warily. She found that Chuck took her the right way home and there were no suspected cars around, so
she was not so afraid.


When Hilda was about to hang up the phone, Angela asked her, "have you accompanied grandmother
all day today? How is she?"

It was not that Angela was being nosy, but that she was really scared. She was afraid that there was
some purpose that this Chuck wanted to send her back. If something happened during the phone call,
Hilda would know it.

"The doctor said she recovered very quickly. But it's just the first day that she hasn't eaten so much.
What frustrated me most was that grandmother gave me the bank card, but she didn't give me the
password! I suspect she is playing the fool! I have talked sweet to her for the whole day, but she didn't
tell me. She even said that I'm not Hilda, which is why she didn't tell me!" Murmured Hilda.

"Ha-ha..." She smiled, "grandmother is sick, isn't she! It's normal that she can't remember!"

"Angela! I have something to do here, I will call you later!" She needed to call her brother and give this
opportunity to him!

There were only the two of them in this house. If he could take good care of her, he would definitely
make her happy! In this way, Angela became her sister-in-law and she could taste the curry potato
made by her now and then! Ha-ha...

Before Angela could say anything, Hilda hung up the phone. She looked at the gate of the
neighborhood across the road and she was slightly relaxed.